Last night had an interesting dream highlighting some things that I have been finding challenging in my life. I dreamt I was standing at a bank machine talking to someone and instead of putting my card in the machine I put a key in. I panicked a bit thinking I might have messed up the machine the person next to me told me not to worry as the machine would… View Post

Overcoming My Fear Of Public Speaking

  Last night I attended a beginners belly dancing class in Cheltenham led by a wonderful teacher called Ann Blagdon.  I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t had a great experience with a belly dancing teacher in Gloucester. So I decided to start again as I had enjoyed a taster session with Ann at a natural health show in Cheltenham and I loved her teaching methods, her down to earth… View Post

Why I Dated An Older Man

Many moons ago when I first wrote this post I was dating an older man. It was not a long relationship because we realised we were more compatible as friends, but it was a soul relationship and still is. I still live with this older man, he is my best friend, my brother, my father, my teacher, my sister all rolled into one body. He is 81 this year and… View Post

Why I Quit Guru Worshipping

People in the metaphysical fields can take this whole spiritual experience so seriously! I know this because I used to be this way too and sometimes I still do. In the past I have met many who love their labels and their titles.  Titles like Reiki Master, Past Life Regressor, Angelic Atuner, Cosmic Re-Balancer… the labels go on. And I get this now. When I first wrote this post in… View Post

Why I Became A Vegetarian and Why I Quit

Why I Became A Vegetarian In February 2006 I attended a sweat lodge in Gloucestershire in the UK. I had no idea what to expect I just felt it was important to go. After reading online about Native American sweat lodges I wanted to see what it was all about. A sweat lodge involves a ritual depending on the purpose of the lodge. The lodge I attended was based on… View Post