Faith In The Process – Trust Life


Faith In The Process – Trust Life

There are times in life when we just feel we cannot move ourselves forward, where no matter how hard we try, no matter what we do, nothing changes.

Sometimes life has a bigger plan for us than we could ever imagine and so our thinking small or our attempts at directing the flow make no difference in the scheme of things and our lives.

I have had a lot of this in my life lately. It became a challenge to see others to be flying by me again. It is really tough on the ego to remain focused and trusting that all is working out as it should and to have faith in the process.

But sometimes faith is all we can have.
Sometimes faith is all we have.

The Linear Path?

Some people in life have a very linear path. They are born; they are awake with their lights switched on, their gifts there early on. They have pre-arranged mentors and inspirational people in their early days who have encouraged them and shone a light on their gifts and so they found it easy to know where to go, what to do and how. They go from A to B to C to D… in what appears to be an effortless fashion.

This happens for some people, granted, but many struggle with their direction, with feeling lost in life, with not knowing the next step. I have lost count of the number of times I have said to myself: ‘It was so much easier being unconscious and not knowing the bigger picture, eating lots of food, drinking booze, distracting myself with television and following the prescribed route of a career path’, but it never worked for me, because I never had that encouragement early on, like many, and so knowing my gifts and believing in myself was not a smooth ride and continues to be a learning curve.


After a tumultuous emotional day, I picked a card from my new deck of divination cards called The Sacred  Rebels by Alana Fairchild. I asked my guide in spirit to please pick me something that related to what I needed to know and I got the card above ‘FAITH IN THE PROCESS’.

It helped me to realise that the world of miracles lies in the non-physical realm. Sometimes we can try to push that boulder up that hill for way too long, until we realise that we have no choice but to let it go and let the universe or God do the moving and shifting.

And I have come to this point in my path.

One of the messages from the card was:

“I have resources you know not of. It is safe to trust in my ways and in my wisdom, for I love you and I am guiding you into all that is rightfully yours. Know that what is rightfully yours is what your heart truly desires and you need not fear loss. Nothing that is meant to come to you will be denied and it is safe for you to let go and allow me to move you.”

I have often said that we receive what we need in perfect timing, not necessarily what we may ‘want’ but need on a soul level. This soul level comes from the heart and is often far brighter and more beautiful than anything our intellect or ego may think we want in life.

So, if you are riding this uphill road of struggle, take heed and perhaps it’s time for you to surrender to the process of life and have FAITH.

Sometimes it is all we can do.

Is is time for you to SURRENDER?
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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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