Ignoring Red Flags For Love

Ignoring Red Flags For Love I hold my hands up, I ignored red flags to experience my first fall into love, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I emerged into love, I embraced love, I felt love, my heart opened and flowered in ways I had never felt before and for this I am grateful to my past lover, but this does not mean I have not also learnt a… View Post

X Is For XOXO (TOP 10 HUGS and Kisses)

Okay, sooo… as I am coming to the end of this blogging challenge I am cheating today. My theme is feelings and apart from Xenophobic and X’d out I chose something on a list of adjectives and one word was XOXO, totally cheating. XOXO stands for kisses and hugs and totally unrelated to feelings, but well.. I feel kissable and and huggable sometimes so why not? Sometimes I just need a… View Post

N Is For Neediness

Neediness, something I used to be the Queen of. I was needy in friendships, needy with partners and in relationships, I was just plain needy. Needless to say neediness can give off a bright shining beacon saying ‘I’m needy, stay away!’ I’m writing this article not to criticise anyone who feels needy. I know what it feels like to feel needy and I still have moments of neediness, particularly if… View Post


Love. It’s in every person, accessible to all, experienced by all, but for the purpose of this post I am going to discuss the love between lovers or partners. I hold my hand up and say I had never experienced love like this until recently. I am 39 this week and while some may experience this type of love early on, I was not one of these. I also feel… View Post

D is for DESIRE

Desire is such a sexy word to me right now. In the past, desire tended to be a feeling I resisted and found challenging because I had spent a very long time in my life with unmet desires. I found that my desires were strong and powerful and I watched as friends and people around me had their desires fulfilled and I stood by the side of the road with… View Post

What Is Love? Part 2

  Love is a topic that could go on forever, so many experiences of what love is, but what is love really? Love cannot be grasped with the hands or held onto. Love cannot be contained in one vehicle for its expression. Love is not acts done, given or received.  Love knows no limits. But are there different frequencies of love? Like the air that we breathe can be cool… View Post

Celebrate Quirky Alone Day & Review Of Bunches.co.uk Bouquet (Competition Ended)

Celebrating me! We all deserve to celebrate who we are. So Valentine’s Day is coming up, or to many singles the dreaded day we are reminded that we are single.  But I say NO!  I will not be made to feel inadequate on this day of love, so 2 years ago I began celebrating something called : INTERNATIONAL QUIRKY ALONE DAY! Quirky Alone Day (or as my friends thought a… View Post

What Is Love? Part 1

Pink Lotus Flower Radiating Love From The Heart Chakra Image by Kelly Martin (Please credit website address if sharing). “…There is a feeling called ‘love’ that is an emotion which comes and goes. When you are feeling good, you are loving; when you are feeling grumpy, you are not. This is not the kind of love I am talking about. I am referring to an observable energy field in the Vastness. It… View Post

Why Are Relationships Challenging? Part 2 – Families and Children

   This is a guest post by Michael Doherty from themichaelfiles.com This is the follow up to Michael’s guest post ‘Why Are Relationships Challenging’. If you haven’t read that post, I suggest you do before reading this one. Families and Children OK! Now we’ve seen how the relationship between couples is affected by our basic, unconscious drives. Now we’ll see how these drives can affect the children in a family, particularly the only… View Post

Why Are Relationships Challenging? Part 1

  This is a guest post by Michael Doherty from The Michael Files Why do our close relationships start off being wonderful, and all too frequently deteriorate into conflict or apathy? To answer this question, we need to look at how our relationships begin, and why they begin. We all have an image in our subconscious minds of our ‘ideal’ mate. This image is formed from our conditioning during childhood. Often, aspects of our parents will form part… View Post