REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream – GIVEAWAY

Some of you may already know the fantastic experience I had with Rio Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Oil on my rosacea HERE, but I have also had the opportunity to review the Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Ageing Day and Night Cream. This cream compliments the oil beautifully and works during the day to protect the skin and during the night to nourish, repair and hydrate as you sleep. Like the oil it contains… View Post

Urban Minerals – Mineral Make-up With Soul – Product Review

  I am a passionate ‘mineral make-up’ fan. After countless years in my youth of applying horrendous brand name foundations and powders like poly-filler, I realised how much the chemical-full make-ups were damaging my skin. My pores are very large now and I am convinced it’s because when I had acne as teenager I used those filler type foundations that claimed to give you an even finish. Of course they… View Post

Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil – Product Review On Rosacea Skin

  A short while ago I received a sachet of amazing day and night cream from I adored the cream as my skin felt it was receiving a sumptuous bath in skin food, so I I took a look around their site and discovered they also did a pure 100% rosehip oil. I had read amazing reviews of this, a little on how it had supported rosacea skin but… View Post

Le Belle Skincare – Ethical & Luxurious – Review

  A little while ago I was blessed to receive a fabulous selection of natural skincare by the skincare brand ‘Le Belle’ based in the UK. Now I am someone that cannot go without my moisturiser, my toner and body lotions. After a shower or first thing in the morning they make me feel all ‘girlified’ (is there such a word? If not, there should be!). I love natural skincare, and I… View Post

How Can I Raise Low Blood Pressure?

  So many doctors, journalists and writers talk about how to lower high blood pressure, but few address the challenges of low blood pressure. My blood pressure is often low, not dangerously low, but I do feel low blood pressure symptoms such as: Dizzy upon standing – after sitting. Headache/ head-rush (where you feel spacey upon standing). Cardio exercise can wipe me out. Not just tired, but I need to lie… View Post

Is The Deadly Nightshade Family Good For You? Tomatoes, Potatoes, Eggplant, Pepper

I like tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes. The only thing is, if I have tomatoes for a few days in a row, I come out in an itchy painful whitehead rash on my cheeks and chin. So maybe tomatoes don’t like me. Well, I recently discovered tomatoes are part of the deadly nightshade family which also includes: potatoes, eggplant (aubergine), peppers, goji berries, gooseberries and TOBACCO. Now, I’m not a big… View Post

BioBee’s Fresh Royal Jelly Elixir – REVIEW

Extra Potent Elixir with Korean Ginseng Extract & Guarana (12ml x 10 vials). Dosage: 1 vial per day.   Great daily boost. Full of life-enhancing properties. Good quality ingredients. May bring pain relief. Easy to drink vial. Energizing kick. Better nutritional, vitamin & mineral content than a cup of coffee in the morning. Starts the morning with a nice zingy feeling.   Not suitable for pregnant women, those sensitive to caffeine or diabetics.   After being asked by Bioceuticals to… View Post

Gurus For Health : When Health Writers Dismiss Lower-Income Consumers

In my quest to improve my standard of living and to bring balance to my health, I investigated many different eating plans. Not calorie-controlled, low-fat diets but those that made sense to me for a more sustainable way of healthy living. I educated myself on the Genotype Diet by  Dr Peter D’Adamo and the extremely popular Paleo Diet. One thing I noticed in the above two eating plans, were expensive… View Post

The Myth Of The Low-Fat Diet

Many many years ago I bought into the whole diet industries message of: “You must eat low-fat to lose weight.” I get why many people still buy into this message as it is still so big globally. Yet around 10 years ago, I started to ask the question: “Why, if low-fat is the way to lose weight, are there so many low-fat diets still on the market?” And then it… View Post

It Takes All Forms Of Love – Quirky Alone Day

So, it’s Valentines Day in the western world today. Many couples sharing gifts, romantic candlelit dinners and gestures. But how do single people feel about this day? The commercialism of the day itself has encouraged misery among single people. Unfortunately the social structure of this world is often built on relationships.If you choose to be, or are, circumstantially single you are hardly ever encouraged to revel in your single status. Instead we… View Post