Sugar-Free 10 Months On – Not As Strict, But Still Disciplined

Sugar Free  – 10 months on Hi there,For those of you new to ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’, I gave up refined sugar in January this year (2013). Probably nearly as much a challenge as giving up a drug habit. In the post What is hiding beneath your sugar addiction? I discussed how much a heavy sugar habit can hide many emotions that stunt our personal growth as we hide behind the… View Post

Review : Sweet Freedom – A Fruit-Based Alternative To Refined Sugar

LOW GI/GL – SWEETENS LIKE SUGAR – SUITABLE FOR DIABETICS (as part of a healthy balanced diet) – GREAT IN BAKING – TEA- COFFEE – MILKSHAKES – And much more! Well as many of you who have been following ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’ will know, I am always on the look-out for not too-unhealthy refined sugar alternatives, so while I have tried many now, I was still looking for something that was… View Post

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia – Chocolate & English Toffee – Product Review

As summer set in this year I had this incredible urge for ice-cream, and as I was past 6 months of my sugar-detox I was wondering how on earth I could have ice-cream without sugar? I was blessed with finding a few ways to enjoy my favourite summer treat and then I came across some fabulous recipes on-line that indulged my ice-cream love even further and instead of sugar they had liquid… View Post

Healthy Frozen Chocolate Yoghurt Recipe

I think I’ve only ever had frozen yoghurt once, in Australia over 13 years ago and had totally forgotten what it tastes like. I also think it freezes differently to ice-cream (either that or I am not doing it correctly). Anyway, here is a quick and easy frozen yoghurt recipe borrowed from SUGAR-FREE MOM’s site. I highly recommend you take a visit to this site, it’s full of so many great recipes… View Post

Sugar Detox How Has It Been? 6 Months On

It is amazing to have gone 6 months now without refined sugar. So much has changed since giving it up. Benefits so far: Increased energy Moods far easier to manage and considerably less emotional turmoil. Only 2 days PMT instead of 2 weeks. The skin under my eyes has improved and is less crepey. I am more focused and open to change. No hot flashes anymore. Very little craving. No… View Post

WIN! Chocolate From The Raw Chocolate Company – UK Only (NOW CLOSED!)

  A short while ago I had the honour of reviewing a delicious box of goodies from The Raw Chocolate Company  and was delighted to receive a lovely prize to give-away to my followers at Kelly Martin Speaks. If you have not heard of The Raw Chocolate Company, they pack a whole lot of love into everything they do from the creation process to the ethical side of being a sustainable… View Post

Sugar Alternatives – Alternatives To Refined Sugar

We are biologically designed to enjoy sweet things. from the first drink of our mother’s milk to as we grow and mature in life. However, we are not designed to consume large quantities of refined sugar and processed food. Refined sugar comes in many guises, and on your shopping label you may miss it altogether. It is in what you expect it to be in – chocolate bars, cakes, soda.… View Post

Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Book Review & Giveaway

  WIN: Beat Sugar Addiction Now! The cutting-edge program that cures your type of sugar addiction and puts you on the road to feeling great – And losing weight!  Author: Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. with Chrystle Fiedler Published: 2010  Pages: 255 Genre: Health   Price: $16.99 / £10.99Purchase ‘Beat Sugar Addiction Now!’ HERE (USA) & HERE (UK)   In January 2013 I made the big decision to go sugar-free. I had this strong… View Post

RECIPE: Sugar-free Chocolate, Date & Walnut Fudge (and Peanut butter!)

    After 4 months being sugar-free, I have been keenly trying out lots of different treat-type recipes and I adored fudge as a sugar addict and I am happy to say you can still enjoy fudge when you go sugar-free or are diabetic (in moderation of course!). Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Date & Walnut Fudge  ‘Diabetic Friendly’   (Totally sugar-free OR you can use the ‘LOWER’ GI Coconut Sugar) This… View Post

My Sugar-Free Journey : 3 MONTHS and Counting – From Addiction To Change

Image created by Deviant Duality Shared via Google ‘labeled for reuse’ If somebody had told me last year that I would not be eating anything with refined sugar in it, I would have said they were crazy. I wasn’t able to go 2 days without my bar of chocolate, my sugar in coffee, or my slice of cake. My meals consisted of shop-bought sauces full of sugar, my sandwich spreads… View Post