Flowing With Change – Dropping Attachment To Outcomes

Ducks On Icy Pond In Winter
Nature Flows With The Changes And Experiences
Life Gracefully – We Can Do The Same

One thing I have discovered over the past few years is the importance of being flexible. Not only with the day-to-day changes that can take place, but life goals, dreams and our desires in life. I sometimes feel that life gives you unfulfilled desires to encourage you to learn to bend more, to be more flexible and to learn to flow with the changes. This is an integral part of human life.

For example, Christmas is coming up. It’s so easy to have expectations for the day itself. Getting the house looking special, buying a Christmas outfit for wearing on Christmas Day, laying out the perfect table, waking up expecting to have a ‘happy’ day. The problem with such strong expectations is that the event itself rarely lives up to those expectations.

Family Enjoying Traditional Christmas Perfection
This ideal scene is what many people
dream and expect for Christmas but dropping an attachment to that can
make a huge difference.

Maybe we wake up tired, feel depressed, the weather is challenging so that family can’t make it, or someone is poorly. Any type of change can take place and we are powerless to control those external changes. But we can begin to adapt and allow those changes to take place, to breathe into any disappointment or even better relax into the moment and release those expectations of a ‘perfect’ day. That way, whatever happens, we can flow with the changes. We don’t feel depressed or deprived from putting all our expectations and excitement into one great day.

The reason why television adverts for summer holidays start on Boxing Day, (even sometimes Christmas Day itself), is that they play on the spirit of post-Christmas blues and the desire for the next ‘exciting’ fix. What many people may fail to realise is that when they begin to breathe into the moment, begin to focus on the present more consistently (not the future), the lows following an event like Christmas, a birthday, a wedding etc., lessen considerably, and eventually each day becomes a more blessed and sacred experience.

The way society is set up is to encourage future thinking and future expectations because the monetary system of the world flourishes on future dreams. A person in the moment is inspired, more clear thinking and less likely to indulge in excessive fantasy and distractions from the inner experience.


Are you ready for a new more fully-alive experience of life?

Are you ready to be here right now?

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, have ‘now-here‘ resolutions, fuller way to live.
If your expectations and attached ways of living have not worked for you so far, why not begin to practice a more mindful way of living and experiencing your emotional world?
What have you got to lose?
Woman In Hobbit Scene Enjoying Winter
Me Enjoying My Fake Snow At Hobbit Scene in Gloucester


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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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