Clawing Leopard & Nipping Duck

Last night I had a dream.  I was sitting on a bench and a waddling of ducks came up to me and began tugging at my trousers and legs with their beaks.  I was then approached by a leopard which then clawed at my legs.  I was a bit irritated, as apparently (in my dream) this had happened the last time I had sat at this bench.  I was wondering when the… View Post

DREAMING – Aboriginal Dreamtime

  Okay, feeling a tad spacey today and I have been doing everything I can to feel grounded to this earth. Eating chocolate, stamping feet, dancing, drinking water, putting roots in earth and nothing! So just accepting it may be a side effect of the dreams I have been having and energy waves taking place right now. Last night I dreamt me and Mike were in a garden on my land,… View Post

Wave of a Dream

  Last night I had a pretty interesting dream and I have a feeling it is something to do with the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse on Saturday 3rd of March. I dreamt me and Michael were in a viewpoint somewhere in the world quite high on a hill or cliff overlooking the sea. I said to Michael “look how windy its getting look at the sea” then all of a sudden the wind… View Post


Last night had an interesting dream highlighting some things that I have been finding challenging in my life. I dreamt I was standing at a bank machine talking to someone and instead of putting my card in the machine I put a key in. I panicked a bit thinking I might have messed up the machine the person next to me told me not to worry as the machine would… View Post