Scared To Have A Smear?

For a few years I resisted having a cervical smear test. I am in my late thirties. I believed my body would tell me if something was wrong. However I was not in touch with this part of me deeply enough to know its needs. I put off the smear test for years. And then I became sexually active in early 2015 and when the condom split I had to… View Post

Woman and Sex – Are You Honouring Your Body?

Woman and Sex – Are You Honouring Your Body? Next year I turn 40. In 2015 I had my first experience of ‘in love’ feelings with a man I dated for 3 months. Before I met this man I had not had physical intimacy in 10 years, yes 10 years! For a woman it is probably easier than for a man, but I chose this time-out and I know that I… View Post

Why I’ve Been Quiet (Do not read if squeamish!)

Sometimes life throws you challenges and sometimes it’s not easy coping when they come. As many of you know from reading my book and my blog, my life has not been a smooth running life, like many reading this I imagine. Life has given me many opportunities to accept what is, to embrace my reality and to find a tenderness in what takes place. Earlier this year I had my… View Post


What is sexy to you? I used to think it was tall dark handsome, but now, as I have grown more wise (grin), I realise that sex appeal is an inside job. Someone can be stereotypically beautiful and have no sex appeal at all. Sexy comes from within, physical beauty that we are often brainwashed to believe to be sexy needs to have the whole package. My boyfriend told me… View Post


Love. It’s in every person, accessible to all, experienced by all, but for the purpose of this post I am going to discuss the love between lovers or partners. I hold my hand up and say I had never experienced love like this until recently. I am 39 this week and while some may experience this type of love early on, I was not one of these. I also feel… View Post

D is for DESIRE

Desire is such a sexy word to me right now. In the past, desire tended to be a feeling I resisted and found challenging because I had spent a very long time in my life with unmet desires. I found that my desires were strong and powerful and I watched as friends and people around me had their desires fulfilled and I stood by the side of the road with… View Post


So they say beauty is the eye of the beholder and yet the subject of attraction can have many components. We are led to believe that we are automatically pre-disposed to find certain qualities attractive in another person, be it physical or biological, but over the years I have discovered that attraction can be fleeting, physical attraction most of all. Attraction and Infatuation Recently I had my first experience of… View Post

What Is Love? Part 2

  Love is a topic that could go on forever, so many experiences of what love is, but what is love really? Love cannot be grasped with the hands or held onto. Love cannot be contained in one vehicle for its expression. Love is not acts done, given or received.  Love knows no limits. But are there different frequencies of love? Like the air that we breathe can be cool… View Post

What Is Love? Part 1

Pink Lotus Flower Radiating Love From The Heart Chakra Image by Kelly Martin (Please credit website address if sharing). “…There is a feeling called ‘love’ that is an emotion which comes and goes. When you are feeling good, you are loving; when you are feeling grumpy, you are not. This is not the kind of love I am talking about. I am referring to an observable energy field in the Vastness. It… View Post

It Takes All Forms Of Love – Quirky Alone Day

So, it’s Valentines Day in the western world today. Many couples sharing gifts, romantic candlelit dinners and gestures. But how do single people feel about this day? The commercialism of the day itself has encouraged misery among single people. Unfortunately the social structure of this world is often built on relationships.If you choose to be, or are, circumstantially single you are hardly ever encouraged to revel in your single status. Instead we… View Post