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The Vortex aka Abraham Hicks

After following Abraham Hicks for around 4 years, and a more intensive following in my final year, I decided one day to stop watching Abraham Hicks, reading Abraham Hicks and talking about Abraham Hicks.

Prior to this I was always referring to the teachings.If I was not up to what Abraham was recommending to do, or I would hear other abers speaking about what I needed to do to feel better, find relief, change my life and felt unable to do so, I began to feel quite a failure at these teachings.  And when this happened I realised the following:

  • I was looking to others i.e Abraham Hicks for answers and solutions to my individual experience of life.
  • I was believing Abraham over my inner self, my inner teacher and as such not questioning whether the teachings were right for my individual life path at this time.
  • I realised how determined I had been to get Abraham Hicks teachings out to others, almost preaching like an Abe evangelist, not acknowledging there were other routes to a happier life.
  • I realised it was time to get off the Abraham Hicks bandwagon and find my own way in life.

And so here I am.

While the essence of Abraham Hicks teachings resonates ‘get happy’. The mode in which the teachings are coming across, for me, are overemphasising the ‘happy where I am & EAGER FOR MORE’.

It is quite easy to get caught up on the ‘if your not happy where you are don’t look at it, look at what makes you feel good and if that is what you want in the future, focus on that instead’.  It is very easy to skip the happy where you are and go straight to the future focusing and this is where I feel many people may be getting lost, feeling disappointed with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, the law of attraction and the movie ‘The Secret’.

Some people are absolutely thriving on the teachings, but I feel everyone is different and what one person needs may differ to what other people need.  And this all depends on what life experiences they are choosing to allow into their lives.

Something began bothering me nearing the end of my decision making process, I just kept getting this strong feeling. All these techniques, all these exercises, were not helping me with allowing a natural life unfolding to occur.  Instead to me, it was these techniques, I was using, as a way to try and control my life, control how manifestations came about.  I imagine many people are using the ‘effort‘ of these exercises for the same reason, even if they are not admitting to this.

After a longish period of a low vibe I had a month long period of winning prizes, £200 vouchers, tickets to theatre, food hampers, the list just went on…and this was not after a long period of high vibrational energy thinking or focusing.  I came to this inner realisation.

Life flows…

Life unfolds…

In perfect timing…

In the perfect way…

Whatever we do.

I do not believe exercises, effort, focusing brings about ‘manifestation’ any quicker than it would naturally unfold in ones life.  I do believe it makes the ride of life more enjoyable when we appreciate each moment, learn to love life and experiences, but it doesn’t make the ride speed forward or bring what we think we want any quicker.

I don’t believe what Abraham says about you not needing patience when you are in the vortex in the way the message is given out (or perhaps in the way it is received).  This message gave out the impression that if you are happy it will come quicker, whatever ‘it’ is.

What I felt was beneath that message was ‘whatever is unfolding for you in life, will come, naturally, beautifully, in the perfect timing with all the pieces that come together for this to happen and when you feel good about what is, about your present moment (happy where I am) experiences, the ‘NATURAL’ unfolding of life is just sooo much sweeter.’

It would be great if Abraham could get clearer on this for those following the teachings.

I understand why the Abraham Hicks bandwagon plays up the whole ‘happy where I am BUT – EAGER FOR MORE’ teaching because the majority of people are not willing or wanting to allow, to be, to relax, to let the natural unfolding of life to occur, they want to have some sense that they are in control.  But creating ones reality, does not mean controlling ones reality through pasting happy stickers over feelings, through affirming positively, through spending periods of time focusing on future goals, to me creation is inside me, always.  And by my taking my journey inwards, life unfolds.

And often, life unfolds in unexpected ways.

Perhaps all the things we may think we want, and any frustation with that comes along with this, will bring more people back to this place – a desire to feel complete as we are, from within.

And this is where the teaching of Abraham Hicks can come in, that when the physical stuff arrives, it will not matter, because when we enjoy the gifts within, the wealth within, the outer gifts will simply represent the jewels we have had the pleasure of revealing inside.

This is my understanding of Abraham Hicks now.  I hope it helps others who may be feeling some of what I felt as I dropped the teachings and went within.

Note: Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about this post and my video on YouTube. I am glad my words have helped you not feel so alone and that are able to be their for family members who are now addicted.

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Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin, author of ‘When Everyone Shines But You’ is a dedicated writer and blogger who fearlessly explores life’s deepest questions. Faced with a decade of profound anxiety and grief following the loss of her father and her best friend Michael, Kelly embarked on a transformative journey guided by mindfulness, and she hasn’t looked back since. Through her insightful writing, engaging podcasts, and inspiring You Tube channel Kelly empowers others to unearth the hidden treasures within their pain, embracing the profound truth that they are ‘enough’ exactly as they are.

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  1. April 27, 2011 / 7:04 pm

    WOW! I hadn't read this one yet. You hit the nail on the head though! Many of us just want to be happy and that is fine but if we want true liberation, the ego can no longer reign as King or Queen and this transition forces us to face, acknowledge, and forgive/allow all that we have been running from for way too long! So funny our blog entries resonate so much. Thank you for another gem! 🙂 Namaste.

  2. April 27, 2011 / 8:06 pm

    Thanks Jennifer, we are obviously on the same consciousness stream lol! its great to become aware of these things. Namaste xxxx

  3. May 29, 2011 / 2:29 pm

    My sentiments exactly! I just couldn't live up to their teachings and I think that ignoring reality can be and usually is a dangerous game. Sometimes you just gotta embrace whatever you're feeling, I suspect Esther probably hasn't had the kind of challenges that many of us have which I think is a big reason why Abraham's teachings ultimately aren't for everyone.

  4. May 29, 2011 / 5:03 pm

    Hiya Andy, yes, I agree. I think many misunderstand the 'not looking at what you dont want and focusing on what you do want', with ignoring what is. Thats what began to put me off Abraham Hicks, the overemphasis on the future instead of embracing what is. After I left the teachings I found a site online called Abraham Hicks sceptic by a lady called Kyra (its in my links section), eye opening! It just goes to show we all need to keep our eyes on our own intuition and not follow gurus and teachers without thought or question. Hugs x

  5. May 31, 2011 / 1:06 am

    As I posted on a different thread, I was lucky to escape the Hicks teachings with my family intact. One thing I would like to add is that in doing things the "Abraham" way, that is; refusing to look at any reality we don't like, focusing elsewhere and getting happy at all costs, can be extremely dangerous to anyone who has a propensity towards addictions. Not only does the addictive personality study Abraham-Hicks to the point of abstraction, those teachings fall right into the groove of validating the addict's behaviors. Avoid reality and get into a good feeling place no matter what it takes? You bet! Let's avoid the marital problems that come up and go have an affair. It's a lot more fun, and if your spouse is bothered, it just means your spouse is not as "aligned" as you are. Or go ahead and swallow those narcotics! After all, they take away the stings and bring on the happy happy joy joy!

    Do I sound just a little bit angry? You bet. I am still picking up the pieces of my marriage and that requires facing reality, caring about the pain we have caused others, and riding through those dark times knowing that we are strong enough, bad feelings won't kill us, and part of being human is feeling pain, learning about those deep wounds and compassionately helping our sisters and brothers on our journey, no matter what we feel in this life.

    The fear of pain is the driving force behind all addictions, and the driving force behind the Abe-Hicks teachings.

    Congratulations for escaping, none too soon. There are those saying that Esther/Abe is the Second Coming of Christ. Yikes. Not that I believe either one, but biblically they are more like the anti-Christ, or at the very least, Jezebel as written about through the Apostle John.

    Thanks for letting me type. It's all part of the deprogramming therapy, I guess.

  6. May 31, 2011 / 8:55 pm

    Hi Carol, thanks so much for popping by to my site from the other thread. You just let it all out. I can totally understand that you would feel angry.

    That is a really good point about the addictive personality I had not really thought about it that way. I can be like that, with me its all or nothing sometimes, and with Abraham Hicks it was ALL, but thankfully my intuition and God within my own heart let me know it was time to let it go and trust myself instead. Best thing I ever did. I am still amazed when I compare the me back then to the me now. For the first time in my life I am genuinely feeling good. And it wasn't just Abraham I had to drop but all spiritual teachers. And in doing so I became my own guide.

    Now any insights or messages from others simply reflect back at me what I know inside, or they don't, its much more simple.

    Much much love to you, keep in touch, hope everything comes back into balance for you.

    Kelly xxxx

  7. June 2, 2011 / 4:39 am

    Darn. I wrote what I wanted to say, but when I tried to preview it, my whole post disappeared. I'll try again In a few days… Keep up the clear thinking, my friend!

  8. January 19, 2012 / 7:15 pm

    One thing I have learned from doing the "focus wheel" exercise…You can't change a whole life programming just thinking different for a moment. This requires acceptance, you can not change something you do not admit, just thinking the opposite! Your brain is already running something called CONDITIONING. Ignoring reality is ignoring the present moment, the only thing we have. Surrendering is the only choice, accepting we are there and doing our best to pass unharmed. You can improve a chatter with another chatter, would you let up a fire with gasoline? The way is quieting thoughts, so your true essence can flow. Meditation is the way. I got very puzzled when Abraham said to a participant that living in meditation was a very boring life! Really? Meditation the way I learned with Osho happened to help me discover my inner peace, my self-love, MY truth. But like he says, when you practice it frequently then you won't need mediators, then they are left, not getting MONEY anylonger…I enjoy listening to teachers because they somewhow help me to get in touch with my Essence, but also I have learned to feel inside when enough is enough!

    • January 20, 2012 / 6:54 pm

      Hi, thanks for popping by my site. How true. Its not as simple as flicking a switch, especially when many of us have conditioning and patterns that need looking at and embracing first. And ignoring reality is ignoring the present moment. Meditation is not boring if you take the label of meditation life is a meditation when you are fully present with it. Boredom only sets in when you are not present. For example the other day I thought I needed to lay on my bed and sit and be with my feelings and thoughts, just sit and be. My body and mind had other plans. What was best for me was not sitting and being but getting up and dancing around my flat. Completely present, a dancing meditation.

  9. January 20, 2012 / 4:40 am

    Hi Kelly- I just visited your you tube site 🙂
    I hope many take you up on your "try a week without Abe" challenge.

    • January 20, 2012 / 6:55 pm

      Hi Mariah, thanks for visiting the Abraham video I did. I should post it in this blog entry so may do that in a moment.

      It will be interesting if many people do take me up on the challenge of going without and see how they manage without the teachings for a week. I know if they are addicted they will know right away. Hugs to you, I check out your site, good stuff!

  10. Light
    January 30, 2012 / 10:02 pm

    Hi Kelly!
    You are making such a good point. I have been reading Abraham-Hicks and for me it has been important to get to their teachings. But if you just go into it as you describe I agree that it can be dangerous, addicting and brain washing. I had my brainwashing lesson with another spiritual knowledge for more than a decade ago and the feeling was exactly what you describe. The preaching, the arrogance, the dependence, and life turning worth and when you realise you can not think for yourself any longer. That''s why your post is so interesting and meaningful. Because when you're not aware of this process it's so easy to go into it. And it happens a lot in people that are spiritual in some way, that suddenly they think they have the One and Only Truth, they start preaching and they stop listening to their inner voice, they loose contact with their inner knowledge by following someone's else totally.
    Thank you for your honesty and authenticity!

  11. Anonymous
    February 5, 2012 / 8:58 am

    Eager for what's coming means just that…be happy where you are and eager for what's coming because we are always evolving from the present moment~it's not meant to encourage one to live out of the present moment as your feelings are what ground you to the present; how are you feeling now, now, now. It's the thoughts that matter~you can be eager for what's coming in an hour. The teachings aren't meant to make you want to escape~they are just the opposite. Just my perspective~

    • Anonymous
      February 23, 2013 / 11:18 am

      Totally agreed. I listen when I want upliftment, not addicted on the least. There was a time when I couldn't get enough but it only enhanced my life, never took away. You can easily find negative in any practice… they do not teach you to be irresponsible. Get imto parallel realities and it should solve your "don't look at reality" issue. You would realize why Abraham is correct to say this. Bashar goes into clarifying detail. And even explaains about echoes, will should help you further.

  12. Anonymous
    March 10, 2012 / 5:24 am

    Abraham-Hicks is very clear about listening to your own voice and following your own intuition. I personally don't think they emphasize the future to the expense of the present. Just shows you what you do/don't resonate with.

  13. April 26, 2012 / 1:33 pm

    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I appreciate your views and how you have experienced Abraham Hicks. It appears I have had a bit of a Troll monster on my blog lately swearing and calling people names LOL! OH well Trolls will be trolls, so apologise if the words caused offence. They made me chuckle.

  14. Anonymous
    May 2, 2012 / 9:49 pm

    this is my first comment in the world of the web…as yourself i must comment on abraham hicks.
    i have just spent 2 solid days listening to these "teachings"
    In the early 1990's the New Age Movement came to my awareness. My intuition and wisdom went "nay" no. no. no
    So here I go…taking truths from the Holy Bible and putting intricate spins on the Word…claiming the deep mysteries and teachings in the Bible as their original position. and always subtle or non, pulling people away
    After the 2 days I listened to does the devil exist and the answer was direct=no he doesn't exist. the most coveted lie of the devil is to convince people he doesn't exist. The intense seduction at this time for souls is at its extreme.
    The next was is Jesus the Son of God. Answer by abraham hicks was no. Just a guy who has come back to achieve perfect alignment with source. Jesus taught to test the spirits. I was taught to ask the spirit if it believed that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh and or is the Son of God.Therefore, abraham hicks, Failed.

  15. Anonymous
    November 26, 2012 / 10:22 pm

    I feel deep within your consciousness ABE teachings did serve you well,cause if you are in tune with yourself you will follow your own guidance which you obviously did.SO therefore it worked.You can't serve two gods

    • Anonymous
      February 23, 2013 / 11:23 am

      Best answer yet. Exactly what I was thinking.

  16. December 14, 2012 / 6:41 pm

    I'm so glad that I came across your video on youtube, I've been hicksing solidly for about a week now and so far I've found it to be uplifting and a valuable reminder of many things, including that in the end, any teacher or teachings can only take you so far, you have to rely on your own inner guidance. I personally feel that its all a paradox anyway, whats good for some is not for others or different times call for different approaches. With so many paths to love/self/god etc, and beyond duality, there can be no right or wrong way in my opinion. It sounds like hicks has brought you closer to yourself in one way or another. I must admit that yesterday i started thinking 'hmm, why am I still watching this stuff, surely that means that I'm still vibrating a lack of something somewhere within my being if I need to keep coming back for more' It sounds to me like you have graduated! I do agree that the material is somehow addictive and she certainly inspires an eagerness, which I kind of like actually. I only started to question the teachings after seeing your video and I'm glad that I did (of course the other part of me was asking 'why am I attracting this to myself' !!! lol). I guess I'm feeling slightly brainwashed by it all too upon reflection, but I think if I immersed myself in anything for 7 days I would be feeling pretty much the same. Love reigns supreme. blessings. x

  17. Anonymous
    March 2, 2013 / 6:31 am

    I'm sorry but your complaints seem to come from a total non understanding of what she is saying. She clearly says look inside yourself for answers not her..why follow someone around for for years, anyone. All religions.pretty much day the same thing focus inside have faith, surrender your worries to the lord and think on "whatsoever things are pure, just, good.." Philippians. No one can any what you focus on is what you see what you creat in life, if you believe is horrible it is, but if you have happiness, peace and joy in your mind eye are undisturbed by gain or loss, that'd from buddhist.

    • March 2, 2013 / 9:48 am

      Anonymous, why don't you post with your real name? You have come and posted many comments without being brave enough to post your real name. I don't even feel you read my blog above because you completely did not respond to it. So many 'Abers' coming here to dismiss or disagree with my 'personal' experience of the the Hicks. Ask yourself why you feel the need to stand up for the Hicks? And thanks for the continuing traffic to my blog this is all good! Interesting since I turned off all the negative comments on my video I am getting a railroad of 'Abers' needing to prove me 'wrong' this proves me right actually LOL

  18. sandy
    March 20, 2013 / 3:59 am

    There are many great benefits to the Abraham teachings, I never thought that they over emphasized ignoring reality.

    In fact I think the main point ever made is that you are the one who creates your own reality through the thoughts that you have and more importantly that you are responsible for yourself – basically there are NO victims. Everything you do, you do to yourself because physical reality is a REFLECTION of what is going on inside.

    You get what you believe, so if you believe that you need to feel that there is something wrong with abraham teachings, your reality will reflect that for you every time.

    And I don't call myself an aber as I dont listen to them all that much, but when i feel like it I find it very uplifting.

  19. July 20, 2013 / 11:12 am

    Thanks For Sharing this nice Topic

    "The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.[1][2][3][4] This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.[citation needed] One example used by a proponent of the law of attraction is that if a person opened an envelope expecting to see a bill, then the law of attraction would "confirm" those thoughts and contain a bill when opened. A person who decided to instead expect a check might, under the same law, find a check instead of a bill.[5]

    Although there are some cases where positive or negative attitudes can produce corresponding results (principally the placebo and nocebo effects), there is no scientific basis to the law of attraction.[6]"

  20. September 11, 2013 / 4:34 pm

    She's just giving her own personal experience after being an avid listener and follower of "Abraham Hick's" teaching and having found it unhelpful, I'm the same. I got sucked in believing everything was going my way but it was all a big dillusion and nearly landed me into trouble making me over ride my sense of logical fear. What you said about thoughts becoming your reality is just common sense, you don't need "a guru Abraham Hicks, a group of spiritual entites..yeh right" to realise that! You don't anybody but yourself as Kelly points out! Obviously peope have an intentions or goals in life, you go about an action to put these into motion and then you can get the result depending on various differernt co-operative factors and being obviously is going to make you go after things more and if you have a rock hard belief that something has to happen as Abe teached then you'll be less likely to back down on your goals and desires. No rocket science, or spiritual is channelling going on there, it's common sense and logic! Furthermore one responds and react to the world by means of what's currently on your mind (if you have an intention, say you're looking for a certain dress, you want you go into town, see it and you go and buy it, that's not a law of attraction, that's just reacting to what was currently on your mind at the time! There's no law of attraction that exits, it's a metaphor and positive psychology, there's no telekinesis power going on, if there were that would make me feel very unsettled, being quite frankl! it's all fantasy and bs, it doesn't hold up under any scientific research either, it's pseudoscience and delusion! It also causes people to feel guilty and bad if bad stuff happens to them which is cruel and it makes you deluded when good things happen also, not to mention it encourages greed and lack of compassion for others and circulates within you a need to monitor your own thinking which could cause ocd and anxiety and paranoia, as was the case with me. It also encourages superstitious ways of thinking which I think in the 21st century humans are a bit too sophisticated to be following. It's very bad for your mental health this way of living and it's unnatural for your thinking! The human mind is very powerful but can be manipulated in away that's damaging to ppl's psyche! Basically you're putting all your trust in something an intelligent and manipulative woman with an impure agenda said is true! And even if she were talking to spirits, who the heck is Abraham anyway? "They" could be wrong or have selfish self serving and malicious intentions! You can't believe and trust everything you hear! It's good to question things! We have critical thinking for a reason! "Receiving blocks of thought by means of meditating everyday for 15mins…come on, it's either a lie or she believes in her own fantastical thoughts coming from her unconscious mind which came about by an idea planted in her head by "some spirit guide woman she met. Not everything we believe is true! You have to question things sometimes! I think Esther Hicks basically put her own life experiences of what works her on being happy and mixed it up with old tried and tested philosophies and packaged it using very repetitive brain washy language in order to flock up a legion of dependent fans! I don't even think she's that clever being honest, her vocabulary is so bombastic and over the top I think she is actually limiting her audience, she could use easier and more economical language I think to help people understand, she'd probably get more customers that way, but on the other hand most people are realists and down to Earth and don't believe this crap! I literally haven't a clue wth she is talking about a lot of the time!! Fair play to ya Kelly for setting up this site! Whistle blow this woman! She is dangerious!

  21. September 11, 2013 / 6:00 pm

    Hello Brid, lovely to have you pop by, thanks so much for sharing your experience and thoughts here. And yes… it is easy to take what works personally and then mash it together with a bunch of ideas lots of other people came up with eons ago and then spread 'the word' to all who will listen. I am now following the negative path (grin – tongue in cheek), but seriously, even the creating your reality is a term that makes no sense any more to me. I don't know if you have seen my recent post just this week on this topic. You may enjoy it Brid http://www.kellymartinspeaks.co.uk/2013/09/the-law-of-attraction-chicken-egg.html#.UjCvU8asj0s I have been looking into stoicism and that is a fascinating path. Always questioning, it has gotta be done, keeps me sane and grounded lol

  22. September 11, 2013 / 6:05 pm

    Hi Bobby, yes everyone needs whatever works for them. I am finding since leaving the teachings my own realisation has flowered. No need for the 'ra ra ra' parade but a deeper understanding of being present, mindful and allowing life to unfold. Far more healthy in my experience. Love indeed reigns supreme.

  23. September 12, 2013 / 7:59 pm

    I here you on the " sizzle and steak" such a great analogy Kelly!

    I too have been on a path. One can get addicted easily o many things especially if one has abuse in their past.

    I have many teachers and I take what I want and leave the rest. Sometimes I get too into something and then I remember I have my own wisdom.

    My journey through an eating disorder taught me that. My body knows what it needs. Someone's idea of what food I should eat is not my guide anymore. It is not that I disregard nutritional advice, it is just that I got really crazy and insane by not checking in with what irked for my particular body at that time. Things are always changing and what I need now may not be appropriate tommorow.

    Keep up the good work on your journey, you are a wise woman indeed!

  24. September 13, 2013 / 5:54 pm

    Hi Paula, thanks. Yes so easy to get addicted and trust others over our own wisdom. I am so glad I have a strong inner alarm bell now that tells me when something is not right for me. It is great that your journey through an eating disorder has brought you not only strength but being in touch with your body wisdom. So important!

    Lovely to connect x

  25. September 28, 2013 / 7:11 am

    thank you so much for writing this! I really appreciate reading your point of view. I am an artist who recently went full time. It's been wonderful but also a struggle in many ways. I came upon Ester Hicks etc a few months ago and really identified with the teachings and it seemed like if I followed them I could focus and relax away any issue. Unfortunately this isn't so. The biggest issue I had was I read about a really disturbing recent case of animal abuse in Boston. I couldn't process it and have struggled with what I can do to help prevent such terrible things. I'm not a vegetarian but I do strive to eat local, pastured animals, and responsibly farmed plants. When I looked into what Ester had to say about animal cruelty I was a bit disturbed. She is contradictory at times and not particularly kind (at least from my perspective). It made me pretty sad so then I started searching more for criticism of her teachings. Some of it was EXTREMELY nutty while others complained how rich she was yet had 20 annoying adds on their site. You are the first person I found who is honestly recounting what it was like for you without being overly critical. Thanks for posting this and hope you continue to find your own voice. I was starting to loose mine but I'm so glad to have found it again.

  26. September 28, 2013 / 9:06 am

    Welcome Okra, thank you for visiting.I am glad that my writing is making a difference. It is the contradictions that began to make me question a lot of the teachings. And yes the lack of heart and kindness. There are a lot of people now questioning the teachings and yes some are nutty, I have met some good critics though who have really investigated the teachings far more fully than me and they helped bring me peace of mind when I first stepped out from the teachings. When so many are following a guru or teacher it can feel isolating at first to step away so it is good to see more written out there now. Kyra from http://kyrasdiary.blogspot.co.uk/ was a great support. I am continuing to find my own voice, the more I do, the more criticism I have received but I guess when you offer an opposing thought to popular belief it is going to happen. Much love to you and hope your art goes very well xxx

  27. October 19, 2013 / 3:02 am

    Hi Kelly, I realize this post is quite old now but still would like to thank you for it and share a little of my thoughts.

    I think I'm finally breaking out of the Abe Addiction now lol, a few months ago I suddenly got fed up and had a slight epiphany that I should be following my inner 'compass' instead… but somehow slipped back into them again. It is seductive…

    Now, finally, after things just not feeling right, after feeling frustrated by all the 'better thoughts' and (for me) impossible task of visualizing, and to be honest – becoming tired of feeling bad whenever something didn't go the way I wanted as if it was my fault…. I've had enough!

    I am grateful to Eckhart Tolle as I feel he really is as he is, he even mentioned the Abraham teachings once I think and how seductive the Law of A can be.

    I'm actually still cringing at how I acted when I was pretending to be so happy, trying to be in my vortex. The person I was most deceiving was myself. My husband and I were separated for several months (waiting for immigration) and one day he texted me telling me he felt very lonely, and what did I reply??

    In my 'Abe wisdom' I said "just live your life" (or something equally as unfeeling and horrendous), as if somehow he wasn't and that was the cure…. I feel so horrible about this even now, can't believe I treated him like that after he reached out. I now see of course that I was incredibly lonely myself. I treated him awfully.

    What helps with this is Eckhart's teaching that you can't feel guilty for something you did when 'unconscious', and I think that's what this comes around to. Abe teachings and similar LOA hoo-ha actually encourage unconscious-ness in the guised form of 'higher consciousness'.

    No wonder so many people in the 'hot seat' start off by saying "I've been coming to these seminars for years'…. and then proceed to speel about how they still don't get it.

    It's sad and kinda scary. Thank you for writing this, and for the rest of your beautiful blog. It is quite a shock when you finally wake up. Acceptance of that shock is key I guess 🙂

  28. October 20, 2013 / 2:56 pm

    Hi Katrina, thanks so much for commenting. This post is still really busy so its great to have feedback. I loved what you wrote and you triggered thoughts for me, especially that the LOA can be seductive, how very true! You are not alone in what you did with your husband, some people have gone further and ended relationships and marriages and left children behind because they found their families too low vibration. What failed to recognise is the 'negative' the perceived 'low vibration' is simply a manifestation of their own inner world. Like some teachings, like Eckhart, have really touched home with me. I now follow a more mindful path, a moment-by-moment way of living and I feel far more relaxed, far less stressed and far more able to embrace my life now. Moreso I find being mindful is filled with loving kindness to both myself and others, where some of the way Abraham Hicks communicated their teachings came across cold and heartless. I hope to see you around more on the blog. I love what you add in your comments. I had an aha moment last night which I feel is coming into a blog post, possibly next weekend, on how the many of LOA teachings actually encourages the belief in separation from all that is. BIG HUGS and it takes great courage to admit the journey we have been on and to change course. OH and in case you are interested I have added some reason posts above in the post as they may be relevant to others reading this thread.

  29. October 24, 2013 / 6:18 pm

    Hey Kelly, I totally agree – mindfulness is the way to go. Already I notice a big difference in how I feel, absolutely way more connected to life and enjoying it a lot more. The Abraham teaching certainly brought about a disconnected feeling, while at the same time making me feel like I should be connected. The constant separation 'from your inner being' really played on this, keeping it at arms length and implying that there's a division. If we can't 'keep up with' and connect with our own selves, how on earth are we supposed to feel connected with All That Is! I look forward to your post about this!

    Same as you, I feel more connected now after dropping the teachings, I've always had a hard time connecting with my emotions and experiencing empathy/compassion…. Now that I'm out the other side, I do feel a lot more 'into' the world, which is definitely a good thing, Abraham was a teacher after all, perhaps just not in the way 'they' try to be.

    It does upset me a lot that people have done such dramatic things from this, I just hope they also learnt the real lessons behind it and are able to be better off for it in the end, and find that peace that really is all anyone wants. Your blog is important, speaking about this and sharing experiences is definitely helpful to everyone.

    I'll be sticking around for sure!! And will harp in when I have something to day…. I don't normally comment at all on blogs, but this one's special! Thanks again 🙂

  30. October 26, 2013 / 5:37 pm

    Hugs, thanks Katrina, I am so glad my blog is helping in some way. Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. November 13, 2013 / 7:11 pm

    Everyone is own their own journey and Abraham Hicks inspires ME daily as well as sooo many teachers, authors and old texts, I am grateful to all inspiration! I follow what feels good in the moment and I have peace that all is well! I choose happy!

  32. December 1, 2013 / 6:28 pm

    Good for you! Glad you are getting a lot out of the teachings still.

  33. December 22, 2013 / 4:26 pm

    Thanks for this post, though it's old. I also find it disturbing that the 'Secret' was based on their teaching. The Secret was based on the 'The Science of Getting Rich'.
    Written by a christian but written in a way to reach people of other faiths.

  34. January 7, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    I too was once an ardent fan of Abraham-Hicks for a number of years. Little by little, the teachings lost their allure and relevance in my life as real-life application showed me that they were not always the most effective for me. I have found other paths to peace and joy. I have come to realize that equanimity is most important in my own journey. Even if I am not into Abe teachings anymore, I will always appreciate the interesting insights they brought to my awareness.

  35. January 7, 2014 / 3:17 pm

    Hi Anna, thanks for dropping by. Good to hear you have found other paths to peace and joy, mindfulness and surrender to what is has been my greatest peace, what is yours?

  36. January 10, 2014 / 7:12 am

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think it was very brave of you to speak openly about looking beyond the Abe teachings. I think you and I share a handful of common perspectives. I also often think about letting God/Life Force flow and fully express through me, although I still have the habit of trying to manifest deliberately. 🙂 I will remember your words ("I let life unfold through me, whatever will be, will be for my highest good and this has given me such a feeling of freedom within, my choices come from this feeling, so freeing.") because they resonate with me.

  37. January 10, 2014 / 9:56 am

    Good morning Anna, thanks, it was scary sharing, especially the video, as I still get a lot of flack from abers on a regular basis telling me how wrong I am LOL but its all good, helps me embrace my feelings. I gave up trying to manifest deliberately when I realised it was my egos need for control. If I surrender I receive what I need for my highest good, and even though sometimes my mind thinks it knows better, my heart and soul seem to bring me greater opportunities for growth than I ever considered. Much love to you x

  38. January 10, 2014 / 5:41 pm

    Hello It's phoenix from You tube…in response to your last message

    I was being diplomatic when i said your video comes across as blaming the teaching for the reasons i previously mentioned. In fact you state misunderstandings as the reasons why you left the teachings..and i paraphrase…"..abraham tells us if people are feeling bad dont hang out with them" which is a misunderstanding. She teaches that if other people are making you feel bad, then avoid them….but that implies that if they dont bother you, then don't …cause she never said if people are feeling bad stay away from them at all costs. Infact she tellsyou that when you are feeling good…then you radiate to others and you are able to influence those feeling bad..this is what healers do…once they are fully in alignment then they can approach those who are feeling bad. This is just one example in your video..there are a couple of more..but i think i get my point across. If what you wanted to communicate is that you tend to get addicted in general (i'm maybe guessing based on what you said about belonging to all these circles or groups) then i would have no comment. I mean i understand the teachings are repetitive but its because it's a simple teaching..once you understand the basic idea you dont need to keep watching them 100 times a day, you just need to practice it….and yes that can have a hypnotic effect…lol

  39. January 10, 2014 / 6:01 pm

    Hi Phoenix, and thanks so much from popping over here. I am glad you are able to clarify further. My video was posted because there is a large proportion of humanity who have addictive personalities I was one of them. Many of the teachings can be misinterpreted very easily by a large proportion of those listening and reading, so my video was to reach out to those who may be addicted and feeling the come down off coming off that particular brand of drug.

    I would love if you would have a little look further down these comments and the differing viewpoints on this topic because there is a lot of wisdom being shared.

    I still do not agree with many of the teachings you speak about but I respect your right to believe in them. Please feel free to wander around my blog and also below the video is a number of posts which may interest you on a similar topic.

  40. January 10, 2014 / 6:06 pm

    i thought i should post this in regard to the last part of your youtube post. I did not ignore your comment about alignment and her teachings being dangerous and about embracing the the good positive and negative….but if you like i can explain them simply, they way they are intended.

  41. January 10, 2014 / 6:14 pm

    that is completely fine. your video. thanks for the offer to browse but everyone is entitled to have their views so i will not look or comment. I replied to your video because your video gives the idea that her teachings are not clear and misleading as I explained in my post to you. It could in turn confuse those who have an understanding that is positively serving them. No need to confuse those. Your video would have been impartial and serving only to those who have addictive personalities by refraining from stating misinterpretations about her teachings…like my comment on what you said about abraham promoting leaving people who are feeling bad.

    i wish you wellness in your path.

    much love

    also..if you like we could discuss way s to overcome addiction.

  42. January 10, 2014 / 6:26 pm

    If someone is positively understanding something, they would not even watch my video or have doubts. If a belief is strongly rooted it is not knocked over and swayed by another.

    If you think I need to discuss ways to overcome addiction but do not want to read anything else I write or have to say then I would say this discussion can go no further.

  43. January 10, 2014 / 9:20 pm

    i meant for those people who are just beginning in their understanding of abrahams teachings. there is no need to confuse them. My belief was certainly not swayed.

    it is your choice to end the discussion. your offer was for me to read OTHER peoples comments and "wisdom" which i declined…the practices which i would share with you can be adopted by anyone as they are simple and effective. THere is really no need to read among your blog topics.

    wish you well.

  44. January 23, 2014 / 1:58 am

    I mentioned "Surrender to Divine wisdom" earlier, and I think that is what you are referring to as well. Much love to you too, Kelly. 🙂

  45. January 23, 2014 / 2:07 am

    No need to worry about others getting confused. Their Emotional Guidance System is there to lead them to their best path. 😉

  46. January 23, 2014 / 9:03 am

    Thanks Anna, yes very much so. Enjoy your day hun!

  47. January 29, 2014 / 10:25 am

    I haven't read through the comments yet, but I wanted to point out, re this:

    "But creating ones reality, does not mean controlling ones reality through pasting happy stickers over feelings,"

    Abe specifically counsels us, "Don't put a happy face over your gas gauge." Precisely what you are saying there. They encourage us to make peace with where we are. Otherwise we stay stuck.

    And this:

    "I do believe it makes the ride of life more enjoyable when we appreciate each moment, learn to love life and experiences, but it doesn't make the ride speed forward or bring what we think we want any quicker."

    I don't believe Abe is about making things happen 'quicker.' They say, "You can't get it wrong, and you never get it done." IOW, it's all good, and we have forever to experience it all.

    Abe doesn't counsel that we say, "happy where I am BUT – EAGER FOR MORE." It's: AND eager for more.

    I do believe that all the Abe offerings about the exercises etc., are optional. Yes, as you say, life unfolds regardless. But counting our blessings (Book of Positive Aspects), reaching for the better-feeling thought (Ho'oponopono, anyone?) and envisioning our ideal life can help smooth the way. If we want to, that is.

  48. January 29, 2014 / 10:45 am

    Hi Jennifer, you could be right.

    Yes she does say that.

    And I do remember her saying 'happy where I am but eager for more'. So if I heard this, I am sure many others heard it this way too.

    My change away from Abraham came once 'The Vortex' took centre stage and people were thrown out of the hot seat by one blanket statement 'get in the vortex'.

    This to me is not loving, not kind and not embracing what is. It is basically 'yes you are complaining, yes you are feeling crappy but go be happy in the vortex'. To me this was where it all went downhill with the teachings and contradicted the earlier teachings that made sense.

    And I do feel there are a heck of a lot of people super reliant and attached to the teachings instead of taking a break and listening to inner guidance (much like I was so I am glad I am able to voice this so people like that are able to understand what is happening).

    My experience has taught me this through the countless emails and messages from people I have received.

    Many people agree with this – many people do not.

    I wrote about hooponopono here : http://www.kellymartinspeaks.co.uk/2013/05/hooponopono-when-whole-world-is-inside.html#.UujaQ_lFDIU

    And my updated thoughts on all of this can be found in the links beneath the video above. Feel free to peruse them.

    My recent articles relate to the increased 'wanting' taking place because of teachings like Abraham Hicks.

    I am glad they still work for you and from what you say you look elsewhere and NOT just Abraham Hicks. This to me is a good thing, but not all people are this way.

    I wish you well,
    Kelly x

  49. January 30, 2014 / 4:02 am

    Thanks for your reply Kelly. You are right that Abraham is far from my only source. Just color me eclectic. 🙂

    My take on Abe telling us to get in the Vortex is, they've given us the tools to get there, have detailed them over and over again. There comes a point where it is indeed "sink or swim." I myself have experienced being in the Vortex and I know it's totally up to me to find my way there again.

    I feel that with any teaching, the trick is to take what we can use and leave the rest. Ultimately we integrate it all into our own approach. I happen to believe that Abe and Ho'oponopono are not incompatible. There's a thread
    about this at the Abe forum if you care to check it out:

    All grist for the mill, huh? Really enjoying your blog! xx

  50. January 30, 2014 / 8:05 am

    I liked that 'colour me eclectic!'

    I hear you on your take of the vortex. I don't believe in the vortex at all now. So its not something I even consider. I prefer to simply allow life to flower through me 'good' bad' whatever is for my personal growth and expansion.

    To me the original teachings contained more love and it then became about selling the sizzle not the steak (bums on seats not wisdom). But I am a big questioner and not everyone is.

    So thank-you for the link to the abeforum but I won't be visiting there again.

    I like the journey I am on.

    If you are on google+, twitter or other networks let me know we may cross the internet pond on more like-minded topics but Abraham is not my cup of tea for discussion any-more (wide grin) even though this blog is my most popular on my blog and my video is very popular too with everyone defending Abraham LOL

  51. January 30, 2014 / 11:29 am

    Kelly, the fact that you don't resonate with Abe anymore doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the teachings. It just means it's not your cuppa – as you say. And that's fine! 🙂

  52. February 15, 2014 / 5:31 pm

    My name is Dave,I'm 39 year old,lives in Merritt is,FL. Kelly it's all good.I have to say you are right! Every one is different.And there is so much other knowledge to be learn,byso many other teachers.To limit your self to one.Would be like brainwashing your self. You should look into the one that are for you.lLearn all they have to offer,go with you gut feeling,and follow your inter voice.Do a lot of networking with like minded people.And live your life!!!

  53. February 15, 2014 / 6:03 pm

    I have just started studying the law of attraction & the laws of the universe,about 3 mos ago give or take.When I stated I had came across Abarham's teachings. I love them,and a lot of it is good info. But,it's the same message.And some of it is not so clear,(if you are a first timer just learning). I watch Abarham's U-tube day & night. It wasn't til I looked into a few other teachings.That I started getting a better picture of the knowledge.It also helped me to understand every thing I had learned from Abarham's teaching.Now Abarham's teachings are grate info,but it's not the only info.Every one should be open to as much as they can with this kind of knowledge . And take from the teachings of whom every,and use what ever knowledge helps them live a better & happier life.Wth the hopes that they can keep learn more to keep having the best way of life they can live for their self!!!

  54. February 15, 2014 / 6:03 pm

    Hi Dave, thanks for dropping by. Totally, and yes this is what I do. Enjoy xx

  55. February 15, 2014 / 6:05 pm

    Lovely to hear David. Yes most of the original teachings of Abraham come waaay before Abraham ever came on the scene and a lot of teachers out there spread the same message in a different way. Happy exploring!

  56. April 7, 2014 / 9:38 am

    Hi Kelly. I really enjoyed your post. As with religion, one must be careful not to see any teaching for the 'vehicle' it drives around in. Nor allow the driver of that vehicle to sell you a modality that has THE answers. We are created whole and complete – with everything already in us that we need. Through choosing to grow we activate the answers (already within us) through the experiences we create. I gained a lot from Abraham and Esther Hicks…the best thing was understanding that I always have the power to choose thoughts that make me feel better. Beyond that, I could see it wasn't a means to manifesting any stuff. As much as I remained downstream, hands off the oars, that Range Rover never popped into my experience. But what I was able to manifest was feeling states – like peace and joy…just by choosing deliberate thoughts. And this is what masters like Buddha, Einstein, Jesus wanted us to get…when we change how we look at things, the things we look at change. Do I see a happy world or do I see a terrifying world? The choice – and the creation of the effects based on that perspective – is all on me. Our only 'work' is to align, in our own way, with that which created us…call it God, or Source, or Divine Intelligence. When we align with that great love and emulate that great love in our lives, then we become 'God-like'. We then have access to everything we want by knowing we are already everything…and then enjoy it all without attachment. It's all a journey – and each journey as unique as the journeyman. To be fair, and it's only my opinion, Esther Hicks is doing way more good than not…but ultimately each of us really needs to think for ourselves – like you say – and go within. Even if that revelation is the only thing those teachings bring us, then our journey is the better for it. Interestingly enough I also spent 4 years as a follower and have now moved on…moved on to me 🙂

  57. April 7, 2014 / 11:39 am

    Hi Iwan, thanks for your lovely comment, great to hear you have now moved on to you. I am grateful for my experience with the Hicks and discovering myself and how unimportant the whole manifesting or creating reality truly is. Re-discovering my connection with all that I am now. I don't tend to use the word align as that is very Abraham, but to remember who I am. Aligning speaks of their being 2 parts needing to come together and align with one another, whereas we are all one, awareness has no separation. You may enjoy a recent post of mine as you have shifted away from Abraham as the above post was posted some time ago and this is a more updated experience I have had. : http://www.kellymartinspeaks.co.uk/2014/04/Intuition-Alternative-View-Law-Of-Attraction.html thanks again and it is lovely to connect to your thoughtful ponderings.

  58. April 7, 2014 / 12:25 pm

    I'll check out your new post for sure! All the best to you always 🙂

  59. May 11, 2014 / 1:21 pm

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  60. June 29, 2014 / 1:38 am

    People are addicted to feeling good and listening to the teachings makes them feel good. It's the same with other spiritual teachers. Many people become addicted to listening to their favorite spiritual teacher. In my case, I have listened to Barry Long, Andrew Cohen, Esther Hicks and A.J. Miller over the past decade. I have also read widely during this time.

    My approach is to take everything I hear and read with a grain of salt and to weigh everything up as to whether it equates with what I already know or believe to be true. I disregard new information which doesn't have the ring of truth.

    If a teaching is not producing the desired result I think it's important to move on. There are, after all, a huge amount of world views out there to choose from.

  61. July 3, 2014 / 9:32 pm

    hello kelly, i might be a little late tuning into this but i feel like i have nowhere else to turn to. for starters, i was never a follower of esther and jerry, i guess i just wasnt able to ignore the stench of all the bullshit they were selling. however, my gf of 4 yrs has become almost completely brainwashed by these so-called teachings. it is to the point where she has traded her sense of empathy and replaced it with an overcompensating sense of narcissism. she belittles anyones personal problems and misfortunes and even has the nerve to blame them for it. she started heavily listening to esther about 2 years ago and ever since then she has never been the same. she is constantly using words such as "resonate" "guidance" and most of all, manifest(ation) to where it makes me wonder "who the fuck is this girl". ive tried to explain to her that just because some rich lady is repetitively using words like these, it doesnt mean shes any smarter than anyone. she believes that as long as she feels alright, then everything is alright with the rest of the world when in reality that isnt the case at all. idk what to do anymore she has become cold, inconsiderate, and almost borderline sociopathic it seems. this charade the hicks have been pulling needs to come to an end, not only does she encourage selfishness and narcissism, she actually SELLS it and for a pretty hefty price. i dont want to lose her and most importantly, have her lose herself to this scam artist whose greed thrives on tricking genuine but damaged souls to give up what little cash they have just to have their perception of reality morphed into cold, empty, voiceless shells. please any insight or suggestions would be most appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

  62. July 4, 2014 / 7:28 am

    Hi Sharka, thanks so much for posting, yes people can get addicted to what feels good. There are unfortunately a lot of people with mental health issues, insecurity that take some teachings to a whole different level and misinterpret the teachings or simply become addicted. Anyone with a sense of insecurity could have the sense of mind to be enmeshed in something like this in a cultish way also. I am so glad I moved away, because as much as some of the teachings are authentic the manner at which they are repeated is very different to any other teacher I have come across, and to me they do have cultish qualities.

  63. July 4, 2014 / 7:43 am

    Hi Jack,

    I am so sorry you are having to experience the lack of empathy, narcissistic behaviour your girlfriend now exhibits. Unfortunately you are not the only one who has had this experience. I have had parents contact me privately where their adult children have shunned them, husbands who have left their wives and children because they felt the day-to-day challenges in family life are not of a 'good vibration' and so many more families being torn apart because of the way these teachings are being received and taught.

    The Esther and Jerry teachings have in my eyes now, become a cult, and your girlfriend seems to have been one of the very vulnerable that these type of cults prey on. She has become a 'fundamentalist', so there is no point trying to reason with her.

    She needs the help of a professional who is expert in dealing with cult victims, but from how you describe her, I wouldn't hold out much hope. I know you don't want to lose her, but perhaps you might have to accept that you already have.

    I really sorry to say this.

    I forwarded this site onto others who are having a similar experience to you, it may help give you ideas on what you can personally do if you want to support her recovery from this cult. https://www.freedomofmind.com/Services/help1.php

    Good luck!

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