Last night had an interesting dream highlighting some things that I have been finding challenging in my life.

I dreamt I was standing at a bank machine talking to someone and instead of putting my card in the machine I put a key in. I panicked a bit thinking I might have messed up the machine the person next to me told me not to worry as the machine would just have crushed it up. However, instead money started pouring out of the machine. The people behind me were ooing and aahing! and I said to the person with me I couldn’t take that money its not my money. She said take it! it’s coming out for me. I took it and not long after this someone I knew said I was on the front page of a newspaper, someone behind me in the queue had reported me for stealing money. I was a wanted woman. I was then outside my home and the police turned up. They took me to a holding cell, the cell before you go to prison, and I spent most of the dream trying to prove my innocence.

Interpreting My Dream: Embracing Abundance and Conquering Fear

Initially, I was unsure of what my dream meant. However, I’ve realized that it held a significant message for me. The key to unlocking all forms of abundance in my life, including financial prosperity, is by affirming that I already have it. Furthermore, my dream revealed that I need to confront my fear of proving myself worthy of this abundance to others. By acknowledging this fear and letting it go, I can fully embrace the abundance that life has to offer.

Have you ever dreamt of a key and what do you feel it means to you?

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin, author of ‘When Everyone Shines But You’ is a dedicated writer and blogger who fearlessly explores life’s deepest questions. Faced with a decade of profound anxiety and grief following the loss of her father and her best friend Michael, Kelly embarked on a transformative journey guided by mindfulness, and she hasn’t looked back since. Through her insightful writing, engaging podcasts, and inspiring You Tube channel Kelly empowers others to unearth the hidden treasures within their pain, embracing the profound truth that they are ‘enough’ exactly as they are.

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