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soul guidance reading

A life changing transformational soul-guidance reading!

This week, I experienced a very empowering and inspiring Soul Guidance Reading from a lovely, gentle and humble channel called Christopher Sell from I had met Chris over 10 years ago, after my trip to Australia. This was when I was just beginning my spiritual journey and was new to metaphysical concepts and ideas. It was also just after my father had died so for my first reading, I came from a completely different place. It is interesting to experience a new reading as a different person.

This year felt a significant year for me and I had a feeling I needed to make some changes and I was keen to do so and I remembered Chris and how helpful the original reading had been. I also enjoyed a day course with him not long after my first reading and that was extra-special. So it felt good to introduce Chris and Sananda to you, and all that ‘Heaven On Earth’ do.

So What Is Channelling & What Is A Soul Guidance Reading?

Channelling is something I first came across when in Australia. I had no faith or spiritual understanding back then, but as life guides us to where we need to be, someone introduced me to spiritual beliefs and to a full-body trance channeller in Melbourne. To say I was mind blown is an understatement. Much like Chris who will talk to you about what he does, this lady also channelled Sananda.

In a nutshell:

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to feel or sense the communication from the other being. The channeler then attaches human words to the communications for the understanding by themselves or other humans….

The channeler receives the information at an intuitive or feeling level, and then their mind converts the raw information into words. Contrary to popular belief, entities do not generally use human languages because it is considered awkward and clumsy. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings…~Geoffrey Hoppe

There are different types of trance channelling also:

(Extracted from

1. Conscious

“Conscious channeling involves tapping into the Divine Database in such a way that you are completely aware of the information coming through and having near-total recall of everything that is communicated”

2. Light-trance

“Light-trance channeling is the process of going into an altered state of consciousness where you are aware of your environment and surroundings, as well as what is being said, but without as much recall. In a state of light-trance, one tends to feel very wise and truth seems obvious. The information has a flow to it that feels like a continuous stream of insight but you are not necessarily aware of where the info is coming from; it’s just there”.

3. Full-body trance

“Full-body trance channeling occurs when you surrender your body and voice to the consciousness of a guide or teacher in Spirit that speaks through you. There is little to no awareness of what has been communicated and the information that comes through is in such a way that thought instantly becomes speech”.

So without further ado I will introduce you to Christopher Sell of ‘Heaven On Earth’ who will share more of his own channelling experiences before I share my review. It is all so interesting! 


An Interview 

With Christopher Sell

1. When did you first realise you were to be a channel and how did it all come about?

It started gradually and it wasn’t what I had planned for myself (not consciously anyway). One afternoon about twenty-five years ago I was teaching an art group to do woodcarving. I could see that they were all doing well and for the moment there was nothing for me to do. So I stepped briefly through an arch into the next room. As I did I was suddenly aware of three very tall beings who said, “We are going to teach you.” That was all! They vanished and I went back to work. I had no idea what might follow, and for several months nothing out of the usual came along. But gradually, with some occasional surprises like the one I described, I began to realise that I had a guide and that I enjoyed working with him. Around the same time I had felt drawn to start meditating and this helped strengthen the connection greatly.

2. Who communicated with you first and how did it feel the first time?

My first guide was a beautiful being I knew by the name Laran. He told me that he had lived on Earth last about 500 years ago. He had been very interested in the potential of the newly invented printing press to bring spiritual light to people through books. At first I found the connection with him a bit hitty-missy. But then one day he shouted at me! Up till then I think I didn’t quite believe in him, but that shout was so surprising I thought, “I can’t be making this up”. Clever guide!

3. Who is Sananda?

Sananda is one of the beings who are sometimes called ascended masters. What this means in effect is that these are beings who connect with all of us. Their job is to help us all realise our full potential. From their point of view there is much more to all of us than we yet realise. The ascended masters are often associated with someone who had an influential life on Earth. For many there is an association between Sananda and Jesus Christ. I experience Sananda as having many of the same qualities we might associate with Jesus: unconditional love, peacefulness and compassion, for instance. It is as if they belong to the same stream of consciousness.

4. Are you a full body channel or do you consciously hear what is taking place?

I am what is called a conscious channel. For me it is often a bit like being a simultaneous translator; that is, Sananda’s energy comes in as light, as images, as words, and I’m doing my best to convey all that as clearly as I can. Sometimes the words are there and I am aware of saying them, sometimes there’s a sense of finding the right words to match what I am receiving from Sananda.

5. How has being a channel changed your life and in what way?

Enormously! Twenty-five years ago I was a professional artist; then channelling entered my life and over the course of a handful of years it became my new work. Before I started I scarcely knew what channelling was, so at one level it came as a complete surprise. But at another level It felt like what I had been waiting for all along. It is what I love to do and it has helped me to continuing growing. Much of my work with Sananda involves teaching and I often remember the saying, “You teach what you most need to know”. For that is what channelling has brought to me: it teaches me what, at the deepest level, I need to know – that we are all beings of light and love.

What is A Soul Guidance Reading?

Well, first it’s important to know what a soul guidance reading is NOT.

It’s nothing like going for a clairvoyant or psychic reading where Aunty Sally or Uncle Richard comes through with confirmation that they are here. It’s nothing like reading the tea-leaves; it’s nothing scary like the movies; it’s fairly normal and equally spectacular (smile!).

It’s not about asking ‘YES or NO’ questions, for example:

“Will Tom ask me to marry him?’

These sort of questions, in my opinion, are wasted on a soul guidance reading.

Soul guidance is exactly that – GUIDANCE from your SOUL via the Ascended Master Sananda through Christopher Sell.

My Experience

(Reading Lasted Around 1 hour 15 minutes)

My reading took place on SKYPE on-line. I am fairly new to SKYPE, so it was an interesting experience to receive a reading in this way. I was a tad nervous if I am honest, because I think that sometimes, when we are going to receive those insights that we need to hear, there can be a feeling of excited anticipation.

Prior to the reading, I had thought about the questions I may have wanted to ask Sananda and I came up with 7 in total. I was not sure if I was going to simply ask the questions or how it would work, but I was pleasantly surprised.

My questions did not come till later into the reading because Sananda knew exactly what questions I had come to ask before I asked them.

The reading began with a brief chat with Chris (who was still Chris at the time), who then settled down and closed his eyes and allowed Sananda to come through. Now, contrary to what some people may think he did not sound strange or ‘spooky’ in anyway; he sounded like Chris, which was a relief as I have heard full-body channels speak in the weirdest dialects and voices and I find that rather off-putting.

Sananda was calm, gentle and beautifully humorous.

I sat waiting until Sananda welcomed me to our meeting and what followed both surprised and amazed me. Sananda began to talk to me about why I was there, what he felt I needed to know about who I was, and what was going on for me. Sananda quite clearly could have been inside my mind, as all of what he said touched on what I wanted to know. Answers to my questions and even questions I had, but had not thought to ask, were answered.

He talked about my purpose, my passion and why certain things in life were a challenge for me. It was a deeply inspiring and positive experience. I was gobsmacked! My heart just felt as if it had burst open with a real sense of confirmation of my purpose.

Most of us, if not brought up in a well-balanced, positive childhood, have issues, and most of us just need reminding that we matter; that we are not a mistake and that we are not failures. Sananda did this for me, and much more.

He answered my questions with ease and flow, and brought peace to areas of my life I had felt challenging.

To Summarise

By the end of the reading I felt my soul had been lifted completely. I felt that this meeting was divine timing and that it was there to trigger new growth and change in my life. It was so empowering that following the reading I had so much energy that I literally had to dance around my living room and had to occasionally burst into tears LOL!  Yes, I am an emotional person.

Overall, for anyone wanting guidance, support or even just a loving pat on the back, and an assurance that they are okay, this reading would be a great help.

Who Would Benefit From A Soul Guidance Reading?

Anyone who may be feeling a bit lost in the direction they need to take in life.

Anyone who feels they know what they are meant to do but need confirmation, if perhaps a fear of failure may be causing them to doubt.

Anyone feeling stuck or challenged by life experiences and simply needs some reassurance.

Anyone lacking in confidence regarding their life purpose and needs some nurturing support.

A soul guidance reading is carried out either in person in Cambridge UK,
via the free SKYPE on-line software or via telephone. If you choose a telephone
reading you would be responsible for the call-charges. And you will need a microphone, headphones or speakers, and a video camera (webcam) on your PC/laptop/tablet device when using SKYPE. Your reading will be recorded and sent to you either via email or in the post on CD.

Chris and his partner also run a number of courses both in Cambridge and around the country.

And this year they could be coming to a town or city near you because they are running a 1 day course called Connecting with Love where they are currently offering an opportunity to bring a friend for free!


Special Offer: Bring a friend for free


“Wonderful new qualities of light are streaming into our world. The Day of Light: Connecting with Love brings this light to our hearts to awaken a new level of knowing that we are one with the Source of All and that together we truly can create Heaven on Earth.
Sananda and Zadkiel will be helping you to open a seed of light within your heart that grows into a constant conscious connection with the love of the Source of All. With many angelic beings and highly evolved and luminous beings of light you will be guided through an initiation that helps you recognise yourself as part of a universal network of light.” ~ Heaven On Earth

Other than working one-on-one they do a lot more to help people empower themselves, but you need to check out their site for more information and you can also experience a lovely free meditation to get an idea of how relaxing and beautiful they are HERE.

To keep up to date with HEAVEN ON EARTH events, courses and possibilities you can follow them on TWITTER here, FACEBOOK here and if you subscribe to their newsletter you receive updates and empowering messages too.


Thank you to Christopher Sell and Sananda 
for a wonderful experience and opportunity!
NOW it’s your turn…
WIN – WIN – WIN (Competition Closed)
Chris was kind enough to give a soul guidance reading to one lucky winner at Kelly Martin Speaks (valued at £60). This competition is open globally. The reading lasts around 1 hour 15 minutes.
This can be carried out in person by arranging an appointment in Cambridge with Chris, on SKYPE or via telephone.


Enter via the GLEAM competition app below. If you are new to Gleam click on the first option and it will open for you to fill in your contact details and from there you will need to add a mandatory comment to the blog post in comments. From there more entry options will open for you and you will gain extra entries into the competition for following and sharing via various methods.



*Post Disclaimer: I received a ‘SOUL GUIDANCE READING’ from Chris Sell of Heaven On Earth  in the UK for review. All opinions are my own.

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