Practising An Attitude Of GRATITUDE When You Do Not Want To

  I made a promise to myself in 2013 to practise an attitude of gratitude daily. Admittedly, 2013 has not started the way I imagined it would, and gratitude has been far from my mind. With physical curve balls, emotional curve balls and fear curve balls all showing up at the same time my ego said ‘Gratitude?! YEAH RIGHT!’. 1. Today, Mike took me for a walk (wide grin – I sound… View Post

Affluenza – Are You Addicted To Affluence?

Prior to entering competitions and winning I was quite content and able to let my life unfold and be at peace with my simple life. Once I started winning I was aware of this addiction to the buzz of the material world and I am now swinging back to the centre on this topic. I look around and instead of the increase in technology, the increase in health-care, the increase… View Post

Would The Buddha Survive In The West? So many of us begin our spiritual quest, a time when we are seeking answers. We want to know the meaning of life and we go to gurus, teachers and take courses. But do we consider that the teachings coming to us from the East may not fit in with our Western lifestyle? After 15 years of spiritual questing I have been coming to some very different conclusions for… View Post

Consumerism And The Recession

So how did it get to this? Where people fill gaps where love could be? With the next Iphone, Ipad, designer clothes and labels galore? When did consumerism become the source of well-being people are looking for?   I know many people struggling with this recession and I know it is tough going for many people, but I see it as a huge wake-up call to get our priorities right.… View Post

Can You Be Happy Without Money?

Can we, as humans in the West, be happy without money? Can I be happy without all the ‘stuff’? It’s fairly easy to moan and complain about a lack of money but sometimes money is what money is. We either have it or we don’t. We may have a lot, none or some. Many people in the world are addicted to affluence, it is hard to get out of that… View Post

Opening To Receive Money: A Journey

This morning I received this in my ‘Notes From The Universe’ Think of the one area of life that brings you the most discomfort, Kelly, and that’s where you’re ripe for growth. Never fails, The Universe And this made me realise it is time to write about the subject of money. So what can be beneath money difficulties? fear of loss? fear of change? What do we feel we could lose… View Post

How Do I Stop The Yearning?

  In my blog ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ and ‘The More You Want Less Changes’ I spoke of embracing what we have and recognising that what we need we have right now. Something that I feel is important for me to know, is how do we, when in the midst of life, release the yearning side of our natures? How do we embrace where we are, acknowledge the wonderful in our daily lives,… View Post

The More You Want The Less Changes

  This felt a bittersweet message to receive in a dream last night but when I understood what it meant it made a lot of sense to me. Before bed last night I asked for a Beltane dream.  The underlying energy of Beltane is one of reverance for all of life.  A time to reach out for what it is you want and  a time when everything is possible.  So… View Post

Needing & Wanting – Life Always Knows

Over the course of 11 years, I have explored countless ways to bring about what I wanted in my life.  I wanted more money, I wanted a relationship, I wanted a change in job, home environment…And I took many different routes to get these things to manifest and change in my life.  I dilligently followed the premise of the Law of Attraction, I watched the movie ‘The Secret’, I listened, read and watched… View Post

Inner Wealth

So this week has become a rather reflective time for me, as I recover from a viral infection, I have lots of time to ponder and speak with myself. As I lay on my bed today, I was looking at my picture of Lakshmi, the Goddess that represents for me, both inner and outer wealth.  I was looking at the images of the coins coming out from one of her… View Post