Shamanic Healing

I had Shamanic Healing on Thursday with a man called Nick Levitt. I did not know what to expect and it was probably the most powerful healing I have ever had. Nicks room that he does the shamanic work in is in his basement and simply entering this room was like entering another dimension. I physically felt like I had left the physical world into a new world, I have… View Post

Desperate Creators Create Desperate Creations

Flowing…what does that feel like?  Have you ever felt the flow of water rushing past you in a river or allowed the waves to carry you in the ocean? What if life was meant to be this way? Pushing Against Life’s Flow Last weekend and prior to that I was pushing against the flow. I believed I knew what I was here for in life. I believed that going through… View Post

Divinely Selfish

  Insights on myself are coming in thick and fast right now. Understanding my desires in life and revealing my true face to myself has been an eye opener. Why do any of us want anything in life? I realised my prime reason in life is to feel absolutely excellent! It is not to share, donate to charity, ‘be spiritual’ the overall essence of what I want in my life… View Post

My Experience of Gabrielle Roths Five Rhythms Dance

Last week I started five rhythms dancing and it totally blew my mind! It is a very intimate, truly vulnerable and deeply spiritual. I wanted to try five rhythms many years ago but chickened out each time and people kept inviting me and I kept resisting. My friend Sharon invited me and I went along. My first class was powerful, scary yet exciting too. Moving through the boundaries of my… View Post

EARTH – The Spirit of Steve Irwin

  Last night I had an amazingly emotional dream and I can in all honesty say I am not sure whether I was dreaming about Steve Irwin or Steve’s spirit visited me. I have not thought about Steve for a while so it was really interesting he popped up out of the blue. I admired Steve incredibly when he was on this earth and still do, his passion, his excitement,… View Post

Self-Sabotage, Boredom & Success

  It’s amazing what awareness brings when you are ready to hear it from within. I am feeling a lot like a big onion right now and as one layer is unveiled another is made clear too. Yesterday I was sitting on my sofa in silence when I realised many reasons why failure has been such a big thing for me in my life. I began to first look at… View Post

DREAMING – Aboriginal Dreamtime

  Okay, feeling a tad spacey today and I have been doing everything I can to feel grounded to this earth. Eating chocolate, stamping feet, dancing, drinking water, putting roots in earth and nothing! So just accepting it may be a side effect of the dreams I have been having and energy waves taking place right now. Last night I dreamt me and Mike were in a garden on my land,… View Post

Wave of a Dream

  Last night I had a pretty interesting dream and I have a feeling it is something to do with the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse on Saturday 3rd of March. I dreamt me and Michael were in a viewpoint somewhere in the world quite high on a hill or cliff overlooking the sea. I said to Michael “look how windy its getting look at the sea” then all of a sudden the wind… View Post

My Experience of a Speaking Circle At Hawkwood College

Wowser! it was an absolutely amazing day all round.  Hawkswood College in Stroud is a beautiful venue for a course. Gorgeous grounds in the countryside. Me and my friend Ann who teaches belly dance went along together their were 10 of us in total at the speaking circle.It was somewhat different to my last one 4 years ago. We had no video camera which I kinda would have liked so I could… View Post

What Can Wolf Medicine Totem Teach You?

This past week and more I have been receiving a lot of messages on wolf. I am very interested in animal wisdom and was reading more on animal medicine last night. Sometimes animal totems appear from time to time and appear to go away for a while. I did not realise it was because we are not ready for their medicine. Owl for example was something I had strongly as… View Post