I Don’t Need To Be Perfect – Pain & Self-Pressures

Conventional treatments often do not help pain in the long term & act as placebos but what if T.M.S offers the answer and we had the answer within us all along? How many of you experience physical pain? How many of you experience anxiety, depression, allergies, IBS and more? Well,…

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Why Are Relationships Challenging? Part 2 – Families and Children

   This is a guest post by Michael Doherty from themichaelfiles.com This is the follow up to Michael’s guest post ‘Why Are Relationships Challenging’. If you haven’t read that post, I suggest you do before reading this one. Families and Children OK! Now we’ve seen how the relationship between couples is affected…

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Wanting & Desires – Is ‘Creating Your Reality’ Bringing You Inner Peace?

  Many modern teachers tell us to focus on what we want; to focus on our desires, but what if it is not the object of desire that we want, but the relief from the agitation inside brought on by the wanting. Is this not what we truly desire? Living…

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Who Am I? Define Success

Who am I? Define success. Many people in the world have an inbuilt definition of success.  In the West: status, career, money, and for some it is owning a home, getting married and having children. In the East it may be being a man of honour, or having a religious…

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The Excitement Of Not Knowing!

Isn’t it exciting to not know? to not know where you are going or what you are awakening within you? One year ago I would have said the prospect of not having plans for the future or ideas about what I am to do with my life would have sent…

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