Needing & Wanting – Life Always Knows

Over the course of 11 years, I have explored countless ways to bring about what I wanted in my life.  I wanted more money, I wanted a relationship, I wanted a change in job, home environment…And I took many different routes to get these things to manifest and change in my life.  I dilligently followed the premise of the Law of Attraction, I watched the movie ‘The Secret’, I listened, read and watched… View Post

Abraham Hicks – Looking Beyond The Teachings – Going Inside

After following Abraham Hicks for around 4 years, and a more intensive following in my final year, I decided one day to stop watching Abraham Hicks, reading Abraham Hicks and talking about Abraham Hicks. Prior to this I was always referring to the teachings.If I was not up to what Abraham was recommending to do, or I would hear other abers speaking about what I needed to do to feel… View Post

Sovereign Solitude – Alone – Lonely or Accessing Deeper Inner Rewards?

I spend most days alone.  With the exception of sharing a home with my friend Mike, at most 5 days of those I am walking in nature, being simply with myself, the birds, bees and Mother Earth. Many days it is a wonderous experience, exploring, enjoying nature, animals and all the creatures that walk or fly on my path.  Occastionally, I have a very strong inner response, that of aching loneliness.… View Post

Trust and the Void

  It has been nearly 6 months now since I voluntarily left my last job.  I left because I sensed my redundancy was coming.  Once I decided to hand my notice in all my creativity flooded back to me.  I finally understood what I wanted for my life, what my heart was longing to do.  Travel the world.  A deep part of me calling out to travel, finally I allowed… View Post

Inner Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Yesterday an earthquake of the magnitude 8.9 hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan triggering a massive tsunami.  It is estimated over a 1000 people have died.  I often imagine Mother Earth is within my womb.   She goes through all the changes I go through.  Her balance is within me.  Have you ever had emotions so overwhelming you could not stop crying, a feeling of water washing through your whole… View Post

Driven By Community Support

Last night was a very enlightening night at five rhythms. A lady called Bernie who teaches in Bristol took over Adams class for the evening. She held a very beautiful space where the newness of five rhythms was a real eye opener. I felt joyful as I began the night, able to expand into the space, instead of treading water on one spot for much of the night until I… View Post

Shamanic Healing

I had Shamanic Healing on Thursday with a man called Nick Levitt. I did not know what to expect and it was probably the most powerful healing I have ever had. Nicks room that he does the shamanic work in is in his basement and simply entering this room was like entering another dimension. I physically felt like I had left the physical world into a new world, I have… View Post

EARTH – The Spirit of Steve Irwin

  Last night I had an amazingly emotional dream and I can in all honesty say I am not sure whether I was dreaming about Steve Irwin or Steve’s spirit visited me. I have not thought about Steve for a while so it was really interesting he popped up out of the blue. I admired Steve incredibly when he was on this earth and still do, his passion, his excitement,… View Post

What Can Wolf Medicine Totem Teach You?

This past week and more I have been receiving a lot of messages on wolf. I am very interested in animal wisdom and was reading more on animal medicine last night. Sometimes animal totems appear from time to time and appear to go away for a while. I did not realise it was because we are not ready for their medicine. Owl for example was something I had strongly as… View Post

Why I Quit Guru Worshipping

People in the metaphysical fields can take this whole spiritual experience so seriously! I know this because I used to be this way too and sometimes I still do. In the past I have met many who love their labels and their titles.  Titles like Reiki Master, Past Life Regressor, Angelic Atuner, Cosmic Re-Balancer… the labels go on. And I get this now. When I first wrote this post in… View Post