The Law Of Changing Conditions

Everything changes, but beneath all of that change is an awareness which never changes. I have been consciously a spiritual ‘seeker’ for over 14 years now and I have begun to reach the point of no more seeking. The ego, the mind, is in a state of flux about this admittedly, but I am trusting that asking those big life questions is going to throw a spanner in the works… View Post

Flowing With Change – Dropping Attachment To Outcomes

  Nature Flows With The Changes And Experiences Life Gracefully – We Can Do The Same One thing I have discovered over the past few years is the importance of being flexible. Not only with the day-to-day changes that can take place, but life goals, dreams and our desires in life. I sometimes feel that life gives you unfulfilled desires to encourage you to learn to bend more, to be… View Post

Being Human Part 4 : Being Authentic – Is It Truly Possible?

Is It Possible To Show Our True Colours At All Times? This topic came up recently between my friend and me and it made me think. What is authenticity and can we always be truly authentic? I think I mentioned in another blog post recently how some of my TV role models are the characters Phoebe from ‘Friends’ and Miranda from UK TV sitcom ‘Miranda’, both honest, authentic, always real,… View Post

Mother Love & Bonding – Did Your Birth Give You Issues?

 Mother love & How Early Birth Experiences Can Cause Anxiety & Other Esteem Issues in Later Life     When we think of mother love we often think of our mothers who gave birth to us. This relationship may be incredibly loving, volatile or strange, depending on the circumstances we were birthed into. I recently read an article about how children remember the birthing experience. A 3-year-old girl described the noises in the… View Post

My Trip To See Mother Amma in London – The Hugging Saint & All That Love

  About 8-9 years ago I had my first experience of meeting Mother Amma, otherwise known as the ‘hugging saint’. And tonight I had my second experience at a different venue – Alexandra Palace. The way I see Mother Amma is as a human being who fully embodies the mother energy sorely needed on this planet today. She embodies the divine feminine and not just on the surface. She fully… View Post

Are We Made To Give Unconditionally?

  Sometimes I am hesitant to use the word God in blog posts, as everyone comes from different backgrounds, some are religious, some are not, so when I say God I mean life. In a bookshop last week I read a poem on ‘giving’ by Kahlil Gibran and it struck me how conditional I still am in my giving. Kahlil Gibran – On Giving You give but little when you… View Post

Ho’oponopono – When The Whole World Is Inside You – A Beginners Experience

Ho’oponopono what? Yes, it is a long word, a word I often have to think about when I try to spell it, but a word that describes an ancient Hawaiian healing process. As many of my readers will know I have  been experimenting with many different spiritual techniques and healing practices over the past 10 years and more. Ranging from Shamanism, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Law of Attraction – create… View Post

Smile And The World Smiles With You

 Walking into my local Marks and Spencer’s today, I crossed paths with a lady shopping. I smiled warmly at her and she responded with a grimace. My first initial reaction was to judge her, calling her names like ‘miserable grumpy sod‘, and more inside my head. This was just an old memory being replayed, and within a few minutes I stopped myself in my tracks. It was not her job to… View Post

Balanced Power – International Women’s Day

It seems a really important time for women in the world. Since last year, women have begun rising up for women’s rights more than ever. Some men have been supporting women in their challenge of abuse, violence and rape, and the general way in which women have been used and abused for centuries. Some very patriarchal cultures, for example India, have a very controlling way of viewing women; very behind… View Post

CHANGE – And Why It Seems All Hell Is Breaking Loose!

So, it’s the New Year. You have things you want to change, new experiences you want to have, old experiences you want to let go of. They may be health-related, relationship changes, financial changes, career changes – any kind of change. New Year’s Eve came. You felt excited, invigorated, full of potential; you smelled the scent of new in the air. Full of vigour, you marched forward into 2013. Expecting… View Post