Why Societies’ Divisions Are Huge Right Now

There’s some major divisive energy happening globally right now, more so in the West than anywhere else. It has been going on for some time, but things are certainly hotting up. One thing I have noticed significantly is the splitting apart of groups, be it men and women or black and white but more so a definite difference in action.

There tends to be many groups fighting FOR something and many groups fighting AGAINST.

And what tends to happen in war and in life situations, is that those who are fighting FOR something tend to have a stronger resilience to keep going with whatever the cause is right now.

It also makes a difference in whether whatever side you are on succeeds.

Never contend with a man who has nothing to lose. 

~ Baltasar Gracin Y Morales

The strategy that tends to work, often more than the aggressive pushing against an enemy is the stepping back and only defending when absolutely necessary. To look at what is working, what isn’t and to not just keep pushing against an immovable object, because when people are fighting for something that really matters, it could be fighting for their lives, fighting for their safety or their children, fighting for independence from an oppressive regime, those FOR a cause are coming from a much more stable and stronger position.

Yes, they may feel natural human anger, yes, they may take action, but because they are fighting for what is often so deeply embedded in the human psyche, that of safety and security, they will stay the course.

At the moment so many FOR and AGAINST groupings are happening. And the FOR and AGAINST would be perceived differently depending on where the individual is coming from.

Right now, I am standing up FOR keeping women’s spaces, women-only spaces in the UK. Like many women I do not want ‘Trans Women’ who may have not had the hormones or the operation and still have the strength of a biological man and possibly the urges too, to be in women’s bathrooms, women’s changing rooms, women’s hospital wards, doctors’ surgeries.

If I am going for a smear test, I ask for a woman to do my smear test. I do not ask for a man identifying as a woman, because like many women I have been sexually harassed, had attempted rape on my body, been abused and pursued by predatory men. Many women across the globe have and still do. We have a right to our safe spaces.

Men in my part of the world in the UK have men’s safe spaces and like many oppressed groups we have and still do have to fight for equal rights and safety as women. Other minority groups have fought for their rights too and to me, trans-women should fight for unique spaces. We should not have to share spaces with people who will make us feel uncomfortable, scared for our safety or our children’s safety.

So, I am fighting FOR the safety of women and young girls.

There are many fighting AGAINST women and labelling anyone who questions the agenda to change our spaces as TERFS and many other names. JK Rowling is one famous example of someone who said nothing transphobic and yet has been constantly attacked, slandered and had defamation of her character from both activists and larger organisations.

We women have a strong cause; we are fighting for our natural human right to feel safe.

Organisations like Stonewall UK are betraying women in favour of a minority group and many of us will not stop until women’s spaces in those situations I mentioned are considered sacrosanct, along with women’s sports and women’s prisons that have become both unfair and unsafe for women.

Now, that’s my soapbox over, what other groups are FOR and AGAINST right now.

The BLM movement in my eyes has a Marxist agenda and does not have honest authentic reasons for being. They are fighting AGAINST anyone who will not accept their views. This can be seen easily in the riots and looting in America. Those fighting FOR are every day American citizens who do not agree with this agenda and they want their homes and towns to be safe again and so much more.

We have the ‘anti-mask/there’s no Covid 19/we want our freedom’ groups, who are fighting against what they perceive to be a loss of freedom. It could be interpreted that they are fighting FOR their freedom, but I tend to look quite logically at many things and in the UK we have immense freedoms; we don’t have dictatorial leaders; we have some rules and laws in place right now during the pandemic and that is all.

We still have the freedom to protest, we still have the freedom to speak, write, be…

However, with the politically correct Woke movement that may change or not. 

And facing off, fighting FOR something are those who are scared of the virus (rightly or wrongly depending on how you view it), who are actually fighting FOR their lives as they personally see it. And as I said earlier, if you are fighting for your actual life, it tends to be a much stronger cause than fighting against something.

In the UK we have remainers who voted to stay in EU fighting against leaving the EU versus leave voters/Brexiteers who are fighting FOR genuine freedom and sovereignty from an often oppressive undemocratic organisation. We voted, and we expected the democratic vote to be upheld and for four years we have had opposition parties and the mainstream media oppose us. We have even had Joe Biden the US candidate for President in 2020 try to get involved recently; we have had many people attack us and demoralise us as human beings, but most leave voters have come through this much stronger, because we are not fighting against remainers, we are fighting FOR our democratic rights and to leave the EU as we voted.

We endure and have incredible resilience.

And lastly, we have the far-left wing in terms of politics fighting against the far-right wing in terms of politics. However, in this case, both are fighting AGAINST, so this could go on for a very long time and probably will.

And Why Are So Many Divisions Taking Place Right Now?

Well I wrote about this in ‘Is The Feminine and Masculine in a great war right now?’ and also realised recently that because many in the West have lived quite comfortably for most of their lives, they may have a very regular routine of work, socialising, family, regular holidays etc., etc…

Many people have been living under the illusion that their lives were under their control. So, life in its infinite wisdom threw a few spanners in the works; it created chaos because sometimes comfort zones are no longer healthy. Comfort zones stop progress, reduce the opportunity for personal growth and transformation and are not alive. Comfort zones are dead.

So, as many people in the West have had the rug pulled from under them, their entire reason for being and living has changed. And because of this change many are trying to grab onto the known, trying to get things back to how they were before, in that comfortable place, be it through trying to stop the temporary limits with regards to the pandemic, to simply feeling this deep uncertainty they may have not felt before, because life covered the uncertainty that has always been there with many actions and much distraction.

Remove the distractions and VOILA!

Dirty and grubby issues come to the surface, much like a lake of still water, you can’t see the dirt or muck at the bottom until you shake it up. This is life right now.

Most of you reading this who are really struggling with the chaos, probably had a whole lot of dirt and things that were no longer working for you that needed to change and life has brought that to you now, as painful and difficult as it may be.

Yes, these divisions also have a great purpose; they wake people up, but sometimes when we swing too far in either direction, we simply create another distraction to what the very issues coming to the surface are revealing to us. BLM activists could be avoiding their own inner war and racism. Trans activists could be avoiding their own prejudice and hate of certain genders or the challenge they feel inwardly to accept their own sexual orientation. The extreme in the leave voting camp could be avoiding genuine prejudice towards other cultures; the extreme in the remain voting camp could be avoiding their disdain and inability to embrace their own culture. And within all of this are those in the middle, those who can see the extremes taking place.

Eventually, most people swing back to the centre, but others stay on the extreme because facing the inner world is far harder than externalising and projecting our own issues out into the world as blame onto other people.

Often if our own lives lack meaning, genuine meaning or we are resisting getting our own house in order we will project onto causes or other people to avoid facing those issues that need facing.

As Jordan Peterson says

To stand up straight with your shoulders back is to accept the terrible responsibility of life, with eyes wide open. It means deciding to voluntarily transform the chaos of potential into the realities of habitable order. It means adopting the burden of self-conscious vulnerability, and accepting the end of the unconscious paradise of childhood, where finitude and mortality are only dimly comprehended. It means willingly undertaking the sacrifices necessary to generate a productive and meaningful reality

So if you are looking at the divisions in awe and horror, remember this is all part of the unfolding reality we are living in.

Chaos and division whether you believe it is externalised as some new world order wanting to control humanity or see it as I do as inner divisions wanting our attention, either way they are here to stay right now and we can choose to resist them or face them head on.

Good luck!

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