Review: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Cleanser & Firming Serum

Review Rio Rosa Mosqueta Cleanser & Firming Serum

As many of you who follow my blog will know from my posts, I have experienced skin issues in my life so far including acne and rosacea. Having sensitive skin sucks big time and finding the right products to match such sensitive skin can be a challenge. My own rosacea has been soothed dramatically and calmed down a lot since using Rio Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Seed Oil  and I do find that out of many products, massaging this oil into the rosacea areas (when no acne is present), has significantly reduced the redness, and while I may still have physical responses when drinking alcohol or when I am in the sun, it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

For this reason I thought I would check out some of the other products from Rio Rosa Mosqueta and I was not disappointed. Even though I have tried their Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream they contacted me to try out some other products that also included the rosehip seed oil.

Rio Mosqueta Cream Cleanser


Includes Rosehip oil, Shea Butter, Avocado oil and Babassu Butter, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Horsetail.

Rio Rosa Mosqueta Cream Cleanser

The first thing I noticed about these products is their new packaging. I like the new tribal Aztec artwork, it feels younger and more modern to me and so I was keen to see if their cleanser was as good as the oil I have been using for rosacea.

I have used a lot of different cleansers in the past, from cream cleansers to oil, to more soap-based products. I am always fine tuning what works for me in terms of keeping my skin clean without stripping it of its essential natural oils. The first thing I noticed about the cream cleanser was its lack of scent. This is something I am grateful for because while some products are lovely when scented, too many ingredients can cause issues with my skin.

After wetting my skin slightly I squirted a small amount of the cleanser onto my hands and began to massage gentle into my skin. This cleanser was such a smooth and creamy cleanser, it felt gentle and velvety and non-abrasive. My skin felt soothed not raw after using it and I did not even feel I had applied anything to clean my skin, so this has a big thumbs up from me. I also didn’t need to use a lot when removing my mineral make-up.

To remove the cleanser I used the damp cloth soak in warm water and gently wiped away any makeup I was wearing without drying my skin like some cleansers can do.

The price of this cleanser at time of posting is £8.95, fairly reasonable for a gentle and natural cleanser. It is well within my price range which helps when on a budget.

Overall, this cleanser is a handy size, soothing and nurturing to the skin and contains ingredients I have valued in other products as well as the Rio Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Oil which I know helps my skin anyway.

Face & Décolletage Firming Serum


Includes Rosehip oil, nourishing Babassu Butter, Sodium Hyaluronat,Aloe Vera, Manilkara leaf, Calendula, White Tea, Chamomile and vitamin-rich Sacha Inchi oil.

Rio Rosa Mosqueta decolletage firming serum

The Face and Decolletage Firming Serum is a serum to help fight the signs of aging and to keep skin healthy and balanced. The serum came in a handy handbag size, great for travelling and with an easy pump dispenser. I applied this after using the cleanser and felt it gently moisturising on my skin. I would not say that this serum is deeply moisturising, but I have quite a dry skin and large pores that tends to soak up oils and creams very rapidly. It had a lovely buttery feel to it yet left no stickiness once I had massaged it into my skin.

While it claims to be firming, I did not find it particularly firming, more-so gentle and kind to my skin and as some areas of my skin are experiencing some aging it is nice to find a serum that is not firming to the extent that it feels unnaturally firm to me.

Serums can often be very expensive so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this is priced at only £12.95 at time of posting, well below what I have used in the past.

Overall I felt this serum gave a good balance of moisture to my skin and was easy to apply and absorbed quickly so I was able to apply my make-up on top of it almost immediately, a bonus when in a hurry.

Post Disclaimer:  I received the products Rio Rosa Cream Cleanser and Rio Rosa decolletage firming serum from All opinions are my own.

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