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Hi Everyone, I’m taking a mental health sabbatical for a time, but here are some of my most enriching and supportive posts and podcasts (many more on the blog). See you when I return.

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Do You Need To Be Guided Into Your Light?

Why Don’t I Fit In? How To Embrace This

How To Change A Suicidal Mind During The Pandemic Crisis

Why You Don’t Need To Be Special To Be Of Value

Why Positive Thinking Can Make You Depressed

I’ve Lost My Faith And Don’t Know How To Expect Better

Depression And The Painful Truth About Resentment

How To Practice Gratitude When Depressed

When You Are Drowning In Painful Depression

How To Easily Get Help With Depression As A Man

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Why Do We Suffer From Anxiety? 

Is Your Life Anxiety Inducing Instead Of Beautiful?

How To Appreciate What You Have When Feeling Limited

Anxiety Sufferers – How To Survive A Pandemic

How To Embrace Anxiety

This Is What Happened When I Took CBD Oil For Anxiety

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Why When You Accept Your Flaws You Are Free

Why Am I Not Good Enough?

Why Feeling Safe Is The Beginning Of Change

Do I Really Deserve The Best In Life?

Why Feeling Like An Impostor Happens To The Best Of Us

Why The World Can Sing Your Praises And You Don’t

Is It Time To Stop Censoring Yourself?

Why People Pleasing Hurts And How To Drop The ‘Good Girl’ Act

How To Stop Being Triggered By Life

How To Stay In Your Power When Your Reputation Is Questioned

Using Your EGO – 10 Tips For Balance

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Is Your Attachment To Outcome Causing You Pain?

Is Success Out Of Your Reach? Stop Striving!

Why Chaos Is An Essential Ingredient Of Success

Letting Go Of The Fear Of Success

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Is Physical Pain Protecting You From Life?

Prostate Awareness – Men’s Health

Rosacea and Shame

Living With Rosacea

Love The Skin Your In – Rosacea

Becoming Body Positive For The First Time

Scared To Have A Smear?

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Are You Scared To Face The Truth Of Life?

Why Are You Postponing Your Life?

Who Am I When I’m Not Helping People?

When You Need To Free Others From Responsibility

Is It Time You Practised Saying ‘Yes’?

How To Rewrite A Painful Life Script

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Why We Can’t Live In A Perfect World

Why Societies’ Divisions Are Huge Right Now

When The Whole World Is Offended

Are You Suffering From Lockdown Syndrome?

When Things Are Shaky Roll With It

Are You Prepared For Powerful Global Change?

Feeling Disturbed By The State Of The World?