Is Your Back in Need of a ‘Healthy Back Bag’? Review and Competition

healthy back bag

Is Your Back in Need of a ‘Healthy Back Bag’? Review and Competition

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I readily admit I have a serious girl crush on Healthy Back Bags. To many, they may not appear to be as fashionable as other bags, but I have lost count of the number of positive compliments I have received when I wear one of my bags I have at home.

I first came across Healthy Back Bags in 2013 when I reviewed a Coral Microfibre here. At the time I was having back issues and really wanted to give my back a break from heavy backpacks and handbags which were so unevenly distributed on my body that they simply caused me shoulder pain where the strap was. So in came my first Healthy Back Bag and it is pretty much the only bag I use now.

So as part of my 10 year blog anniversary I contacted some of my favourite companies from past reviews to see what’s new and to also request a bag as a giveaway prize for you, my loyal readers.

So without further ado, let’s get onto this review.

Firstly, I think that ‘The Healthy Back Bag‘ company must be slightly psychic. I have 3 bags and all are the medium size, I secretly craved and was curious to see if the larger size was as comfortable as the medium bag and also sometimes I take trips to London and other places and needed a good overnighter. My current leather overnight bag is an across body bag, but boy does it hurt my shoulders when I have to carry it for a long time. It’s okay for short periods, but not for sight-seeing or a more comfortable trip

So I was sent this gorgeous rose petal Big Bag to review which literally excited me beyond belief, with the same accessible pockets I have come to love, but larger. The double zip, which has always come as a blessing to me when I am wanting my purse out of my bag without having to take it off my back (I developed a knack with this), and a fantastic more insulated bottle bag section on the outside of the bag perfect for bottles and umbrellas. And as always, the great ergonomic design and non-slip strap.

Imagine my excitement when I saw in one of the pockets a good size purse too, big enough for make-up (happy days all round).

The arrival could not have come at a better time because I’m going out for lunch for a friend’s birthday tomorrow and will be hopping on the bus with a pile of pressies for her birthday and it fits all of the pressies, which is a bonus!

I love all of the pockets on this bag. Great size and very useful for my camera, tissues, pens, lip balm, phone… the things us girlies usually carry.

The material of this bag is made from textured nylon and it’s machine washable, perfect for someone who is a bag-a-holic like me and because of this, I find it easy to keep clean. As I said in previous reviews here and here the curve and shape of these bags resemble somewhat a half pear shape, but it rests so comfortably against the back. And I love the way it looks on my back too. Most compliments I receive tend to be about how it looks so comfortable and it really is.


  • A perfect size for overnight trips.
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent if you have a baby and need to carry a lot of stuff with you when out and about.
  • Great colour and plenty of storage capabilities and organisation because of multi-pockets
  • Double zip means easy access and the ability to attach a lock if travelling
  • Purse attachment keeps valuables safe
  • Great size bottle section and appears insulated too.
  • I can’t find any negatives to this bag. It meets all of my needs and is so comfortable even with the extra weight in the bigger version.
So as it’s my blog birthday ‘The Healthy Back Bag Company’ are giving my readers the opportunity to win one of their new ‘in season’ bags for those of you looking for a functional, sporty looking back to match your new healthy outlook and health and fitness goals starting this month. It’s a fab colour (citron) and great for hiking through the great outdoors. Lightweight, quick-drying (needed when hiking in the UK believe me!). So enter the giveaway below (and if you can’t wait to try one out for yourself you can buy this bag here).
*Post Disclaimer: I received 1 x BIG BAG texture nylon rose petal Healthy Back Bag from ‘The Healthy Back Bag Company’ for review. All opinions are my own.
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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