Insecurity is a fact of life. So few people, unless enlightened from birth, feel secure throughout their lives. I feel this world makes it almost impossible to feel secure all of the time, life in its essence is insecure because life is always changing, the world around us moves and shifts and our thoughts are never the same. The only thing that is not shifting is the awareness that is beyond all space and time and form.

I feel many of us chase security, always wanting something that will make us happy, always wanting something to fill the void that the feeling of insecurity leaves, but if we learn to dance on the shifting carpet of life, this insecurity becomes an adventure instead of a curse.

Breaking out of the known can be terrifying, and you may lose what you thought was yours, and your trusted images of yourself may melt in the fire of newness, and you may face fear and trembling, uncertainty and doubt, rejection and even ridicule. You may have to learn the hard way to open yourself up to more pain and life may become more uncomfortable than ever… that is, until you fall in love with the deep comfort of insecurity, and the security of doing what makes life worth living.

~ Jeff Foster
I spent most of my life chasing security, always chasing an unknown future and wishfully hoping I could pin down some sense of security. However, it wasn’t until I stopped chasing security that I discovered being in the present moment became such a blessing to me, I was no longer insecure about my insecurity and instead I began to embrace not knowing and the great uncertainty in a life – the unknown.
How do you embrace uncertainty?


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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin is the author of ‘When Everyone Shines But You’ , a passionate writer and blogger questioning life’s illusions. After what seemed like a decade of intense anxiety, feelings of failure and grief from the loss of her father she chose to take a mindfulness path and has not looked back since. Kelly encourages people to find the treasures that lie within the pain and suffering and to learn to see themselves as ‘enough’ exactly as they are, right now through her writing and You Tube channel .

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