The Agony Of Waiting For Your Destiny

  How old are you?   Are you in your twenties, thirties, forties or beyond?   I remember that in my teens and twenties I had big ideas for my life. I saw myself as doing something worthwhile, but I passed over many different routes to who I am and nothing really cemented, nothing sustained.   I’m 39 this year. That big 40 is looming. Many people may freak out… View Post


Next year I turn 40 and for most of the time I look around at people my own age and I don’t feel that age at all. Inside me is a 25 year old who is now re-living her misspent youth. When I was a teenager I had a hard challenging time, like most teenagers, but I did not feel I fully lived my youth. I was also quite a shy child… View Post


Feeling vulnerable, something I have felt a lot in my life. Vulnerable in relationships, vulnerable in grief, vulnerable in loneliness – vulnerable. “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are… View Post


No-thing is certain, the only certainty we have is life itself. Life is beyond all form, all shape or sense of control, it has no limits, it has no edges, it is like the sky itself. “He took his hands off the oars and pulled in the mooring rope. If I make a couple of loops, he thought, I can strap the axe on to my back.  He had a… View Post


As the challenge goes on for this A to Z writing extravaganza the words get slightly tougher as my theme is feelings. I was considering ‘thankful’, but then I thought I would simply share what tickles me pink and I admit perhaps some are more awe-filled and not so tickled, but joy tickles me so awe is tickly too (smile). TICKLED PINK : verb (used with object), tickled, tickling. 1. to… View Post

F is for FREEDOM

Many people may have vivid feelings of freedom as a child, me? Not so much. I remember playing and having fun as a young child, but I was also racked with this feeling of physical restriction, like I was held back by something. I used to walk with a bent back, never held my head high because of life experiences early on and being picked on for being tall. Freedom… View Post

The Vulnerability Series : Part 1 – Fear

It’s hard to be seen. Really hard when you have spent a lifetime hiding your light under the proverbial bushel. Because often when we want people to see us we remove the invisibility cloak, but we want people to see only our good qualities, our positive side. In a way when we remained in the shadows people never got to see our light or our dark, they never got to… View Post

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

  Over 4 years ago I left my job because I knew that working in retail was no longer for me and I wanted to ‘find myself’ as clichéd as this sounds. With the help of my best friend I learned to live on a small budget and go without the luxuries many people may enjoy in this world. It was a big risk to take, but it was a… View Post

Desire And Scratching An Itch

We all know what it’s like to have an itch that we really want to scratch. Maybe you’re washing the dishes wearing rubber gloves, and suddenly the end of your nose begins to itch (this often happens to me), or you’re meditating and wanting so badly to scratch your head and find relief – for now. But inevitably that itch returns, perhaps some place else, but it’s still an itch you… View Post

When Everyone Shines But You – By Kelly Martin

So today is the dawn of new era for me. The most fabulous beginning. Something in the making for a very long time, trickling away inside as I have been writing this blog since 2007. My first book is being officially launched today! When Everyone Shines But You – Saying Goodbye To ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ To say this is beyond exciting is too tame a sentence for me. I… View Post