I Don’t Need To Be Perfect – Pain & Self-Pressures

Conventional treatments often do not help pain in the long term & act as placebos but what if T.M.S offers the answer and we had the answer within us all along? How many of you experience physical pain? How many of you experience anxiety, depression, allergies, IBS and more? Well, in 2012 I experienced my second bout of intense pain. I thought I had pulled my back during Pilates, and… View Post

What Is Friendship And Is It More Challenging In Later Life?

Making New Friends As A Female In Adult Years Can Be Challenging From an early age, I had experiences of rejection from female friends. My first close, intimate friendship was around age 4, but her family moved to another part of the country. My next close friendship was with a girl called Sharon around age 7. When I say intimate I mean natural, honest, authentic when relating. Friendship where you… View Post

Mother Love & Bonding – Did Your Birth Give You Issues?

 Mother love & How Early Birth Experiences Can Cause Anxiety & Other Esteem Issues in Later Life     When we think of mother love we often think of our mothers who gave birth to us. This relationship may be incredibly loving, volatile or strange, depending on the circumstances we were birthed into. I recently read an article about how children remember the birthing experience. A 3-year-old girl described the noises in the… View Post

Being Human Part 3 – I’m Right You’re Wrong! – We All Do It

This is a follow up to ‘Saying Goodbye To People Pleasing’ HERE I have come to the conclusion that being on a journey of self-awareness or spirituality can breed a unsavoury side to how we deal with ourselves. Many people view weaknesses or imperfections as un-spiritual. I imagine there are heck of a lot of people hiding behind a spiritual façade where on the surface everything appears ‘perfect’, where the face the… View Post

Being Human Part 1 : Loving Pinocchio – Embracing My Inner Fake

There comes a time in your life where you acknowledge a few home truths about yourself. When the monkey mind rattles a few re-occurring thoughts at you and you begin to question why you believe those thoughts. A big loud thought that likes to rattle on inside my mind is ‘You are such a fake!’ I guess it has not been until I began practising mindfulness that it became so… View Post

The Long Road Of Grief – And Letting Go – Autumn Moments

As some of you may know, I lost my dad to heart disease 11 years ago. Those of you who have lost close loved ones will know that losing someone close is very different from losing a more distant relative, or someone whom we spend less time with. The grief is very different and can have a more long standing impact on a person’s emotional well-being. When my dad passed… View Post

Hiding Our Talents & Self Sabotage

How many of us hold ourselves back or belittle our talents to make others feel better? Or we think that if we act smaller than we truly are, they would feel better? The well known quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…”     by Marianne… View Post

Who Am I? Define Success

Who am I? Define success. Many people in the world have an inbuilt definition of success.  In the West: status, career, money, and for some it is owning a home, getting married and having children. In the East it may be being a man of honour, or having a religious standing in the community, or education or intelligence. But do any of these define success?   This definition of success… View Post

The Easiest Way (Including The Easiest Way To Understanding Ho’oponopono) – Book Review

  Title: The Easiest Way (Solve your problems and take the road to love, happiness, wealth and the life of your dreams) Includes The Easiest Way To Understanding Hooponopono. Author: Mabel Katz Published: 2009 Pages: 179 Price:  $19.95 Genre : Psychology/Self Realization Buy ‘The Easiest Way’ Special Edition – Includes The Easiest Way To Understanding Ho’oponopono I came across Mabel Katz by some synchronistic online search, not intending, and I still have no… View Post

Focusing On Lack Is Like Searching For Lost Keys

Shared via Google labeled for reuse taken by Alessiaizzophotography During an extra long EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session some time ago, something dawned on me about desire and focusing on lack. It could be lack of anything, money, love, health, physical beauty, anything we feel we have a lack of in our lives. We may crave connection, love, friendship, money and yet it eludes us like a carrot on the… View Post