Why a Powerful NO Is a Gift

If you were brought up in a culture where people wanted you to be a certain way, perhaps your family and your teachers at school encouraged this, but what you wanted to do was often frowned upon or discouraged. You may have built your identity around a false sense of self. This is when the common trait of people-pleasing begins. In your early years, if your confidence was not high,… View Post

Why Being Nice and Social Conditioning Stops Self Love

Listen above or tune in on Apple Podcasts or Podbean EPISODE 99 – PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Hi there, welcome back to Kelly Martin Speaks. I’m your host Kelly Martin and this is episode 99. Today I’m going to talk about letting go of social conditioning and why being nice isn’t the answer everything. As a reformed people pleaser, it’s taken me a long journey to get to where I am today.… View Post