Intuition Is The Whiff Of Coming Attractions

An ALTERNATIVE VIEW of The Law Of Attraction
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‘People who seem successful at The Law Of Attraction

are merely in touch with clear intuition.’

As many of you may know from reading my website ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’ I tend to view The Law of Attraction from a different place and this blog takes it one step further.

I feel that we do not attract or manifest anything into our world. I feel we simply step into the now moment and the words or day-dreams we have connect to a coming attraction.

Sooo… it appears that we manifest, but we don’t  (Law of Attraction fans please don’t shoot me down – I am just sharing my experience here).

Consider this for a moment…

You say to yourself ‘I would love a holiday‘ and a couple of hours or days later you receive a phone call that you have just won a holiday. Now those of you that believe you create your reality may think ‘WOW! I created that!’. But… perhaps something else happened?

Your feelings, a pure feeling, a whiff of energy flooded you, you ‘thought’ you were day-dreaming or visualising a holiday and POOF! You created it. However, consider this instead:

The holiday was already coming your way, you merely intuitively tuned into a coming attraction.

Your intuition was able to project a feeling of what was already on your life path.

And if that was not already part of your life plan, and was not a coming attraction for you, you would not have felt that ‘pure’ thought or feeling coming through you.

When I say pure, this is not a yearning, wanting thought or feeling. It’s a lighthearted feeling, without any attachment. It feels more like catching a whiff of a pleasant scent in the air.

What About All The Law of Attraction Teachers Who Claim To Have Manifested Immense Riches and Wealth?

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A Law Of Attraction Vision Board Example

Well I believe that when they began to visualise or imagine, or create vision boards, they were simply tuning into what was part of who they already are, a part of their own personal natural unfolding in life.

Yes, some teachers make high claims, but we must also use logic here too. Out of 1000 people for example, all wanting to be superstar singers, 1 person may become a superstar singer in that lifetime. I am very aware that this may burst a lot of bubbles, but I am not writing this to rain on anyone’s parade. I am just encouraging you to be aware of the life path that is already within you, that may or may not include your dream life and to dig deep (check out my guest post at Thank The Now on digging a little deeper).

Each person has a unique path and unique experiences to grow and expand from. So just because certain teachers think they are manifesting all this stuff and opportunities, they may simply be riding the wave of their own expansion journey.

My Own Life Experience Of This

Road on lifes journey

I will give you an example of something that happened to me recently.

I was sitting at the computer one morning and said to my house-mate:

“I fancy a bottle of wine tonight.” and a few minutes later I said “It would be nice if I got a surprise prize in the post, it’s been a few years since that happened.”.

Now, I enter competitions, and earlier in the week I had won my mother a Mother’s Day hamper. I was waiting to hear back from the company so that I could forward it on to my mother’s address as we live in different parts of the UK. Approximately 30 minutes after I shared my thoughts with my house-mate, the postman came with a large package. Instead of getting back to me they had sent the hamper to the wrong address and it was too late to get to my mother in time for Mother’s Day. I opened the box and inside was a bottle of wine and this indeed was a surprise prize.

Now, people who believe in The Law of Attraction could say I attracted this and it was instant manifestation, but I would disagree. My intuition simply showed me a whiff of a coming attraction. The thoughts I had, the words I said out loud, were simply awareness of what a deeper part of me already knew was on its way. I did not attract it to ‘me’. I was merely tuned into the scent of what was on its way. And looking back I can see that this has happened a lot, a sense of clear intuition with thoughts and the object of experience appearing or taking place.

However, equally there have been many ‘yearning’ and ‘wanting’ thoughts and feelings that were not ‘pure’, but tainted with an attached longing. These objects did not appear. They may appear at some point in my journey, but in the now moment they have not and they may not also.

Well, Drop Your Attachments and You Will Manifest – You May Be Thinking!

I know people may say, just let it go and it will manifest, whatever ‘it’ is, but if it’s not on your life path it won’t. And more than likely something else is a coming attraction that you will intuitively sense a scent of, and it will feel like a passing fleeting feeling or you will suddenly begin taking action but you have no idea why, you just know you need to do X,Y,Z.

If You Struggle To Get What You Want

If you struggle and feel stressed because what you want is not happening, begin to see that all of your life is unfolding naturally. When you feel a yearning for something someone else has, say to yourself:

‘It’s all unfolding and this is part of the unfolding’.

That way, because you are putting no pressure on how your life unfolds, you begin to see the magic in the beautiful world, a story of creation flowing through you.

If you found this blog post thought-provoking please check out other posts at Kelly Martin Speaks that you may enjoy reading.


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  1. April 4, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    I am very much in agreement with this. Intuition is a cool thing.

  2. April 4, 2014 / 3:51 pm

    Thanks for dropping by Andy. Yes intuition is way cool, we just need to take time out to become more open to it.

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