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KELLY MARTIN AUTHORI started this website in 2007, so there are so many blog posts to read, and I know trawling through blogs can be overwhelming sometimes. So on this page I am going to take you through Kelly Martin Speaks so you don’t get a headache from searching my site. So pour yourself a cuppa, put on some nice music and relax and enjoy this guided tour!
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1. My Favourite Posts:

Here you will find my personal favourite blog posts, ones I really enjoyed writing and also where I learned a lot in the process. I have also added some of my favourite recent posts of learning from life struggle and how much this journey is changing me.

Self-Acceptance & Success

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2. Most Popular Posts:

The below posts are probably the most popular in terms of visits since 2007. I often find it interesting what people find popular and what is generally gaining the most social interest.

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6. About Me – the Short Version

KELLY MARTIN AUTHORI am a writer and author who avoided accepting my path for a long time. I’ve been blogging since 2007 and in the beginning, Kelly Martin Speaks was a place to voice my own life journey from shyness to confidence. Even though the site was public I hid it and did not share it with the world. I did not advertise or market myself because I thought on some level I did not feel I had anything to offer, but over the years all that has changed. I have now made it my personal mission to share what I am guided to share, I listen to my intuition and write from the heart. I feel it is so important to encourage people to embrace their flaws and to find the treasures in the pain and suffering that many people experience.
Here is where I provide insights into life that people may have not considered before, ways to find a sense of self-acceptance and self-compassion so the human heart can open in a greater sense of tenderness. I also invite guest bloggers who understand that the present moment is where it’s at and who also want to support people in relating to themselves in a whole new way.
My goal is to help people embrace ‘what is’ and to awaken to who they really are beyond all the stories we tend to carry in life.
I took my own leap of faith in 2010 where I left my role as a buyer at a small retail store and chose to leave my place in customer service for good. I guess in many ways I transferred that service to here, but in a more fluid and heart-centered way. I left my job in a clichéd way – to find myself, and I did.
I discovered writing and communication was my path and this is my journey.
Just for fun: I love animals, coffee, sitting in cafes gazing out of windows, dancing. I talk to insects and go for long walks in the wilderness (or rather the rural landscape outside of Gloucester in the UK). I love to travel when I am able. My road has not been easy, but I would not change a thing.

7. About Me – the Longer Version

8. About this Blog:

This blog is a mindful view of reality. A way to look at the world with new eyes and develop a sense of self-compassion. A place where I encourage the reader to delve within for answers, question their assumptions about themselves and to value who they are. A compilation of thought provoking articles, reviews of self-awareness books and other products I feel are of value and good ethics.

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