When Commitment Knocks at The Door

Listen above or tune in on Apple Podcasts or Podbean EPISODE 81 – PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Hi there, welcome back to Kelly Martin Speaks. I’m your host Kelly Martin and this is episode 81. This week I have been experiencing some major physical symptoms from an advanced form of chiropractic work. I’ve been having back issues for a long time; I didn’t realise how long until I started to see that… View Post

Review: Reversible Healthy Back Bag From The Healthy Back Bag Company (Competition Ended)

  2013 Competition To Win A Healthy Back Bag   A short while ago I was introduced to The Healthy Back Bag. At the time I did not believe a bag could make such a difference to my posture, body and comfort when carrying a bag, but I was pleasantly pleased when I received a spring/summer bag to review (see Healthy Back Bag Review HERE for earlier review and in… View Post

The Healthy Back Bag® : Coral Microfibre Product Review

In late 2012 I damaged my back during a Pilates session and I had never experienced such excruciating pain in all my life. If you have had a back injury or suffer from back problems you will understand how important it is to take care of your back.   It took months of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and many times I would do simple things like bend down to put my shoes on and would pull my back… View Post