Shamanic Healing

I had Shamanic Healing on Thursday with a man called Nick Levitt. I did not know what to expect and it was probably the most powerful healing I have ever had.

Nicks room that he does the shamanic work in is in his basement and simply entering this room was like entering another dimension. I physically felt like I had left the physical world into a new world, I have never felt this before.

We talked about what was involved in shamanic healing and it involved soul retrieval, soul extraction and bringing in the power animal. It sounds all a bit strange I know, but it resonated so much more after he described what it all meant.

My energy body was totally dismembered during the process and re-membered. I imagine all the time I drank alcohol for 10 years and the time I allowed my body to be abused by others had this effect. It fully explained the feelings of disempowerment most of my life too. He also said I had given part of my soul to my dad when he passed over to the world of spirit and my dad happily gave it back. I didn’t realise till later my dad had given it to him on a piece of paper and realised my dad was playing a joke. It was like the fish sole and he was handing it over on newspaper, so like a fish and chips meal, my dad has a good sense of humour.I was told my power animal and am spending time now connecting with him.

 We went into Bath Spa for lunch afterwards feeling a bit woozy but took it really easy. After returning home lots of thoughts and feeling are coming up for me. Nick had told me to take it really easy on myself for the next 48 hours because energetically spirit had literally ripped my energy body apart and realigned it again so I have had a powerful healing take place.

I was thinking about dance in the car coming back. I now realise why I had been feeling disempowered and nervous at five rhythms, a part of me was trying to fake confidence and strength with big bold movements because my energy body was so fragmented. With my sensitivities in such a place for major release for many people their I was taking on other peoples stuff too, thinking it was my own. Stag will also protect me when I go to dance. I realise now I needn’t make bold big movements. These big movements could possibly be something I have done for a long time, a charade of confidence when now it is time to establish power and nobility in the small.

Since having the healing I feel small, but not in a disempowering way. I feel reconnected inside of me. It really is like all the parts of me that had fragmented due to trauma of my past have come back to me and I am now whole. Needless to say some emotion is coming up as a result and Nick said I should give myself a few months to integrate it all and only then decide if I need to go for more shamanic healing. There is no pressure at all to continue getting the healing, which I found refreshing. He is a lovely guy, very grounded and very compassionate. He is very in tune with energy.

So let’s see where this all goes. Time to begin again from a whole new standpoint.


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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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