Reviber Bodywave Pro – A Wave Of Relaxation and Health Benefits – Product Review

So you may be looking at this blog post thinking ‘What on earth is a Reviber?’. And yes it looks a little strange until you understand what it actually does.

A little while ago I tried a Reviber at a Mind, Body, Spirit festival and was so blown away I just had to experience more and see what else it could do.

So What Is The Reviber Bodywave?

The Reviber Bodywave Pro is a continuous passive motion (CPM) device that offers the body a relaxing wavelike motion similar to those manually produced by physical therapists such as osteopaths. The device requires no expertise and you simply place your ankles in the foam padded ankle cradle and set the digital timer and speed level to what is perfect for you. The speed gradually starts and the cradle moves from side to side. This causes a wave motion to flow up and down the body and relaxes the muscles. To me, this simple looking device is a technological marvel and its benefits are far reaching.

How Do You Use It?

The device plugs into the wall and you lie down on a firm comfortable surface like a blanket, put on some relaxing music, close your eyes if this makes your more comfortable and relax into the wave like motion. The Reviber Bodywave Pro comes with 20 speed settings so you can choose to experience a wave that is slow to fast and adjust when necessary, and you can set it for 1, 3, 5,10 or 15 minutes. The control pad is very easy to use and highly intuitive. All you do is lie back and relax. If you have middle to upper back issues you may enjoy raising your hands above your head or leave them by your side for a totally relaxing bodywave treat.

What I like about the Reviber Bodywave is that it gradually starts the movement and when your time is coming to an end it gradually slows down, no sudden jolts, all really gentle on the body.

The Reviber Bodywave comes with a clear instruction booklet.

Check out this short video to see how the Reviber Bodywave works.

What Is So Good About The Reviber Bodywave?


Back Relaxation – Pain Relief

As I am someone who spends a lot of time at my computer and is recovering from back problems from late last year, the Reviber Bodywave has brought me a way of relaxing the muscles in my back, which after a few hours at the PC were causing intense pain and aching. Lifting my arms while on a faster setting (I use speed setting 17 when my back is aching a lot) causes the muscles in my middle back to relax and feel like they are being massaged as well, as I relax into the experience. 

Sigh… sleepy… relaxed… Mmmmm…. time for bed…

If I am ever stressed or I need a good sleep, using the Reviber Bodywave on a slower setting (below speed 10) the wavelike movement relaxes me tremendously. Equal to a good meditation for relaxing my mind, body and spirit. At the end of every Reviber session, once the machine stops, you then feel this amazing wave of energy flow through the body as the circulatory systems have been stimulated through the movement cycles. 

The Bodywave produces a motion through the recumbent body, similar to a swimming fish; this motion reduces stress and tension in the body that is so often the cause of so many common ailmentsReviber


Stressed Mind – Soothed

Last week I had some intense mental stress going on, and the soothing waves of the Reviber took my mind off the mental noise taking place. Once the device stopped and those waves flooded through my body, what I had been stressing about did not seem so intense.
I feel that over time the psychological benefits of this device are great. Over a period of 3 weeks the mental relaxation has benefited me hugely. 

Menstrual Cramps – Gone!

This was a real added bonus when using the Reviber Bodywave. One day, I wondered if this would help some intense menstrual cramping I had, and so I did a 15 minute session on the Reviber Bodywave. By the end of the session my cramping had gone and the back ache related to my cycle had also eased. I did not need pain killers this month and to me this is fantastic.

Inactive People 

The Reviber Bodywave is said to be very valuable for those whose movements are restricted, people who generally have little to no exercise. Instead of seizing up from the lack of movement, the Reviber Bodywave’s gentle oscillations stimulate the lymphatic circulation. 
The Reviber Bodywave is perfect for those leading more sedentary lifestyles. Apart from those physically unable to move, much of our western lifestyles often revolve around too much TV, too much time sitting at the computer, and many people’s only exercise is walking to the car and to the supermarket so the Reviber is a great device for our less active lifestyles.
“The Reviber Bodywave is used by osteopaths, physiotherapists, multiple sclerosis centres, health centres and is highly recommended for improving your health and wellbeing. Health professionals report that by using the Bodywave with clients, the effectiveness of their treatments is greatly improved.” Reviber


I found that after a 3 hour hike in my local area, I came back with an aching back and joints (I sometimes find my middle back aches on walking) and as the Reviber Bodywave is recommended for warm ups and warming down for those who exercise, I thought I would do this when I came back. I am glad I did because my back eased, the aches from the long walk lessened and it really relaxed my muscles. The benefits seem to be far reaching. 


As it is small and portable you can use this anywhere (home, office, events, shows).


Knowledge Gained After 3 Weeks Of Using It

  • Never use the Reviber Bodywave within 30 minutes of eating a meal.
  • I discovered not to drink liquids within 30 minutes either (I am not sure if this was just me but I made the mistake and used the Reviber Bodywave after drinking quite a bit of water, which started sloshing around in my stomach and made me feel queasy for some time after).

General Overview



Very relaxing for those who live a stressful and busy lifestyle. A great wind down after a long day working. Helps the muscles relax when the back is aching. Soothes the mind, body and spirit enough to go to bed in a more rested state thus easing insomnia. Also brilliant for inactive people who want their circulatory system to be stimulated when they are unable to do this through regular exercise.


Takes a little getting use to, adjusting the speed settings to your personal preference. I also have sensitive ankles so found putting a towel over the cradle helped and this worked fine for me. You can also buy a cushioned cover when purchasing the Reviber Bodywave Pro. Not recommended for pregnant women, people who suffer from epilepsy, who have had recent surgery or bone fractures. Do not use if you have a prolapsed disc (slipped disc).

Will I Continue Using It?

I will continue using this daily. After 3 weeks’ use I have noticed a significant difference in my muscle tension, my mind is calmer and the oscillations really support my general well-being and mental health. 

Where Can I Buy The Reviber Bodywave Pro?

The Reviber Bodywave Pro can be purchased from and while it may seem a bit pricey it is well made and something that feels like it will stand the test of time. It also comes with a 5 year guarantee covering both parts and labour from date of purchase on the motor and 2 years on all other parts.* 

Post Disclaimer: I received the Reviber Bodywave Pro from for review. All opinions are my own. 

*Proof of purchase required

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin, author of ‘When Everyone Shines But You’ is a dedicated writer and blogger who fearlessly explores life’s deepest questions. Faced with a decade of profound anxiety and grief following the loss of her father and her best friend Michael, Kelly embarked on a transformative journey guided by mindfulness, and she hasn’t looked back since. Through her insightful writing, engaging podcasts, and inspiring You Tube channel Kelly empowers others to unearth the hidden treasures within their pain, embracing the profound truth that they are ‘enough’ exactly as they are.

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    August 15, 2013 / 6:00 pm

    I love the look of this. It sounds so different to anything I've ever tried and I love the natural ways of healing. It looks like its been a great help to you, so I'm sure lots of other people would benefit too. Thank you for doing such a great review! x

  2. August 15, 2013 / 6:24 pm

    Thanks. Yes it is very different, bringing the body back into balance through this amazing flow that happens. If you get the chance to try one you should

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