Many would probably think of me as a younger wild child, I drank far too much alcohol in my earlier years from around 14, but I was not so much wild, more lost and empty. I reacted badly when I was 13 to my sister being born as an only child and it was a shock to suddenly have a sister, but more so my parents attention went to the new sibling when I needed them the most during my teenage years.

However, my true wild years feel very much when I went travelling around Australia in 1999-2000. It was such an epic and life changing journey. I had just finished my Environmental Studies degree and like many young people I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life so I opted for a year out. I took myself on a year travelling adventure alone and as someone who suffered from anxiety and nerves it was a big feat for me at the time.

Wild and Free

I feel wild when I feel free. When I let my hair down, when I have the freedom of choice, when I let go of my inhibitions. I am probably not fully wild as I have inhibitions I am slowly removing and dropping as I traverse this wonderful life.

I continued my drinking spree in the first part of my travels, but after a transformative experience with a very spiritual woman, I stopped drinking so much and even quit drinking alcohol for over a year.

Woman View
In The Grampians national park in Australia
I was a bit wounded as had some problems
with my knees when travelling. Reflective of
some inner issues of fear of change.

As someone who suffered from excruciating anxiety I needed alcohol in many a sense, it was a coping mechanism so I could handle this harsh and what felt like a scary world, but travelling and opening up to Reiki healing in Darwin changed my life. I still had the occasional drink, but I no longer wanted to lose control and become unconcious of my choices like I was prior.

Kelly in Tasmania
Visiting Tasmania and climbing, or rather driving part of the way LOL up to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately on this day it was so cloudy you cannot see the view behind me down into Hobart, but I promise I am on the top of a mountain.

Travelling to me is such a freedom. I love the sense of going some place new. I even get very excited simply to pack my suitcase and get organised. While it was nerve racking in the beginning, nowadays the idea of even visiting an airport gets me excited. I feel like I am home once again on the road.

The Twelve Apostles Australia
On a road trip along The Great Ocean Road, I visited the Twelve Apostles.

One thing I loved about travelling the most was the number of new people I met. I met people from all walks of life, all age groups, all nationalities. Travelling really makes you feel very much connected to others and helps you release any isolation consciousness and recognise we are all human, all beautiful in our own way and all have something to give and share with this world.

Cocktails With Friends
I used to work with the lovely lady in the left of the photo. On my trip along the West Coast I bumped into her as she holidayed with a friend. Nothing quite like a lovely cocktail overlooking the ocean.


Grampians National Park
A lovely lady from a hostel I stayed in for some time when I was working in Melbourne.


At Monkey Mia I shared a caravan with these travellers from Japan and Germany.


This was a sleepy morning. I had no sleep as we slept outside in a bivvy bag in the outback and I was so cold. This was taken around 5am before our 6 hour hike around the Olgas. My travelling friends from the UK and Ireland.

Travelling Makes You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It is pointless travelling if you don’t try anything new. On my trip I hiked for long periods even though I had no experience of hiking, and while it was exhausting I am glad I did it. I also swam in wild rivers for over 2 miles where I later discovered there were crocodiles. I also rode on a helicopter, a sea plane and a camel, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, all things I had never done before. Next on my list is sky-diving and riding a horse I think.

We had a camel race after our 6 hour hike, such fun!


About to fly over the Olgas and red centre.


Swimming in a natural watering hole.


About to fly over Sydney harbour.
Socialising and Family
Travelling was such a huge challenge for me. As a shy quiet young woman having to put myself out there and interact and talk with strangers all of the time was such a new thing for me, but I did it, even when I was scared and nervous.
I met so many wonderful people. I lived with backpackers in Sydney and Melbourne and we had such a laugh together. When you live with travellers for a few months you end up seeing them as family. When you are so far away from home without your backup support of familiar faces you need to open yourself up to trusting all these new people. I was so glad I travelled.
On a beach near Sydney where me and my house-mates spent Christmas day


A house-mate organised a leaving evening for me
before I headed off on my own to Melbourne.


On Fraser Island, freshwater lake, so sublime.


Our vehicle for a trip in the Northern Territory.


One of the beautiful creatures I came across on my trip to Monkey Mia. I love dolphins!

Travelling And Putting Down Roots

After I returned it took me many many years to settle back into the UK. I was determined it was my destiny to travel the world as a writer I refused to put down roots in my area. Now, 15 years later I have roots and awareness that I no longer need to travel to feel free, but I love to travel still, but would not need to travel for long periods to experience the blessings of another culture.
To see more of my travels check out my travel blog TRAVELLING FOOTPRINTS here.
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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

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