The Easiest Way (Including The Easiest Way To Understanding Ho’oponopono) – Book Review


Title: The Easiest Way

(Solve your problems and take the road to love, happiness, wealth and the life of your dreams)

Includes The Easiest Way To Understanding Hooponopono.

Author: Mabel Katz

Published: 2009
Pages: 179

Price:  $19.95
Genre : Psychology/Self Realization

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I came across Mabel Katz by some synchronistic online search, not intending, and I still have no idea how I found her, but I am glad I did. I had dabbled in Ho’oponopono many years ago but I was not ready to take responsibility for my life back then and I did not understand the true meaning of Ho’oponopono which is the ancient Hawaiian Art of problem solving. In my past I used the statements “I am sorry,please forgive me, thank you, I love you” as an attempt to get what I wanted and control my life. Not to surrender and let go. I had not understood Ho’oponopono. ‘The Easiest Way’ clarified my thinking and understanding on this amazing mode of healing.

As I turned the first 2 chapters of ‘The Easiest Way’ by Mabel Katz it felt like I was turning the delicate petals of a flower, their scent so alluring, the velvet feel between my hands, drawing me in. My hands tingled and I knew this was going to be no ordinary book.

After reading other articles and material on Ho’oponopono I was keen to digest more. I found ‘The Easiest Way’ refreshing and in keeping with the title the ease at which the words flowed across each page was easy and graceful to read. It was not so much a book teaching me but a chat with a friend imparting some forgotten wisdom to me, that I had lost some time ago. The feel of this inspired book was soft, gentle and very soothing.

‘The Easiest Way’ gave me a deeper understanding of how to live and the best way to view my reality. It shifted my perspective from blame to taking responsibility. It reminded me that my way of living had been an attempt to control my life through well known techniques like affirmations and visualisation, something I had been thinking was the case for some time. It was great to get confirmation.

Reading ‘The Easiest Way’ reminded me and helped me realise that I have millions of patterns, memories in my unconscious that have been creating my reality, and that my need for control through affirming and visualisation was not even touching the millions of memories that were having an effect on my experience of reality. This really gave me great peace to understand and know this, and a deep release and relief.

My Favourite Quotes:

“Affirmations are treating God as a servant, giving instructions to God because you think you know what is right and perfect. With Ho’oponopono and the cleaning, you are giving permission, to God who knows better to bring you whatever is right and perfect.” (Page 157)

“It is important not to have expectations. The secret is in being open and flexible, because we never know where it is going to come from. We have to trust that the right thing for us will come. Perhaps it won’t be what we were expecting, but it will be the right thing.” (Page 113)

With wonderful storytelling the meaning of Ho’oponopono was easily understood and as I reached the back section of the book many questions I had asked about Hooponopono were answered including the book/movie ‘The Secret’ along with affirmations and visualisation and the difference between all those and Ho’oponopono.

Questions like ‘How do I clean?’ ‘What happens when I clean?’ ‘Should I have intentions when I clean?’ among many others were very helpful to a newbie Ho’oponopono practice.

‘The Easiest Way’ helped me to understand that life works more easily when we let go and surrender. It gave new meaning to the words ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Please forgive me’ and motivated me to make this a daily practice of self-love.

A small book and a great, easy to read, introduction to Ho’oponopono. Easy to understand, no difficult concepts; a book to be read time and time again to allow a better life based on love.



Extremely soulful and heart opening. Not just a book about Ho’oponopono but a way to live life.

Some may find it too short and not in-depth enough. I would like to have seen examples on how to do Ho’oponopono in particular situations or when emotions arise.

Who Would Like This Book?

Anyone looking for a deeper meaning to life, where other methods or spiritual practices have failed.

Anyone frustrated that their conscious effort to affect change has not produced positive results.

Anyone wanting to begin the process of self-love, acceptance and appreciation of life.

Most of all, people willing and ready to take 100% responsibility for life, their reactions, the outer world and more.

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Post Disclaimer: I received ‘The Easiest Way’ by Mabel Katz from in the USA for review. All opinions are my own.


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Kelly Martin

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