Review: Dreams Of Awakening by Charlie Morley

Title: Dreams of Awakening
Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness Of Dream and Sleep

Author: Charlie MorleyPublished: 2013Publisher: Hay HousePages: 301

Price:  £12.99 ( Purchase HERE)

USA : $14.92 (Purchase HERE – price at time of posting)

Genre: Mental Health

This is possibly the most comprehensive guide to lucid dreaming that I’ve read in a long time. 

Charlie Morley, a lucid dreaming expert, has shared his knowledge and insights in a way that everyday Joe Blogs (John Does) may understand, and offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of lucid dreaming in the comfort of their own home and bed.
Charlie has made lucid dreaming pretty cool in my opinion, not so new agey or mystical that only seasoned meditators can attempt it, or that only certain types of people can do. With a great sense of humour and a refreshing attitude throughout, Charlie made this book a pleasure to read (even the science bits which generally send me off to snoozedom!).
I always wondered about lucid dreaming, realising that I had lucid dreamed in my past but was unaware that this was what I was doing. After watching Charlie’s video about lucid dreaming and having a really conscious and healing lucid dream myself, I was keen to know more about this subject.
While admitting that since reading the book I have not had another lucid dream, I accept it could merely be because my unconscious mind was rebelling against my desire to do things it did not want to do, and so I am trusting it will happen when it is time for me.
First of all, the cover of the book really drew me in, even before I had read what was inside. Stunning visuals to whet my appetite before learning more. 
Learning the basics first, it showed me that there are different levels of being lucid in dreams and I loved the way Charlie informs the reader about lucid dreaming and how Tibetan Buddhists consider dreaming as a great training ground for spiritual practice. This appeals to my deeply questioning nature. The different techniques and methods to become more lucid were fascinating and some I have been trying, but sharing a room with someone makes some of them a tad challenging (grin).
Dreams of Awakening helped me understand what actually happens when I dream, which I had often wondered about without exploring further. As a vivid dreamer who has been keeping a diary for 20+ years, it will be great to utilise my time in my dreams to explore and expand my spiritual practice more.
This book has a great selection of personal lucid dreaming experiences by both Charlie and others, which helps the reader to feel encouraged in their own lucid dreaming beginnings. I also liked how it helped me not be so expectant if I found I didn’t go lucid straight away and that it can take time.
I wasn’t so sure about the mindfulness side of the book because I found it somewhat confusing, as mindfulness to me is being present with what is, not going into my unconscious to go for a chat or to gain further knowledge, but to simply allow a space to open within me that brings me any knowledge I am meant to know more naturally through meditation. So to encourage intention within a meditative practice prior to sleep would mean directing the natural flow to me and not allowing the natural unfolding to take place. Perhaps I misunderstood the author here, but I am keen to understand this further, as at the moment I have some internal conflict about this aspect of lucid dreaming.
However, overall this book is a great read and not only an introduction to lucid dreaming, but it probably has everything you need to know about lucid dreaming. It is quite a long book, but don’t let this put you off as Charlie makes it easy to read and understand.
Who Would Benefit From This Book?
Anyone really fascinated with lucid dreaming

People who dream vividly and want to explore their dream world more and indulge in uplifting fantasy.

Those who may want to learn more about embracing the shadow and making friends with the unconscious.

People who meditate and want to expand this experience into the dream state.


Anyone who simply wants a new experience and perhaps gain some wisdom as they sleep.

A thorough, easy to understand, fun way to look at lucid dreaming in one book. No jargon, and a youthful fresh attitude throughout. The science was not overwhelming and the knowledge shared on lucid dreaming was greatly extensive. 
I would love to see more of an explanation of lucid dreaming and mindfulness as this side of the book confused me a little. And even though Charlie mentioned that the unconscious is quite happy to be invited to take part in lucid dreaming, I feel a little hesitant because it feels like intentions etc., and some of the methods related to lucid dreaming seem quite controlling instead of simply mindfully allowing, which I am more used to in my life.
To find out more about Charlie check out my recent interview with him below:

*Post Disclaimer: I received ‘Dreams of Awakening by Charlie Morley’ from Hay House Books in the UK for review. All opinions are my own.

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Kelly Martin

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