Feeling Lost In The Spiritual Void?

The Spiritual Void

The spiritual void can appear at any time on our life’s journey, especially if we have been self-healing, letting go of old patterns and stepping onto a new path or direction in life.

My spiritual journey began in 2000 and I have probably had countless spiritual voids since that time. Each void is different, sometimes they are very dark and feel very bleak, as if a spiritual winter has taken hold and others, like the one I am currently in, feel like more of an unsure feeling, uncertain, more than normal.

What Is the Spiritual Void?

Simply put, the spiritual void is when you are between two places. It could be that you have left a relationship and are ready for a new one or you could have left a job and are rediscovering who you are, but as yet have not hit solid ground in totally getting your purpose or new place in life.

It’s the in-between space, where you are not quite in the life you are considering, but you have yet to completely leave the old patterns behind.

It feels like straddling a large chasm one foot stretched back and the other on the new path or new place in your life.

What Are The Symptoms Of Being In The Spiritual Void?

  • Depression can be one of them. As you change and grow, you shed your old skin, your old identity, who you thought you were, but you don’t know who you are anymore, because you haven’t settled into the new yet
  • Feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. A lack of clarity. You know where you want to be, but you can’t see it yet, you have no confirmation that your new steps forward are making a difference, but you know you can’t go back. You don’t quite know where you fit anymore so you feel lost
  • Brain fog or memory loss. A part of you is trying to figure out what to do next. The ego is not able to function too well in the void of ‘not knowing’, so it tries to grab on to whatever it can. This can be anything from overworking or fixing a new identity or filling the void itself with a sense of purpose that may not be what you are moving into.
  • Physical tension and stress. It’s not easy resting in ‘not knowing’. Because of this, the mind trying to work things out can create physical tension and stress.
  • Trying to fill the void with distractions, social media overuse, eating too much, overindulging in stimulants, anything to fill the gaping space inside
  • Feeling like nothing makes sense to you anymore. This could be anything from the people around you, the state of the world, your choices, everything
  • Socialising is difficult. You don’t feel quite yourself, so you can’t explain or express how you are or what is going on for you. The desire to be like a hermit
  • Extreme fatigue that goes along with a need for extreme activity. You feel the need to sleep but also the need to be too active, a feeling of confusion about what to do with your time
  • Lacking in inspiration. The old life values and beliefs don’t offer you anything, you don’t know what is fun for you anymore, for now anyway
  • Sudden awareness and insights arise, lightning bolt moments.

 the void great unknown

What Can You Do When In The Spiritual Void?

REST – Take time out to rest and replenish. A lot is going on inside you energetically and you need time out to adjust to the changes taking place.

RELEASE – Let go of distractions, especially the addiction to social media and Facebook.

REFINE AND REFOCUS – Choose your activities wisely. What can you do right now? What is draining your energy and depleting you? Focus on activity that energises like walking, taking time out in nature, having baths, doing yoga, painting or creating art.

LET CONFUSION BE – Let go of needing to know the answers or the direction you need to take right now. Allow ‘not knowing’ to be okay with you.

SOCIALISE LESS – Take more alone time. Don’t feel pressurised to socialise. This is an important time of spiritual growth, let it happen. Let friends and those you trust know that you are going through a transitionary period.

MAKE DECISIONS ANOTHER TIME – Make any big decisions, if you are able, at a time when you feel clearer and stronger inside.

TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE WHEEL – Allow yourself to have less control. Let life do its process, trust the journey you are on and trust your inner self.

BE CREATIVE – Be creative in a relaxed way, that doesn’t involve the thought processes? Painting art? Baking cakes? Simple activities

JOURNAL YOUR JOURNEY – Keep a journal, writing down what you are experiencing during the void. You may gain a lot of perspective and wisdom from doing so.

PRACTICE SELF-CARE – Take plenty of salt baths; book in a massage or spa day if you can; do whatever nurtures and nourishes your soul.

Nothing Is Permanent

Remember everything in life changes, nothing is permanent. The only thing that remains the same is who you really are. Just like the sky you are unchanging, but the weather (emotions and feelings), the clouds never stay the same.

You are not going backwards, but your journey is like a spiral. You are going up a level each time you face a spiritual void. Peeling the layers back, sometimes revisiting old patterns, but each time you are new, each time you are different.

You are growing and you are expanding. Be kind to self and let go of control.

What is your experience of the spiritual void?

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Kelly Martin

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  1. Josh
    April 7, 2023 / 2:27 pm


    After what happened to me in December 2022, with regards to the Dark Night of the Soul,

    I collapsed as a person in all ways.

    I don’t know who I am anymore I don’t feel my body my emotions my thoughts nothing anymore.

    I have been struggling everyday with no one able to help me.

    I want to align with my soul and heart but I don’t know how to and my mind is infested in fear.

    Right now I’m soulless, just a walking object.

    I know I should get In touch with my heart and soul but I don’t know how to.

    I feel like now what is the point of life.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    If so please message me back.

    Thank you

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