Why Showing Your Humanity Heals The World

Why Showing Your Humanity Heals The World We are led to believe we need to compete against other people, hide what truly pains us and make sure the outer world thinks we have our sh*t together. If we are a public figure this is doubly important, so they say. If you are teaching or leading people you need to be an empowering person of positivity, an example of how to… View Post

How To Embrace Anxiety and Manage The Symptoms

This post ‘How To Embrace Anxiety and Manage The Symptoms’ is in collaboration with Spink Health. The content and opinions expressed below are that of kellymartinspeaks.co.uk Anxiety is a tough experience, as I know only too well. I’ve suffered with anxiety since my early childhood and into my adult years. I understand how painful it feels, how stressful and how debilitating it can be.Throughout my childhood I was incredibly shy, but… View Post

How To Overcome The Anti Climax Of New Year

  New Year often kicks off with a blast of new energy, fireworks and a huge goodbye to the previous year. Many people are often relieved that the old year is over and that they can make a fresh start. Goal-setting starts, visions-boards made, high expectations for success in the coming year. We schedule, plan, day-dream, envision the coming days, and then we hit an inner road bump, an anti-climax.… View Post

Is It Time To Stop Censoring Yourself?

You sit alongside someone, a friend, family member or stranger and you feel you need to say something, but you hold yourself back because you are worried you may hurt that person’s feelings. This is when we start repressing the powerful wise voice inside. For some people, speaking out of turn and using hurtful words is a way to dominate others, but many of us have been taught that we… View Post

How To Stop Being Triggered By Life

“Not this again,” I’d catch myself saying. It was usually after a triggering event like someone parking my car in the driveway or when I felt unseen or excluded. I’d feel really pissed about it. I mean, how dare they! How could they be so rude? So inconsiderate? This reaction may seem pretty intense and I’m not going to sugar coat it, recovery from trauma is intense. Once that can… View Post

Are You Scared To Be Seen?

Have you ever been so scared about something you have cried? This was me recently.I know that many of my readers suffer from anxiety and depression and I imagine many of you experience social anxiety too. Some of you may have a fear of public speaking and some may have a deeper fear called a phobia. But what if your fear is of being ‘seen and heard’? This was my… View Post

Why Don’t I Fit In? A Powerful Poem On Letting Go

  A Thursday Thought… Sometimes I feel not just weird, but outside.Not just separate, but on another planet,Not just unusual, but very different.Try as I might to fit in, it just does not happen.I cannot do this anymore.I realise I sometimes try to prove myself to others who have me already in a box of their own misunderstanding and I cannot rip that box up because they see me a… View Post

Is Your Hormonal Cycle Reflecting The Death Of Your Dreams?

For as long as I can remember my menstrual cycle just hasn’t felt right. My period started at age 13 and every month it came with extreme cramping. Back then I don’t think doctors knew much about PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or conditions like endometriosis and so I took 2-3 days off school when it came on during a school week. I would cry, rolling around on the floor at… View Post

My BIG Leap From Fear To Inspirational Public Speaking

As many of you following may know, this blog was set up by a once shy, introverted woman who was scared to speak, scared to be seen and scared to be heard. Anxiety drove my life and prevented me from accomplishing many things my heart and soul were urging me to do. At University I avoided presentations. At school, I hid at the back. In the schoolyard, I stopped speaking… View Post

Kelly Martin Speaks: 10 Year Blog Anniversary

  Kelly Martin Speaks: 10 Year Blog Anniversary 10 years today I wrote my first blog entry. This blog was initially meant as an online public journal where I got to express myself when I felt very insecure and socially anxious. Fast-forward 10 years and since that first post ‘Why I Became A Vegetarian and Why I Quit‘ I’m officially: Less socially anxious Far more secure as a person I’ve written… View Post