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I have felt drawn to write this post for sometime now for people who suffer from adult acne, primarily that of acne rosacea. I will add some before and after photos onto this blog soon but wanted to highlight some ways of clearing this difficult skin experience.

Four years ago I began to get serious acne rosacea. It began with some lumpy acne on my cheeks and escalated to large amount of it that were red, uncomfortable and made me feel very unattractive. I had just started my relationship with Michael at the time and had many struggles to try and make our relationship into something it was not meant to be. Over the years I tried many healing techniques and supplements like pantothenic acid which calmed it somewhat but not fully. It has not been until this year that I am nearly acne free.


For those who are struggling with acne rosacea and have tried everything possible here are a few alternative view-points on this condition from my own experience.


Your skin reflects your inner life.



If you are holding something back, resisting something in your life, your skin will reflect this. It could be repressed anger, it could be stifled sexual energy, not owning yourself as a fully realised sexual being, it could be being in a relationship with others that is no longer working for you.


What is it you are not expressing? creativity? lust? love? anger? how do you express yourself? Are you incredibly shy, self conscious, anxious?
These are many of the questions I asked myself and through expressing myself in new ways my skin began to clear. I also used for several months a combination of green tea and aspirin where I dabbed it onto my skin daily with a cotton wool bud. Within several months it has almost completely cleared this I feel was also combined with expressing my sensual self, allowing the repressed sexual being inside me to dance and live.

I began by belly dancing which scared me sooo much to begin with, I then went onto five rhythms dancing which is a free-form dance where you express what you feel in the dance. This is of prime importance I feel for anyone suffering from skin conditions – look at your personal expression. Your skin is revealing something to you, what is it? and what can you do to change this?

Sometimes we create skin conditions to hide from the outside world. I hid from sexual attention from the opposite sex. I felt safe in my relationship with Mike in our insular world I was afraid if I was attractive I may become more sensual and sexual and if I am that way I may be drawn to other men and then my life would change with Mike and this scared me more than anything.

So, having acne rosacea was a barricade to outside attention. Once I was able to accept the changes in our relationship and allow myself to feel sexual (after no libido most of my sexual life) and to know I am safe in my own self without the need of protection my skin changed. I accepted my relationship with Michael was meant to be plutonic not sexual and I discovered green tea and aspirin to help with the healing process and I allowed the dance to carry me. I also changed my make-up to mineral makeup with no talc or chemicals within it. Talc clogs the pores and does not help the healing process. Mineral make up puts essential minerals back into the skin which may have been lost over the years.

SO ACNE SUFFERERS – what can you change?

What do you need to express? Enough of spending lots of money on creams and tablets look to see what your emotions are showing you. Healing starts within.

APRIL 2011 ADDITION TO POST:  Something I discovered that is topical that has also helped my skin tremendously this past couple of years is Dr Hauschka sage bath.  I used a few drops in warm water to bathe my skin twice a day and it has amazing properties for clearing up the bacteria on the skin.  When I used to work in the gift shop I told me women about this and they came back thanking me as it cleared up adult acne for all of them. You can order online at Dr Hauschka Natural Skin Care

I wish you well with your journey to wholeness.

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