Why The Greatest Threat To War Is Inner Peace

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Hitler says that if you cannot create war then at least continue to propagate the idea that war is coming. Never leave people in peace, because when they are in peace, you are nobody. They don’t need you; your very purpose is not there. They need you when there is danger. ~ Osho

So, we have entered 2020 and parts of the world are burning, World War 3 is in the pipeline and once again it appears that our planet is going to hell in a handbasket, but what is really happening and what can we do about it?

As the Eastern Mystic Osho says, ‘There have been only two periods in history: the period we know as war, and the period we call peace, which is a cover up – in reality it should be called preparation for another war’.

It can be deeply disturbing to look at what is taking place on planet earth right now. Our politicians have learned nothing from history and no matter which side of the political coin they land on, those at the top tend to be not our wise men or women, not true spiritual leaders coming from a place of love or compassion, but instead come from a place of fear and ego.

There are few who are otherwise, because the human condition seems to come alive through war, but ‘war within’ because as we resist our own natures, fight against our own demons, attack those parts of us crying out for care, it stands to reason that the consciousness of our current leaders would reflect our unwillingness and inability to find peace within.

I remember a time when we did not have social media, when all the news we received was spoon-fed to us by only mainstream media and so back then we took what was said and believed it to be true. I find solace in the fact that more and more people are looking towards those they may deem as an ‘enemy’ in a new more compassionate and understanding way, but this only goes so far, we need to do much more.

War Is Not the Problem

War is not the problem; the problem is humanity. War, conflict often signals change. If we all lived in peace with no conflict at all we would all die, why? Because until we experience life as completely enough, as it is, without the desire for more or better, it is simply not possible.

Consider it this way. If every single human being on planet earth experiences the same standard of living as every other human, no-one is poor, everyone has food to eat, a roof over their head, no-one is frightened for their life in a war-torn country, what do you think will happen?

The human condition will not be able to stay in that period of stasis, of no growth, of no movement. The human consciousness is here to grow, to expand, to learn and to desire. We ‘want more’ so eventually someone would create more, and another would want more and then we begin the same journey we are currently on. Peace is not possible in the conventional idea of it.

There is no such thing as a Utopia that would be sustainable, unless we all die and experience zero contrast as there would be no physical world to compare to and we would return to Oneness.

If we don’t face the war within, there will always be outer wars reflecting humanities inner fight.

Projecting Our Own Wars onto The World

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As we project our fears, our problems, our challenges onto the ‘other’ out there, making them our enemy, we will never find inner or outer peace.

When we are unable to take responsibility for the outer wars we see, there will be no peace.

We may blame our politicians and while many are collectively riding on an ego train of thought, yearning for power or rather the ability to control the uncontrollable, we need to take ownership. This world cannot be so without our own story playing out in the collective narrative we see ‘out there’.

When we curse at Donald Trump, Boris Johnson or if we are outside the West and blame our leaders for making terrible decisions, we forget that they cannot play a part in our story unless they are part of our inner story, our inner fight, our resistance to embracing our inner Trump, our inner politicians, our inner deceivers, our inner manipulators, our inner angry teenagers.

The temporary release or relief from projecting blame on our leaders is just that, temporary. We will always find someone to blame. We may blame the leaders; we may blame the followers of those leaders who vote them in. We may blame our perceived enemies, but there comes a time in our spiritual journey when we need to take stock and realise we need to do something here and while the outer world seems seemingly outside our sphere of control, we can choose a new story – but from within.

In 2013 I spoke about this and I see the same happening again, only this time we really need to listen up about what is happening. Those leaders in charge, are only able to do what they do and affect us when we resist what is happening and we fight against our own natures.

If World War 3 happens, we can either come to it from a place of fear (which is understandable) and anger at those leaders doing this or we can come at it from a place of acceptance, surrender and make peace with what is happening inside us all.

How do we do this?

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We begin by looking at who we are, what is going on inside of us. Are we littered with anger and resentment, envy? Do we hate parts of our own nature?

And we begin to release the self-hatred, the lack of self-compassion and we begin to clean house.

We clean our inner house.

Because if our inner house is untidy, cluttered with hatred, pain and fear and we keep adding to our inner house like someone who has a hoarding disorder, we will naturally keep throwing out of the house all that we are unprepared to face.

We will keep projecting and attacking and blaming others.

Other countries, other religions, other people, politicians, followers…

As we clean house, the more we make peace within. Instead of there being a conflict between divisive aspects of our own nature or fears, there will be a space for understanding and acceptance and oneness.

As we find this peace, humanity will have no need to throw this out towards other people.

BUT this does not mean Utopia, this does not mean there will be outer peace, it simply means we will make peace with what is happening and will not be knocked over by it or destroyed by it.

War cannot end by becoming a pacifist because being against war is war still.

Be pro-peace but not anti-war.

To embrace peace does not mean we ignore what is happening in the world. Instead we need to be very aware of what is happening, be very clear, act when necessary, but from a place of greater balance. Not fighting but making choices from a more stable and grounded place.

It is no good going into a cave and meditating for hours on end thinking this is the way for peace to happen. Many monks and spiritual people do this, but as soon as they enter the ordinary human world, face their families, their cultures, they are thrown into turmoil.

Unless we can make peace with ‘reality’ there will be no peace. Focus on not only peace but transformation.

We don’t fight the mind, because to fight the mind is to be at war.

As we make peace with our inner house, we become vibrantly alive. It is not stagnancy, it is not a fake Utopia or avoidance of what is, we understand that life is change and to be truly alive is to live life, not apart from it.

We witness what is taking place within and we allow love to enter our inner home.

So, if you look out and see the war or fear the war coming, take a step inwards and make peace with our own warring aspects within.

This is all we can do.

“It is said that the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn.” ― Thomas Fuller


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