Speaking Vibrantly – Kelly Martin Speaks

Happy 2012 everyone. It has felt like a very long time since I last posted. Lots of changes, lots of developments and some shifts in my communication style.   A couple of days ago I started posting videos on my You Tube channel. This week I have received my first ‘dislikes’ on my videos ever. And it is all because I decided to step from behind my comfort zone and… View Post

Are You Ready To Celebrate The New Year At Halloween?

Lately I have been exploring more ancient practices like Wicca and also investigating the reason we celebrate certain times of the year. Many celebrations in the West appear to revolve around Christianity, yet mask many ancient Pagan holidays that have been going a lot longer and then of course I was pondering New Year. Since connecting more with the seasons and flowing with nature lately I am performing rituals and… View Post

Shadow Totem Animals – Embracing The Fear Of Creatures In Nature

  For many years now I have been looking at my life symbolically and I am a strong believer in life, showing us what we need through the outer reflections we meet across our path. After studying shamanism for a while now I love how nature reflects the lessons I am learning, the awareness that is arising and the power within me growing and expanding. And while many people believe and… View Post

Clawing Leopard & Nipping Duck

Last night I had a dream.  I was sitting on a bench and a waddling of ducks came up to me and began tugging at my trousers and legs with their beaks.  I was then approached by a leopard which then clawed at my legs.  I was a bit irritated, as apparently (in my dream) this had happened the last time I had sat at this bench.  I was wondering when the… View Post

The Unfolding Universe

The Universe that creates worlds, created this tree. No human was standing by it pushing on its trunk saying “come on grow taller! where are your leaves?! bear fruit for me! hurry up and grow!”. I don’t spend my time standing by a tree branch looking at baby birds in a nest yelling at them to grow ‘real’ feathers so they can fly. No, I don’t try and force the… View Post

Inner Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Yesterday an earthquake of the magnitude 8.9 hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan triggering a massive tsunami.  It is estimated over a 1000 people have died.  I often imagine Mother Earth is within my womb.   She goes through all the changes I go through.  Her balance is within me.  Have you ever had emotions so overwhelming you could not stop crying, a feeling of water washing through your whole… View Post

Driven By Community Support

Last night was a very enlightening night at five rhythms. A lady called Bernie who teaches in Bristol took over Adams class for the evening. She held a very beautiful space where the newness of five rhythms was a real eye opener. I felt joyful as I began the night, able to expand into the space, instead of treading water on one spot for much of the night until I… View Post

Shamanic Healing

I had Shamanic Healing on Thursday with a man called Nick Levitt. I did not know what to expect and it was probably the most powerful healing I have ever had. Nicks room that he does the shamanic work in is in his basement and simply entering this room was like entering another dimension. I physically felt like I had left the physical world into a new world, I have… View Post