CHEMTRAILS: Do We Need To Focus On The Light?

It’s challenging to not focus on what we see above us in the skies lately. Especially in the UK. Even the most hardened sceptic can spend a few hours in their garden gazing up, watching criss-cross white lines appear across the beautiful blue sky. And we all notice how the lines don’t disappear (like they did in the past), but instead they expand and form clouds. There are many different terms for this, from geoengineering to cloud seeding to chemtrails to many patents for weather manipulation, and we all see it, and more and more are noticing how the sun has been covered. The news media are even highlighting how amazing it is that the sun has a halo around it and how it’s a funny colour. Nothing to see here, obviously!

Like many of you, I had begun to feel downtrodden by the great British weather. The UK is known to have a lot of rain, but we have had far more than usual and far fewer blue skies and sunshine. With Bill Gates investments in weather manipulation to block out the sun and other projects going on worldwide, it is easy to feel helpless and controlled. Many of us know that the climate change project is a scam and that it’s a way to increase taxes, control our movements, and so much more. We also know the probability that the geoengineering projects will raise awareness of this scam even though they are being created by weak-minded, controlling men and women.

So how do we live with this current climate-manipulated phenomenon taking place? How do we keep sane? How do we find peace in the world and make peace within ourselves? We need the sun to grow crops and food. We need the sun to receive vitamin D for our own survival. And as someone who has had two summers during which I lost two really close friends (one was a partner in many respects), I really could do with some sunshine in my life this summer.

Focus On The Light Within

This morning I took my early morning walk around my neighbourhood. I saw the sky, I saw the lines, and I felt my heart sink down into my stomach. I felt sad. So I walked along the tree-lined path and asked my higher self (you could call it God, the universe, whatever you believe in): How can I view what is happening in a more empowering and life-affirming way? And this is what came to me.

This world is not by chance. Nothing ‘out there’ can be seen unless it is ‘in here’. As a consciousness, humankind, if we have a specific belief about something, we create what is ‘out there’ and this includes the manipulative controllers who focus on the dark consistently. Our media encourages us to focus on the dark. We are put in a constant state of fight or flight, and they never let us off for even one day. If it’s not war, it’s division in other ways. As we gaze up at the sky, it is important that we start to look at our own light inside. We start to focus more on what is good in the world, not what is perpetually ‘bad’. And to consider the fact that many of us are afraid of our own light. We are afraid of our own goodness; we may see only our badness, and so we struggle to look at the light. As we keep resisting our positive qualities, our strengths, our skills, and our beautiful ability to create, to love, and to be together in harmony, the more our outer world will show us what we focus on the most, the darkness.

Now there is a time for the darkness. I have done a lot of shadow work over the past year and a half, but shadow work goes hand in hand with the light. There is no good focusing on the dark in the absence of light. We need to see the parts of ourselves we resist, hate, and resent, like shame, blame, guilt, anger, rage, frustration, and other life traumas and experiences, and start to bring them into the light of our own hearts. We also need to find a way to be kind to ourselves. This kindness, this self-acceptance, is the light, so we shine a light on those dark places.

If we never face those dark places with light, they simply grow, overflow, and become what we see ‘out there’, like a balloon being held under water; eventually, they will pop up in unexpected ways. This could be through health issues, our car breaking down, or the sun being covered. We all have a light within us, but how many of us look at it?

And this isn’t a narcissistic or arrogant way to be; if we don’t find a way to embrace our light and our dark, life perpetuates what we repress and resist.

So the next time you look at the sky or look at photos of chemtrails on the internet and feel downhearted, look to the light within, and as someone I know recently said, you can go so far as to say to the sky, ‘not in my reality’ and go on with your day.

How are you managing what you see? Have you found a way to take your power back?

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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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