This Beautiful World

  There is nothing I need more than I have right now. Everything I need I have within me.  How could I not? The entire world resides within my heart and soul.  And any friendships with others I desire lie buried within the treasures of my own self. The variety of life surrounds me in nature and the natural world, if only I stood still and viewed the world beneath my… View Post

Revealing The Authentic Face

  Painted Face -Taken From Jamie Sams Sacred Path Cards: The Painted Face speaks of self-expression. It tells you to use your creativity in order to express your feelings, your talents, your desires. Expressing who and what you are at any given moment is healing as well as productive. As you change and grow you may feel the need to alter the way in which others perceive you. Changing your… View Post

Needing & Wanting – Life Always Knows

Over the course of 11 years, I have explored countless ways to bring about what I wanted in my life.  I wanted more money, I wanted a relationship, I wanted a change in job, home environment…And I took many different routes to get these things to manifest and change in my life.  I dilligently followed the premise of the Law of Attraction, I watched the movie ‘The Secret’, I listened, read and watched… View Post

Sacred Paths – Unknown Road

Early this morning I lay in bed and an early life experience flooded back into my mind. It was the day I received my GCSE results from school.  I felt a mixture of fear and excitement and opened it with expectations.  I was shocked and surprised to discover my results, primarily that of my Art course.  Every year leading up to my final year in high school (even in my… View Post

The Unfolding River Within

The unfolding river is inside of me.  Whenever I sense urgency, whenever I sense a pushing within me, I remind myself that the unfolding river flows inside of me. When I feel the planning, organising mind, again, sharing its sense of urgency and desperation.  I remind myself, the flowing river is inside of me. When a spark of creativity flows from within, bubbling like a babbling brook awakened for the first… View Post

Inner Wealth

So this week has become a rather reflective time for me, as I recover from a viral infection, I have lots of time to ponder and speak with myself. As I lay on my bed today, I was looking at my picture of Lakshmi, the Goddess that represents for me, both inner and outer wealth.  I was looking at the images of the coins coming out from one of her… View Post

Abraham Hicks – Looking Beyond The Teachings – Going Inside

After following Abraham Hicks for around 4 years, and a more intensive following in my final year, I decided one day to stop watching Abraham Hicks, reading Abraham Hicks and talking about Abraham Hicks. Prior to this I was always referring to the teachings.If I was not up to what Abraham was recommending to do, or I would hear other abers speaking about what I needed to do to feel… View Post

Sovereign Solitude – Alone – Lonely or Accessing Deeper Inner Rewards?

I spend most days alone.  With the exception of sharing a home with my friend Mike, at most 5 days of those I am walking in nature, being simply with myself, the birds, bees and Mother Earth. Many days it is a wonderous experience, exploring, enjoying nature, animals and all the creatures that walk or fly on my path.  Occastionally, I have a very strong inner response, that of aching loneliness.… View Post

Embracing Uncertainty – Flowing The Unknown

It is really easy to understand why so many people in the world, including me, will do anything to try and keep some element of control on life, even though its only perceived control.  The real unknown, the real flying by the seat of your pants uncertainty is scary stuff! The mind, ego, needs to grasp onto something and so when distractions in life have been almost all taken away… View Post

The Unfolding Universe

The Universe that creates worlds, created this tree. No human was standing by it pushing on its trunk saying “come on grow taller! where are your leaves?! bear fruit for me! hurry up and grow!”. I don’t spend my time standing by a tree branch looking at baby birds in a nest yelling at them to grow ‘real’ feathers so they can fly. No, I don’t try and force the… View Post