Review: At Last A Life – Anxiety and Panic Free by Paul David

Title: At Last A Life   Anxiety and Panic Free  Author: Paul DavidPublished: 2006Publisher: Self-published Pages: 169 Price:  £13.99 ( Purchase HERE) USA : $21.99 (Purchase HERE – price at time of posting) Genre: Mental Health As someone who has suffered from anxiety since the age of 7, I have quite a bit of experience in ‘trying’ to overcome this often debilitating condition. Anyone who has experience of anxiety and panic attacks knows how… View Post

An Interview With Lucid Dreaming Expert & Hay House Author Charlie Morley

We sleep one third of our lives, and while it refreshes and revives us for our waking hours, what if we could use part of this time to not only have fun, but to transform how we experience the world and who we are? This is where Lucid Dreaming comes in. Since I was a child, I have always dreamt very vividly, remembering most of my dreams. I kept a… View Post

Review: SOUL GUIDANCE Reading from Heaven on Earth

    A life changing transformational soul-guidance reading! This week, I experienced a very empowering and inspiring Soul Guidance Reading from a lovely, gentle and humble channel called Christopher Sell from I had met Chris over 10 years ago, after my trip to Australia. This was when I was just beginning my spiritual journey and was new to metaphysical concepts and ideas. It was also just after my father… View Post

Celebrate Quirky Alone Day & Review Of Bouquet (Competition Ended)

Celebrating me! We all deserve to celebrate who we are. So Valentine’s Day is coming up, or to many singles the dreaded day we are reminded that we are single.  But I say NO!  I will not be made to feel inadequate on this day of love, so 2 years ago I began celebrating something called : INTERNATIONAL QUIRKY ALONE DAY! Quirky Alone Day (or as my friends thought a… View Post

Review: Bird Food Gift Pack From The RSPB (Competition Ended)

A great selection of quality bird-food for your birds this Winter.   For the longest time I have been an avid bird watcher, probably not in the binocular sense, but I love to watch birds in the wild; I love to see them in the garden feeding in the winter or flying to and fro from tree to tree in the spring and summer feeding their young. I love to hear… View Post

Review: Festive Tea from TEAPIGS (Competition Ended)

    Teapigs tea is especially pure, I have not tasted a finer tea!   Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big herbal tea fan. I drink fennel, chamomile, ginger, jasmine and more.  Most people I know do not drink as much as I do, and some even think herbal tea is yuck! Well I think they just simply have not given it a chance or tried decent herbal tea. In… View Post

Review: The Angel Blessings Kit – Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration (Competition Ended)

Stunning sacred angel cards, more religious than your normal angel cards but the messages are so accurate and perfect for this uncertain time.     During this uncertain time in history, with many people of the world facing challenging times, from war, to poverty, and economic turmoil many people are turning to angels for guidance, support and clarity during confusing and stressful times. I took an interest in angels many… View Post

Review : CHOC SHOT & Chocolate Biscotti Recipe (Competition Ended)

Choc Shot is surprisingly adaptable, great for hot chocolate and to use in baking as natural sweetener. A little while ago I came across a product called ‘Sweet Freedom’. I was very surprised to have not heard of it in my sugar-detox investigative days. I had tried so many sugar alternatives and here was something I could buy easily in my local supermarket. I wrote to ‘Sweet Freedom’ and they… View Post

Review: Reversible Healthy Back Bag From The Healthy Back Bag Company (Competition Ended)

  2013 Competition To Win A Healthy Back Bag   A short while ago I was introduced to The Healthy Back Bag. At the time I did not believe a bag could make such a difference to my posture, body and comfort when carrying a bag, but I was pleasantly pleased when I received a spring/summer bag to review (see Healthy Back Bag Review HERE for earlier review and in… View Post

Review: Ellie Poo Gift Set from The Exotic Paper Company (Competition Ended)

  A lovely selection of products from the ethical Exotic Paper Company   Okay so I hold nothing back when I say I love nature, I love animals and I love elephants, so what on earth is Ellie Poo?     About The Exotic Paper Company Ellie Poo is one of many products from a fabulous company called ‘The Exotic Paper Company’ based outside Taunton, UK. A small family business… View Post