No Added Sulphites Wine, Is It Better? Competition and Review

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No Added Sulphites Wine, Is It Better? Competition and Review

Hey there and welcome to ‘not dry-January’ at Kelly Martin Speaks. I prefer to drink in moderation all year round so no dry January in this household and anyhow organic wine and liqueurs never seem to have the awful side-effects other drinks have for me.

As someone who tends to go red in the face at your usual supermarket non-organic wine, I much prefer wine without all the extra additions and a good quality red is better than a cheap bottle of plonk just for the sake of it.
Vintage Roots sent me this great bottle of red (and other samples) to celebrate my 10 year blog anniversary and what better way than to toast the New Year and simply coming into a new beginning in 2017.

Salvaje No Sulfites Added Syrah / Roussanne

  • A full bodied Chilean wine
  • Emiliana Orgánico – 2015
  • 14.5% alc
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Grape: Rousanne, Syrah/Shiraz
  • No sulphites added
  • 75cl
My initial thoughts were that this is both a full-bodied red, but so smooth and velvety it can be drunk on its own or with food. Very easy to drink red.

And I pleasantly enjoyed the tastes of berries and could actually taste the pepper too. It feels like a red that goes really well with red meat and rich flavours, but I would probably enjoy this with even a white fish because it would bring out the taste even more.One combination of food I really enjoyed with this wine was raw chocolate. Seriously amazing combination.


I am normally a full-bodied wine fan and my house-mate is not, but he thoroughly enjoyed this ‘no added Sulfites’ red. I allowed him one glass because I had to enjoy the rest myself. It was too good to give away – honestly!And like most organic wines, this red had no negative effect on me or my skin (my skin can sometimes flush because of rosacea).


? Smooth, rich, full-bodied, like velvet. A beautiful flavour and a wine that you could easily take to a party and the host would be very pleased.
? No negatives about the wine itself, but I would say that the label on the bottle does not do this gorgeous wine justice. It is a wine of class and deserves a more abundant looking label to enrich the pouring experience (and gift giving too).


Would I drink it again? Yes totally. In fact it’s on my list for gifts for all of my friends who drink only organic wine.Sometimes I simply want a warming red that is not too tart, this is exactly what I crave. A wine that’s certainly a keeper.

Walcher Gin La Vita è Bella

  • An Italian Gin
  • Biostilla – NV
  • Size 70cl
  • Alcohol 40%


Alas, I have never liked gin, so I had a small taste and then passed it over to my best friend and he reviewed the sample for me. I wish I did like gin because I know it’s very popular right now, but I did have a sample taste and I was very surprised I didn’t pull my grimacing ‘gin face’ with this gin it didn’t taste or smell like I normally find gin.

Amazingly this doesn’t smell like perfume/paint thinner to me.
I could actually taste the botanicals in this gin, but I will hand it over to my gin expert friend Mike, because as a non-gin lover I couldn’t do this justice.

But that being said, if I were a gin lover, this combination of ingredients would totally invite me to drink this.

Juniper, fresh cedar lemon from Sicily, fresh tangerine from Sicily, coriander seed, ginger root, valerian root, angelica root, calamus root, master root, rosemary, caraway seeds, cardamom seeds, rose hips, orange peels, lemon peels, lavender blossoms, elderberry blossoms, orange blossoms, Peppermint…


Mike’s review:

Gin to me is the juice from the juniper berries to form a spirit and it has a taste that’s unmistakable. This is totally different.
Basically because it has 24 organic Mediterranean botanicals added to the basic juniper gin. It’s not gin as we know it; it’s almost like a gin based liqueur without a lot of the sweetness. It’s quite superb. I could drink this as a regular drink and for me, as gin is not my normal preferred choice, that is saying something.

Quite a full flavour, you can certainly taste the citrus notes in this. I quite like the combination of unusual flavours in this gin.  Because of the full flavours I would just drink this straight. It seems a shame to spoil all the additions with something else added.

?Quite superb! The botanicals add a beautiful taste sensation.

? No negatives, a perfect gin.


Walcher Marillen Apricot Liqueur

  • Italian liqueur
  • Biostilla – NV
  • Size 60cl
  • 20% alc
Over Christmas in 2016 I grew particularly enamoured by liqueurs instead of wine. Something super moreish like a bee to nectar about drinking a great liqueur.

I’ve not had the chance to sample many organic liqueurs and I’ve never had an apricot liqueur before so I haven’t got anything to compare with.

I can smell the apricot; I can taste the apricot and I can taste the sweetness of it being a liqueur, but these things feel separate. They haven’t blended. It doesn’t taste like the flavours have melded. It tastes as if it’s sweetened and cheaper than I expected. I get the impression that it needs to mature.


Not unpleasant, just lacking harmony in flavour melding.  I much prefer another liqueur Vintage Roots sell Heaven on Earth and the delicious Limoncello.

? Not unpleasant, an okay liqueur.?Tastes cheaper than I expected. Feels like it is not balanced in its mixing.



Vintage Roots asked me to choose which one of these bottles to give away for my 10 Year Blog Anniversary competition and I just had to choose the wine, because it’s so delish! And even a newbie red wine drinker would find it hard not to love this delight.

So without further ado check out the competition below.  (UK ONLY)

Win Organic Wine at Kelly Martin Speaks from VINTAGE ROOTS

*Post Disclaimer: I received 1 x bottle of Salvaje wine, 1 x 10cl bottle of  Walcher Gin La Vita è Bella and 1 x 10cl bottle of Walcher Marillen Apricot Liqueur from ‘Vintage Roots – The Organic Wine Company’ for review. All opinions are my own.

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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