Poverty brings up so many connotations, starving children in Africa to homeless people on the street in the Western world, yet poor to me is a state of mind.

There seem to be so many degrees of feeling poor and what feels like poverty to one person is absolute abundance to another. I know of many people in my life who would be absolutely crushed with my income level at this present time, they would not know how to cope and they would feel absolutely devastated. And I can empathise with this because poverty consciousness and feeling poor has been something that has played on my mind and spirit for quite some time.

Prior to my budget decreasing I was working and had an okay income yet when I worked I felt poor. I never felt I quite had enough, I was always spending more than my income and I felt I was always wanting more, more, more. Now fast forward today and while I am happy when my income increases I am probably far more contented and satisfied within myself than I ever was before when I was working.

Less Can Be More


When you say to someone you have £60 for your food budget and it is between 2 of you they look on in horror and many of those in horror are feeling impoverished on a much higher income bracket. Some struggling to manage their emotional state fearing an unknown future.

Poor is certainly a state of mind because in some less technologically developed countries they can be living in small dwellings, many family members to one room and very few material objects and little to eat yet the prosperous and inner wealth shines out from their smiles for all to see. Less actually means more because they are not comparing their reality to the abundant means of others.

Inner Wealth


When I made the conscious choice to leave my job to explore my talents and to embrace my passions slowly emerging, I made the choice to not work somewhere that caused me inner stress and overwhelming feelings. I made this choice so I could live a life where I was able to follow the guidance of my soul. And while financial wealth is still a journey for me, inner wealth is growing and expanding like it never did before.

After 4 years of spending a lot of time alone, having my only material treat to be a coffee in a café once a week I learned to embrace ‘what is’ and learned the value in all of the abundance that came my way. Having less has meant I value more, I embrace more, I appreciate everything I receive so much more than the average man or woman in the west who may be addicted to consumerism.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love material possessions, but I am not attached to them. What I have in my home I could walk away from and it would not bother me one bit. I have learned that abundance and prosperity really does begin within, yet this does not stop me from wanting more in terms of financial wealth. But I feel money and wealth grows from within, but I would also like to receive more because to me it indicates my own transformation and the joy I can bring to myself and others by having more is such a gift.

Ancestral Beliefs

abundance quote

To begin to feel prosperity consciousness you first need to allow, accept and embrace ‘What Is’. Once you are able to make the best of what you already have and already are, life unfolds in new directions and will bring what you ‘need’.

Needs are not always what we want however, and sometimes we need poverty to embrace the true meaning and value of living. Poverty can also have secondary benefits in that it allows us to feel safe and belong in our family of origin. Sometimes our family resents those with money so it’s important to begin the process of release and healing our ancestral beliefs too. This in turn may bring about an increase in money into our lives.

How do you feel about money and prosperity?
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