Why I Found It Hard To Let Go Of My Dream

Sitting here on a humid June afternoon, I feel a furious rage and anger rising inside of me. I have spent a lot of time feeling both a mixture of relief, frustration and deep sadness for a few weeks now. However, now the anger of the grief cycle has arrived. Letting a big dream go after you have worked so hard on it is really hard, even more so when… View Post

Why the World Can Sing Your Praises and You Don’t

I’ve been on this path for a long time, the self-acceptance path. I turn 43 this year and before the year 2000 I was pretty much asleep, most of the time. I had very low self-esteem; I had no concept of self-love, self-care or self-compassion. Instead I adopted the coping mechanisms of over-eating and drinking alcohol. I really didn’t like myself, but I had no awareness that I didn’t like… View Post

Why Money Challenges Are All About Trust

I’ve written about money issues many times in this blog, how to recognise where we may be stuck and how we may have secondary benefits to why we do not allow financial abundance into our lives. Sometimes money problems are a deeper block and barrier to change than it is for other people. We unravel bit by bit what our beliefs are and how they are holding us back and… View Post

Why Gratitude Is Not Always A Good Thing

You Should Be Grateful! You must be thankful! You should be grateful. You need to be grateful for what you’ve got to get more…and so the list of must-do’s goes on, BUT is it true? I followed many ‘positive thinking’ teachers for a very long time and also got on the whole bandwagon of ‘creating your reality’ and the ‘law of attraction’ ‘Abraham Hicks’ railroad and I learned many things… View Post

Why Chaos Is An Essential Ingredient Of Success

There is often an essential mess before a spectacular success. How often are we told that this is part of success? Not often. I think for many of us, if we have goals or intentions in life, perhaps we are starting a new business, publishing our first book, or moving house, we know that change is difficult, but we never seem to remember how essential the muddle and mess is… View Post

How to Overcome The Fear Of Change?

We are told to ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, to fall and get back up in the face of failure and finally to discover that we may in fact be more scared of shining, more scared of success than we ever were of failing in the first place. This has been my story also. You may know the story, child grows up with criticism and toxic parenting and… View Post

New Year, New Hope Or Attachment To Outcomes?

New Year, New You Bullshit! It’s so easy to do a New Year blog post– a new you post. We revel in the New Year; we say goodbye to the old and enthuse about the new beginning, but why are we waiting until the end of a made-up numeric date to start afresh to put some life back into life? The New Year is like going to confessional. If we… View Post

Becoming Body Positive For The First Time

Finding My Beauty Amongst The Ugly Voices In My Head So, in my forties I’m starting to unravel shame – body shame. Like many women, I’ve spent most of my life trying to fit in with the ‘ideal’, from seeing Disney princesses as a child, to airbrushed magazines and ‘perfect’ bodies in movies and TV, my body was slowly over time internally shamed by me. Brainwashing begins early on for… View Post

Why Are You Scared Of Money?

Why Are You Scared Of Money? How can someone fear money? Isn’t this just a ridiculous idea? Well, many people are scared of money without knowing it. I’m one of those people and it’s a frustrating block to have which I am sure you know if you are reading this blog post. “And what is wrong in having money? One should not be possessive; one should be able to use… View Post

Feeling Lost In The Spiritual Void?

The spiritual void can appear at any time on our life’s journey, especially if we have been self-healing, letting go of old patterns and stepping onto a new path or direction in life. My spiritual journey began in 2000 and I have probably had countless spiritual voids since that time. Each void is different, sometimes they are very dark and feel very bleak, as if a spiritual winter has taken… View Post