My Blissful Taste Of Raw Chocolate Almonds – Review and Giveaway

Raw Chocolate Almonds – Review and Giveaway

So chocolate is a big deal. I mean seriously, isn’t chocolate a big deal? Good chocolate that is.

I used to, many moons ago, eat milk chocolate and I thought it was the lushest thing on this planet, of course, I knew no better. I thought milk chocolate was chocolate, but in actual fact, milk chocolate is well… milk… sugar and a teeny tiny bit of cacao (chocolate). It’s not chocolate. It has zero good stuff inside it, but raw chocolate? That’s a whole different ball-game.

This month is my 10 year blog anniversary and to think I have been blogging for 10 years boggles my brain literally, so I had to celebrate it, even though I have had the winter lurgy for 2 weeks now I wanted to make it a celebration of change. So what better way to do this then to invite back my favourite companies to review new products and offer you lovelies a giveaway from them in the process?

So this time we are talking almonds, raw chocolate covered almonds, raw chocolate covered ginger and raw chocolate, goji and orange from one of my faves, The Raw Chocolate Company. I’m also reviewing an organic wine company too so I decided to drink wine and eat raw chocolate hoping both companies would be pleased with my helpful and divine combination. So thanks, guys!

So let’s get into tasting these heavenly creations… I am not biased… seriously I am not (grins broadly!).

Raw Chocolate Almonds

I tell no word of a lie, I adore almonds.

Almonds taste lush. I love amaretto, almond liqueur, almond flour, almond everything, so when I received the opportunity to review almonds covered in raw chocolate – HELLOOO!!! You think I said no to that?

No way!

I will try in all honesty to give the positives and the negatives.

I hate reviewers who give nothing but positives, something fishy there, but sometimes you just can’t say sucky things about stuff, seriously!

Sometimes something is just ‘THAT’ good. This is one of those times.

Think almonds. Think thick layers of high energy, good quality, healthy, uplifting cacao that is raw coated around these nectar of the Gods almonds.. and you get the drift. Sucking on them, luxuriating them in your mouth (with a glass of red wine helps too lol!), heaven!

Plus points – proper lush!

Bad points – More please?

More detailed review?

Thick raw chocolate coating super large almonds, crunchy texture, smooth sucking comforting yumminess…. that’s it folks – proper lush!

My review sucks eggs because I cannot give you bad points.

My bad, but I’m not going to lie for the sake of a review. Seriously! Not in my nature.

So thanks, The Raw Chocolate Company for an epic tasting session, now onto your Raw Chocolate Ginger, which in all essence will probably be a good tasting point for tomorrow after I have drunk all this lovely organic red wine with your chocolate almonds and my stomach may need some nurturing ginger… or not as it’s bloody good wine!

 Raw Chocolate Covered Ginger

My first response when tasting the raw chocolate covered ginger was ‘WOW! WOAH! Mega flavour’.

Fijian ginger seems to pack some punch and this is so much nicer than sugared crystallised ginger when the tummy is a bit upset.

Ginger is one of my go-to items when I feel a bit sicky in the tum region, so this is a rather pleasant surprise. And they are cube shaped inside, a nice texture to munch on.

I thought I would first try it by chomping straight into it so I could taste the combination in its intensest form and that was powerful. I next decided to do my usual taste test of sucking on the product and allowing the flavours inside to come through from that.  The result? A long lingering wait, followed by the strong desire to chow down on it and taste it all at once again. Seriously chock-a-block with flavour. The only downside was they were large pieces so I could see them going quickly, but also this is a plus because this meant a good input into my stomach when it’s upset or I am suffering from travel sickness (if you didn’t know already, ginger is excellent for travel sickness).

I sometimes travel to London via ‘National Express’ coach, the twilight shift, which is a bumpy ride since they upgraded their coaches. I never used to get travel sick so these will a great little packet to take with me because the early bus is tiring and so raw chocolate cacao filled with great stuff including caffeine in the cacao and the ginger to calm and soothe is a bonus.

Thumbs up again The Raw Chocolate Company. I just popped over to their website and also loving the sound of their new Ginger and Lemon Raw Chocolate bars. Nom nom!

Goji and Orange Raw Chocolate Bar

Sweet and sour flavours with raw chocolate really tantalise the taste buds. I love raw chocolate on its own, but sometimes you just want a bar that packs some delicious flavour. Goji berries are so yum and I know it was in my old milk chocolate days, but chocolate with orange makes me make noises as I eat, so that’s gotta be good. Goji berries are also packed full of antioxidants and nutrients too. Combine this with the mineral and vitamin rich raw cacao, so much healthier in addition to the taste factor.



Start this year with chocolate heaven and something that is good for you.
And if you have always been a milk chocolate fan, think about the fact that you seriously do not like chocolate, you actually are hooked on milk and sugar.

Cacao has been using in sacred ceremonies for years and is a pure plant medicine too, so you can have a really sacred experience with chocolate.

I joined a cacao ceremony recently with a lady called Barbara Mecklejohn Free (Highland Seer and Shaman) at a festival and it was heavenly. I had a whole new experience of the sacred cacao. I recommend letting the chocolate become a meditation – seriously! No joking here.




*Post Disclaimer: I received 1 x raw chocolate almonds, 1 x raw chocolate ginger and 1 x goji and orange bar from ‘The Raw Chocolate Company’ for review. All opinions are my own. 

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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