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As summer set in this year I had this incredible urge for ice-cream, and as I was past 6 months of my sugar-detox I was wondering how on earth I could have ice-cream without sugar? I was blessed with finding a few ways to enjoy my favourite summer treat and then I came across some fabulous recipes on-line that indulged my ice-cream love even further and instead of sugar they had liquid stevia in them.

Now, I have tried many different sweeteners, from xylitol, honey, to coconut sugar and natural fruits but stevia was on my list of to try. I tend to bake mainly using natural fruit and honey so ice-cream and other frozen goodies seemed the best way to test stevia out.

What Is Stevia?

Stevia is a popular American herb that has been used for centuries to sweeten. It is a small green leafed plant from Paraguay and is said to have a refreshing taste that is 30 times sweeter than sugar. So a little goes a long way. Studies have been carried out that have revealed stevia to contain proteins, fibre, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin A, C and much more.

Stevia has no calorific content and is suitable for using in baking and cooking as it doesn’t lose its sweetness when heated.



Stevia is said to be perfect for diabetics and those wanting to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Stevia leaves have been used as herbal teas by diabetic patients in Asian countries. No side effects have been observed in these patients after many years of continued consumption (Suttajit, 1993)


Weight Loss

As stevia has no calorific content, many health and fitness experts use stevia to sweeten beverages (no need to go without coffee or tea), and add to delicious smoothies. As you may know from all my sugar-detox blog posts, refined sugar puts on weight and is extremely addictive, so a healthy alternative is a bonus.

What Is SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia?

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia is made with stevia leaf extract and natural flavours. Because it is the liquid version, it can be added to ice-cream, yoghurts, oatmeal, water, cakes, biscuits, cocktails, coffee and smoothies.
If you are a raw foodie, this a perfect sweetener for raw food products also.

My Experience With SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia

Okay I have to be honest, it took a bit of trial and error with liquid stevia. I used a recipe on-line that included a teaspoon of stevia, and being new to this I followed the recipe strictly. I used the Sweetleaf Chocolate Stevia in some frozen yoghurt HERE and it was YACK! I added far too much stevia, and to be honest I cannot understand anyone wanting that much in a recipe, unless my taste-buds have totally changed when it comes to sweetening foods. Anyhow, with some trial and error I succeeded and reduced the amount of Chocolate Stevia to 4 drops only and this was perfect (see photo below).
It took some getting used to, as stevia, while being 30 times sweeter than sugar, can have a bitter after-taste dependent on the quality of the stevia, I found adding less left no bitter after-taste.  So I made the tastiest coffee ice-cream ever with the English Toffee Liquid Stevia from Raw Foods HERE. This was delicious, the perfect sweetness level, creamy, really tasty. And as each bottle of SweetLeaf Stevia comes in a handy bottle with a dropper, you can’t go wrong (unless you are me and just ignore baking wisdom and do not taste things as you go – grin!).

Would I Use This Again?

Yes and no. I will use liquid stevia again in my ice-cream and yoghurts and next week I am going to try it in my iced latte but I would like to try ordinary stevia too. Also you have a choice of flavours at Raw Living  including lemon, vanilla creme and clear liquid stevia so I may try these in the future.

 Would I Recommend This For Anyone In-particular?

  • Yes, those on a sugar-detox still wanting your sweet goodies without refined sugar.
  • Diabetics may find liquid stevia very useful especially if they enjoy making ice-cream and want something to pop in their drinks that is not the awful aspartame or something else equally icky.
  • Anyone simply wanting to be a bit adventurous and try out something new.
  • Raw Foodies.
This is a new taste, it does not taste like sugar, so don’t expect it too, and think less is more when using it.
All in all it is a good addition to my cooking ingredients selection.

Where Can I buy It From? 

The SweetLeaf Stevia I am reviewing is from Raw Living. Now it is quite pricey, as sweeteners go, but you need so little (288 servings per bottle). If you do decide to buy some, be careful where you purchase it from, not all stevia products are the same. Check out the video below to find out why.


Final Overview

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia is an ideal addition to my kitchen sweeteners and if you want to sweeten up your sugar-detox without digesting awful chemicals this is a perfect alternative. However, bear in mind some people cannot taste the sweetness, for me I tasted liquorice more than anything sweet.

**Post Disclaimer:  I received the products Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia in English Toffee and Chocolate from www.rawliving.eu. All opinions are my own.  Disclaimer

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