We all have an inner radiance, I was reminded recently that no matter how much I may have issues with my appearance, when the inner light, the inner beauty shines out it doesn’t matter. It can be a hard understanding to swallow, especially when the majority of the world highlights the importance of outer beauty, but slowly I am beginning to see my own light shine out, regardless of any… View Post


Have you heard of the Quiet Revolution? It was started by an author who writes about being an introvert. The Power Of Introverts It seems we quiet ones are beginning to be revered and better understood, hurrah! It is time report cards for children don’t diminish a childs confidence by writing ‘Could speak up more in class‘ as if speaking is a requirement for being an intelligent human. This was what… View Post


Poor brings up so many connotations, starving children in Africa to homeless people on the street in the Western world, yet poor to me is a state of mind. There seem to be so many degrees of feeling poor and what feels like poverty to one person is absolute abundance to another. I know of many people in my life who would be absolutely crushed with my income level at… View Post

O Is For Over-Sensitive

For as long as I remember people have been saying to me “Stop being so over-sensitive Kelly” or “You’re too sensitive Kelly!”. Being sensitive was always deemed to be a bad thing – a weakness. Many years later I am now slowly beginning to see being sensitive as an asset, being sensitive connects me to people and I now meet more people who are just as sensitive as me by revealing… View Post

N Is For Neediness

Neediness, something I used to be the Queen of. I was needy in friendships, needy with partners and in relationships, I was just plain needy. Needless to say neediness can give off a bright shining beacon saying ‘I’m needy, stay away!’ I’m writing this article not to criticise anyone who feels needy. I know what it feels like to feel needy and I still have moments of neediness, particularly if… View Post


Many moons ago when I was into the whole ‘Law of Attraction’ path I had this dream of opening my own new-age, hippy-type shop and I decided it would be called MAGIC HAPPENS. I had seen bumper stickers like this when I travelled around Australia in my year out after University. The Law of Attraction back then made everything magical to me, for I believed magic lay in the dreams… View Post


Love. It’s in every person, accessible to all, experienced by all, but for the purpose of this post I am going to discuss the love between lovers or partners. I hold my hand up and say I had never experienced love like this until recently. I am 39 this week and while some may experience this type of love early on, I was not one of these. I also feel… View Post


  KOOKY = strange or eccentric. KOOKY –  this word makes me smile. Even though it’s spelt with a K, my immediate thought was the Cookie Monster, completely irrelevant to the theme of feelings, but I just have to add an image for effect (wide grin) and the Cookie Monster is very kooky in my eyes. I think I am probably a bit kooky. I may be shy sometimes, but I… View Post


Insecurity is a fact of life. So few people, unless enlightened from birth, feel secure throughout their lives. I feel this world makes it almost impossible to feel secure all of the time, life in its essence is insecure because life is always changing, the world around us moves and shifts and our thoughts are never the same. The only thing that is not shifting is the awareness that is beyond all… View Post


Happiness – a simple topic right? No! Happiness could be seen as something we all feel and that we all should have as our goal in life, but what if happiness is simply a transient feeling that cannot be pinned down or added to a list of goals in life? We all probably would prefer to feel the ‘positive’ emotions of joy, excitement and peace, but what if a better… View Post