When Things Are Shaky Roll With It

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‘When things are shaky, we are on the verge of something’ ~ Pema Chodron

Looking at the world today, we could be forgiven for thinking we are heading for a fall. With many across the Globe interpreting the chaos, the huge changes taking place, the economy shifting into a downward trend, and people dying quickly, it makes sense that people would focus on all of this as being an epic disaster of a huge scale.

I see on social media for example, in the UK, people blaming our Government for deaths related to the virus, but many with faith, with a more spiritual awareness of life probably look at death and life rather differently.

For me death is part of life. Change is part of life. I don’t know what your belief is, but I believe that we leave this life when we are meant to leave this life, not a moment too soon or a moment too late, but at exactly the time we chose to leave on a soul level.

For those who may not view life through the idea of the soul, it may look as if certain people, organisations, plans, lack of plans caused all of this death, but I also feel that this virus and any and all kinds of huge change come into the world to serve a huge purpose. As I said in Is The Coronavirus Transmitting The Wisdom Of Change  this virus is creating a big global reset.

It may not be happening in the way people would have liked or preferred but let’s be honest, many people see the world differently. We all have different perspectives, opinions and we all see what is taking place through different eyes. So, a man-made reset and shift in the world would never have satisfied everyone. So, in a way we had to receive this change in a way that was out of our control, in a way that was unknown, in a way that we can’t see what is coming but we can adapt to the changes.

This week I expressed how pleased I was that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson had returned to work after nearly dying from Covid-19. I was never a fan of the Conservative Party before this, but I could see change is taking place beyond my previous bias there, so I did vote them in and I’m now glad I did. On Twitter I expressed how we needed his optimism and fighting attitude that he was sharing.

In return I received people saying how they believe he personally had killed thousands of people. This is common among those who are anti-government here. However, from how I view life I know that he was not responsible, because on a soul level we choose to leave this planet when we leave. Maybe the personality would have preferred longer, but the soul knows no such thing as time and often we leave when there is more to learn and teach by our death.

Death Happens – Regardless

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When my father died at age 53, I was in my twenties, my mum was in her fifties and my sister was 13. We never expected him to leave this planet so soon, we didn’t want him to, and I grieved for a solid 10 years from his loss, but would I say he shouldn’t have died? I can’t because he left through a window that was open for him to depart.

Yes, there were problems with the device they fitted in his heart, someone made a mistake, so that he was not resuscitated when he ‘should’ have been by his internal defibrillator.

And I could easily have fallen into a lifetime of blame of the surgeon in the NHS who did that, but I chose not to, why? Because that ‘mistake’ was meant to happen. He was meant to leave at that age. My family and I had a lot to learn and grow through from his loss. I learned so much about life, myself and death in the process of grieving. I miss him incredibly, but I understand now that nobody was to blame.

So right now, as the virus sweeps the world, as people die, it’s not heartless to accept that even those who were young and appear to have died before their time, didn’t.  If we believe on a soul level that we are infinite and never-ending, that there is no ending or beginning, simply ongoing energy, it brings a peaceful acceptance of life.

Yes, we can feel sad and we can grieve, but it doesn’t take away the fact that it happened, a life left this physical earth plane to continue on in a new way.

As people lose their jobs, face hunger, face death, face loss, we must as a humanity embrace what arises with compassion, but we also need to find a way, over time, to accept the unfolding taking place.

We don’t know what this virus is here for yet, what this global reset entails, but in time we will.

No Going Back To Normal

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There is no going back to normal and as someone said today, the normal we had was not healthy anyway and perhaps we need these big changes to discover what matters most. To drop our attachments to controlling our reality. To recognise that it was an illusion that we could control life and to see that discomfort and shakiness is the precursor for change – big, beautiful change.

And that beauty can come in the wake of pain, suffering and struggle, but there is beauty in the awakening taking place.

Can we relax into hopelessness?

Can we relax into powerlessness?

Can we relax into the unknown? The uncertain?

If we can do this, while all around others may not, we can be the steady anchor needed during times of chaos and change in this world.

When we give up hope that that moment will be better than the present, we can fully embrace the here-now. And when we can accept what is happening, it is here that we find a way through the challenges taking place.

Right now, we are on the verge of something, we don’t know what that ‘something’ is yet, but if we can ride the wave of the unknown, we will discover in time, exactly what we need to, when we need to.

But for now we simply embrace what is.

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