Button Pushers As Reflections

This is a guest post by Michael Doherty from The Michael Files The people who annoy you the most are the most valuable gifts. It sometimes seems that my role in life is to p*ss people off, by challenging them, by asking awkward questions, by making them face unpalatable truths about themselves.   They’ll often get angry, shout at me, swear, call me all the names under the sun, and walk away. All those reactions… View Post

Why I Dated An Older Man

Many moons ago when I first wrote this post I was dating an older man. It was not a long relationship because we realised we were more compatible as friends, but it was a soul relationship and still is. I still live with this older man, he is my best friend, my brother, my father, my teacher, my sister all rolled into one body. He is 81 this year and… View Post