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Your trust is your faith, your power of mind – Chuck Spezzano

The mind loves to go to work on something. It will go to work on anything, from the possibility of great things happening to the despair of perceived awful things happening. I know my mind has been engaged in the worst-case scenario for a lot of my life. Being taught to worry from an early age from my parents, worrying has become a habit and habits can be changed.

However, I fully understand that if, like me, you have been a habitual worrier and someone who has had anxiety a lot in your life, dropping the worry habit and surrendering into trust may be a challenge.

We are often triggered by events dating back to earlier life or painful events that spill over into our current experience. My triggers are often if someone gets sick, my mind goes to work on every worst-case scenario you can think of.

From the person getting sicker to them dying, my mind even goes so far into the imaginary illusion of the future to go to the funeral, see myself sitting in my room all alone crying, imagining being at places I went to with the person and the pain that involves. It’s ridiculous when I look at it as an observer but knowing it and stopping doing it is a whole other story.

So, we really have two choices; we can put our mind towards something negative, destructive or self-defeating OR we can put our mind towards something that is more healing, more harmonious and more fulfilling.

My worrying mind is destructive. The person I worry about is not affected by my worry, but I am. This leads into the fact that by worrying I am using my mind by trying to control my reality, trying to stop the pain happening, but as I said in ‘Are You Attached To Pain and Suffering’ by worrying I have already locked myself into pain by trying to avoid the pain.

Trust – The Great Paradox

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Now trust is a whole different experience. With trust we can actually see an event or thing happening or view a person in a negative way (mistrust them) and yet by trusting the situation we can trust that the ‘negative’ thing will turn out okay in the end. We trust a higher power, God, The Universe (whatever term works for you), and by doing so this turns naturally into faith. Faith that what is happening is happening for a purpose. We may not like the appearance of the experience, but if something is happening, it IS happening. We can’t change that fact, so trusting that this occurrence is part of the journey right now, can lighten the load and the worry.

When we trust, we believe things will turn out for the best, and even if the worst-case scenario happens, we understand this is part of life unfolding. I know I have looked back on my own life and discovered gems and truths from the pain that took place. At the time I thought it was the end of the world, but I can see now how much I have grown from the experience.

Trust allows us to be open, to see the situation positively and believe that things will turn out for the best, even if right now it feels otherwise. You could put this into practice with what is happening on a global level in the world. If you feel disgust or anger at political leaders, accept you may not trust them, but you can trust that what is happening is meant to happen, until it changes. And believe there is a higher purpose to it all, even the challenging parts of it.

You can of course also put your mind to focusing on the political leader as bad, wrong, untrustworthy, corrupt and keep your focus on this, while upsetting yourself in the process, but that won’t change the fact that whatever is going to unfold will do. It is not in our control. So, isn’t it better to trust what is taking place, even if we don’t like the how it is taking place? Otherwise we get locked into a cycle of drama – despair over and over again. Eventually we may even get sick ourselves.

Can you focus on how you would like the situation to turn out? Be it joy, abundance, love, peace instead of despair, doom and further pain?

Trust is a powerful healer. In fact, trust heals control and I will be going into the subject of control in next week’s blog post to finish up 2019 and move forward into 2020.

Control is a defence we use to try to protect ourselves from hurt or pain. I tried to control my friend being sick to stop me from feeling the heartbreak of loss, but eventually I had to surrender to the fear and bring love into my experience.

Trust heals the conflicted mind.

Are you able to trust others? Trust your unfolding life?

As we learn to free ourselves from worry and fear, we can then find a way to trust, trust that it is all going to turn out okay, turn out the way it is meant to turn out and we cannot control the scenery along the way.

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