F is for FREEDOM

Many people may have vivid feelings of freedom as a child, me? Not so much. I remember playing and having fun as a young child, but I was also racked with this feeling of physical restriction, like I was held back by something. I used to walk with a bent…

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E is for Embarrassment

As a perpetual blusher, embarrassment is something that has been a regular event in my life. I can’t remember a time when I did not blush, even during my early childhood I was very shy, hiding behind my mother and going red in the face at any sense of attention…

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D is for DESIRE

Desire is such a sexy word to me right now. In the past, desire tended to be a feeling I resisted and found challenging because I had spent a very long time in my life with unmet desires. I found that my desires were strong and powerful and I watched…

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  When I was younger I was curious, but in my teenage years my curiosity changed. I was more curious about boys and my peers and curious about how I could fit in with my peer group, my curiosity was less about the world and life and more about how…

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B is for BOREDOM

Many years ago I used to feel bored a lot; I was bored with life, bored with me, bored with what felt like a stagnant life I had opted in for, until I discovered mindfulness. Boredom is not possible when we rest in the awareness of the NOW. The present…

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So they say beauty is the eye of the beholder and yet the subject of attraction can have many components. We are led to believe that we are automatically pre-disposed to find certain qualities attractive in another person, be it physical or biological, but over the years I have discovered…

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